Stop livng in illusions: Pakistan

A concentration camp survivor Martin Niemoller during World War 2 who believed that Germany had a collective responsibility for the horrors of Nazi era expressed in his famous poem 

“In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;

And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist; 

And then they came for the Jews; And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;

And then… they came for me … And by that time there was no left to speak up.”

So true! In today’s context as Pakistan buries another 90 or odd bodies in Quetta. Some say not to say anything. They will shut you up. They even have a Cyber Crime law. You would be obliterated. We are afraid for you. I get to hear this so often. So many times I have gone into a quiet time to ponder over. Is it all worth it? 

Today, I may have some energy left in me as I push myself towards the age of old. Today; I can speak out of fear as I have lesser to lose. Today; I remember these words by Martin that by keeping quiet it would be my turn tomorrow. So I choose! Not to remain quiet. I choose to speak the truth. Hence I call my blog Straight from Danish Kazi. I don’t want to sugar coat the lacking of us as a nation. I don’t want to give credit where it is not due. I don’t want to caress ego’s of some because they are more powerful. Truth! Is key for your own and nation’s upheaval. Nothing less! You can dance around the truth but that will never solve your problem. 

This is why I write today ; I am really sad seeing the dead of Quetta. This has been happening so repeatedly over the years. A quiet town ; where you feel time taking a back seat. During my various visits to Quetta in my past life. Everyone ; was familiar with the fact that there is a lot of heart burn between the Pashtun population of the city and that of the Hazara’s . The areas were segregated. People lived in an uneasy calm. The spotting of Taliban turbans right in the centre of the famous Russian market was reminiscent of the fact that religious influence is growing in the city. What surprised me more that Quetta had a cantonment and yet none was being done to address this developing demon?

Yet, today I understand why? The debate of the Good or the Bad Taliban. Maybe ; we needed some of these to do our bidding in Afghanistan. This policy is tantamount to what we face today. We blame the world for our misgivings. We blame CIA. We blame MI6. We blame RAW. We blame MOSAD. But have we ever blamed ourselves for nurturing a venomous snake up our sleeves. Why won’t our enemies use our weak point amongst us. These enemies may not necessarily be foreign but could well be domestic. 

Dead after dead. We see whirlwind visits by the Army Chief . Getting the perfect photo opportunity with the injured. Well at least I have to give it to him that at least he is there. But what’s the point. He has been there for the last almost 3 years. Its only collateral incidents which gets him to take action per se. Let’s not forget that until APS . None were ready to go for the Waziristan operation . Including the chief. The question is why only as a post measure. The nation is assured again and again that we have broken the enemy. I would like to belief so as we have lost more than 70k Pakistanis in this conflict and hundreds of thousands injured. Not forgetting the thousands of martyred soldiers. But when time and again I see the piled up bodies of dead Pakistanis grasping for one last breath as they die. I get very upset. 

Since; I have gotten senses. I have been hearing that RAW is conducting activities in Pakistan. Sorry! But I must ask of our security agencies. We may spend less as you say but considerable of what we earn on you. Why we have not been able to eradicate their penetration in our country where your presence is significant across the major centers of Pakistan. Tell me one big Pakistani city which has no garrison. I guess “None” . So we would request that if you now eradicate our enemies irrespective of being Good or Bad Taliban as time and again we have seen that the Good Taliban (which I feel are backed by some of our agencies) turning Bad Taliban (those backed by our foreign enemies). If we have no Taliban than we do not face this dilemma. 

My heart aches when I see that the banned outfits are openly collecting alms during Ramadan . In some cases in the presence of the security agencies. It further aches when I see these outfits openly running charities and given patronage. Whilst our agencies are going after political parties to vent out the frustration or giving the false hope of appeasement to the people of Pakistan. In my view ; they are oblivious of the fact that they are not getting the justice they deserve as the bane of the problem exists.

I am sure some may get upset after reading the peace. Let it be as I am disappointed. Two years ago I believed that our Army would go against these Kharjiites and wipe them out. I rooted for them. But then when I see that they conduct selective operations especially in Karachi to unsettle a political party with support imparted to a want to be cloned version in the city to settle scores . Whilst I see the fundamentalist elements operate in the city scot free. It pains! Sadly but pains very hard. So don’t take it personal. But prove me wrong. 

Lately, some incidents in the city which were perpetuated by Islamic militants were attempted to be shifted politically. The question is why? Is it out of delusion or is it out of connivance. Only time shall tell. But I hope, that sense shall prevail in the interest of Pakistan. As we can’t afford another East Pakistan. 

Anyways, tonight as I sleep. I sleep more peacefully that I tried to wake up this nation. As I don’t want to wait for my turn to be a statistic. But also I sleep with pain for the poor souls departed and for the injustice which I see around especially in Karachi where the operation started in the name of the 121 martyred kids of APS has today become nothing short of mockery as some settle scores for political mileage. Disappointing to a great extent. Without truth there is no justice. Without justice there is no peace. 

One last thing as I wrap up. I saw the news that almost 29 injured are being shifted to Karachi post Quetta blast. One innocent question . With the operation going on for the last 5 years or so and a Cantonment since 1984. Isn’t there any world class facility to take care of these patients in Quetta. Why they need to get flown to Karachi ? Though they are more than welcome! Ironic isn’t it that we have so much to spend on death but not on life. Again; I wonder what would Quaid e Azam say had he been alive. But I will continue to say . Pakistan Zindabad!                                           

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