The quagmire building in Karachi

I heard this intro in one of the media channel that Karachi used to be once city of lights . Now it’s giving a sad image of a tormented city. I wonder the media anchor sitting somewhere in Lahore or in Islamabad even comes to Karachi often. I further wonder why would she say it now when all and sundry are claiming that the operation in Karachi is a resounding success. Why still that anchor would give such a gory picture of the city? Wonder why?

Karachi seems to be edge towards peace though uneasy peace in my view but still as some say better than before . For me, it’s nothing but a lull before the storm. Interestingly; the dynamics of the city lately has changed a lot. You could see dozens of SUV’s driving through the streets of the city especially in the southern district. You would see life on the roads unlike as its portrayed by certain elements of media. Also you would see a lot of Chinese. I am sure that the stray dogs of Karachi would be really worried with Chinese coming in as we all know it’s a delicacy in China. But then again as I wrote last year in my blog “ Is China cooking Manchurian in Karachi ?” The dog infestation problem in Karachi may see a solution soon. 

Another interesting news which came across was a certain Taliban delegation is in talks with Chinese. Why not so ? Every hand on deck as CPEC matures. For the record; I am all game for this US$ 46 Bn investment expected in Pakistan in the next 10 years or so. But I hope that at the same time that we are not short changed. If you read Chinese history they have been trying to get access to the warm waters of Arabian Peninsula for centuries . The question is that whether US$ 46.0 Bn enough for a multi trillion dollar economy. The further; question that I have in mind is that how much of that would benefit Karachi. It looks clear that though Gawadar is going to be the main stay for Chinese. Karachi still serves as a launching pad. The numbers seen on the roads of District South in terms of Chinese gives me a good feeling of an international touch but at the same time makes me wonder. What is next ? 

Of course, if Karachi is the launching pad for CPEC than Karachi needs to be harnessed . So which means MQM needs to be taken to task. The ongoing operation against MQM in the name of Zarb e Azb is looking to deliver the goods to build Chinese confidence. Though unfortunate the families of the martyred children of APS still look for salvation. The second nuisance would have been the Baloch Gang War elements in Liyari . They have been neutralized and their main chief Uzair Baloch in custody enough to command the elements in Karachi as per will of the few in establishment. The last element i.e. Talibans are being engaged for talks with the Chinese . Is it because that they can’t be defeated ? or is it some elements don’t want to touch them in Karachi. Sometimes I wonder could this be the reason that there has been no action against the Punjabi Taliban as they may end being guarantors of the CPEC route as well. 

But if I am a defence strategist at national level. I would be worried about the developing situation. The uneasy peace in Karachi which I feel can blow out as boys return home either dead or beaten to death (arrested during the ongoing operation); if not rehabilitated may sound a bigger problem for future peace of Karachi. Will India be comfortable with Chinese presence so close to their southern ports? Will the western powers who we still depend on for our elite defence requirements would be expected to accept the Chinese influence so close to their fleets anchored in Middle East . Their growing proximity with India another indication of their unease. Lastly Iran not getting into Pakistan’s influence and offering a competing route for Central Asia via Afghanistan and allying further with India. I feel they open up to give the alternate of Pakistan to American and Indian troops stationed in Afghanistan. I personally feel that this whole scenario is becoming a bite which may end up too big for Pakistan to chew with all the internal strife Pakistan face today.

I would like to ask one question to those who feel that with force they can quell the quiet uprising across the country apart from Punjab ? If that was so the case than why almost seven hundred thousand troops stationed in Kashmir could not quieten things there though Kashmir may be less than 10% of Indian geography and Pakistan unfortunately find it in almost 60% of it. The sad truth is that Pakistani establishment by not addressing the core issue of equal distribution of wealth and rights might see itself facing a bigger problem .

Some say we need a Martial Law in Pakistan. I still belief that our Army is the most disciplined institution of the country by design or by choice or by coincidence and none others are allowed to survive. But I am enchanted to ask this question that whilst they quash the rising with force. What about giving or forcing the sitting central or provincial governments to give people their rights ? Why won’t they exert? Even in the last government of Gen Pervez Musharraf ; they had an excellent opportunity to do so but to keep the whole nation in control ; they overlooked the very who celebrated and joined hands with those who have stabbed this nation most of the times in most of the cases. Is it lack of understanding ? or is it lack of will ? to remain in demand in domestic issues. Only God knows .

I feel that the democratic stratosphere of Pakistan should be improved where masses should get a chance in the center. Still whatever you say. MQM is the only party which gives access to such middle or lower class . Even PTI which claims to be representative have less than 5% of their central committee comprising of the representation of the masses. But then MQM it seems pays the price for which . Had it got Feudals and influential’s in their ranks. Their relation with establishment may have been better.

Like I have said it many times in the past . Pakistan must choose their sides rightly. They look like going easy on Talibans or Islamic fundamentalists as per a retired Army officer “ we can’t afford too many fronts” . This is the logic of types of Hamid Gul which is pushing this nation into distress. I was surprised to hear from my one time favorite ; General Pervez Musharraf commending LeT today on one media channel. Shocked as I can be. But again it’s clear that he is towing the line given to him by those who have ensured him out of prison for the last few years and a safe exit out of Pakistan. Sad but he loses his potential and credibility by these loose statements. 

Anyways; I feel that the new CM of Sindh will bring a definite change as he would bring his own team who would be hungry to earn and I foresee more corruption in Sind and more looting in Karachi and sadly I feel that the LEA’s won’t do much as their favorite punching bag i.e. MQM covers for all their ignorance’s. I wish this changes soon before it gets out of hand .

Lastly, I wish that we grow as a nation but before we heal as a nation first. For which ; we need to take actions on merit and nothing else. Like advised by Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. I am sure logic will prevail soon. Pakistan Zindabad!

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