Off Dead Sons & Daughters of Karachi

Sitting in the cool breeze of Karachi my beloved city where I came back after a long time sipping my cup of tea ask my friends if there is any performance any time soon by the famous sufi Qawal Amjad Ali Sabri. For some reason I was so looking forward to attend one of his performances and it was on top of my To-Do list on this trip. We all agreed that we must attend and infact planned for it who and who will come with us. This discussion took place last week . But fate had something else written for both Amjad Ali Sabri and myself. Today ; as I read a book in the afternoon . Our cook came in the hall to inform that Amjad Ali Sabri is dead. Shocked I rushed in the room where TV was showing the sad news. To my horror it said that Amjad Ali Sabri has been martyred by gunmen in broad day light. He was not shot once but multiple times as I am sure he headed for another program recording. 

I cried after a long time. I didn’t even cry when recently I saw myself looking in the eyes of death but cried on demise on of the best Qawali performers of Pakistan. My To-Do list would remain incomplete as the enemies of peace in Karachi took one more of its son away from loved ones. The whole Pakistan I cried. But I am sure they were not only crying on the demise of this great soul but on the state of apathy which this great nation face today .

A few weeks ago I got a chance to visit the part of town where there sad incident occurred to attend an Iftar. I saw considerable security in this area. The level of security looked intensified after the recent kidnapping of the Chief Justice Sindh’s son again in broad day light outside one of the famous super markets of District South of Karachi. When I was coming to Karachi I was told by many that the city has become very peaceful. People looked happy and satisfied. Sitting at one of my famous coffee joints. We were visited by some retired officers who were giving examples of how the rising real estate prices is proportional to the peace gotten vide the operation in Karachi. Well in a way I was very happy to see peace return to Karachi as I always loved having my nocturnal life in Karachi sitting outside sipping away tea or coffee or eating away of the variety of delicacies the city has to offer .

Some part of my thought process always felt that the current peace is short lived as ironically I could still see that whilst political elements are being taken to task the religious extremists were out openly. Some political parties like Jamaat e Islami had dozens of branded hoardings asking for Zakat though we all know that this particular party has good enough connections with Jihadist elements as well as had connections with Al Qaeda as well. But yet parties like Jamaat and their types were seen openly collecting Zakat and Fitra whilst political parties like MQM are no where to be seen. Strange isn’t it! Does it show that we have our priorities right or wrong? Time has proven over last few decades that such policies has only led this nation into more trouble and nothing more. But ironically we are yet to learn from our mistakes as we always find someone else to blame. 

Anyways, I am short of words today as my heart bleed for the martyred Amjad Sabri. Was he killed for his religious beliefs ? Was he killed due to one of his performances ? Was he killed for his political belief? Was he killed just to create chaos in the city and Pakistan? Or was he killed to distract the country from other issues ? Was he killed for winning more powers and to prove a point ? Only time will tell and may never tell as well as I am not sure that the hypocrisy of the state of affairs in the city may never bring the real culprits to justice and may very possible the case that a political worker would be arrested. Beaten the life out of him and coerced to record a video statement to kill the issue and hence protect the real culprits or hide our incompetency or unwillingness towards getting the city rid of the real vermin eating away the city. 

Everyone that you speak to will tell you that Karachi is the heart of Pakistan and its smooth functioning has direct bearing on the nation’s economy. But thousands if not hundreds of the city’s sons and daughters have been killed or martyred and their survivors are awaiting justice in some cases for decades for the illusive justice. But I feel that some in the establishment do not want peace in the city for keeping their ill conceived agendas alive. 

I believe as I have written before that in order to correct a problem it must be identified and than worked upon. I feel in case of Karachi there is always a smoke screen or alternate distractions manipulated. Hence the reason that the true peace remains a dream .

The former city of lights . The city of Quaid e Azam today in my view has only two things growing. Either DHA colonies to house its rich and powerful or graveyards comprising of its true sons and daughters. The jewels of Karachi are systematically being taken out. Looks like the enemy within is winning as we conveniently blame the whole world for our problem whilst ignoring the likes of extremists growing and sustaining under patronage.

Does it scare me ? No it doesn’t . People tell me that they take out anyone who points in the right direction or demonize them. So that our people keep on going in circles with their woes. I feel Allah has sent me back to this world to show the right direction to the nation. So I care the least and would do what is right. As I want this nation to reach what it really deserves based on the talent and resources this nation have. By keeping quiet this will never happen. So its better to be made to shut up by tyrants instead of remaining shut up infront of them . Pakistan Zindabad!


One comment on “Off Dead Sons & Daughters of Karachi”
  1. Najam says:

    I appreciate your sentiments and more on your still sticking to saying pakistan zindabad. How long and how far this slogan will go to sooth te karachietes.

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