The real enemy of Pakistan : Our policies

What is life? Is it just about eating , living and dying or is it about to live for a dream. This question tormented me for some time as I fought my thoughts to live like a family man or to live like a factor of change. I am writing a blog after almost five months. Reason being that I return from a life and death situation. Someday , I will write about which. But when I gained consciousness after almost two months. Learning that I almost died . The first thing I asked myself why has God given me the second chance and there it was the answer to the quintessential question. My mind and my heart was fighting for some time. Only that I learned the answer by coming so close to death. 
Anyways, a lot changed since I woke up. I wanted to write on it but would try to summarize it in this piece today with the belief that the issues I am going to touch upon may not die any time soon and I will get more chances on write on which in short to long term future. 

First thing first. A law firm in Panama thousands of miles away leaked that hundreds of Pakistanis have off shore companies over there including our Prime Minister. The chaos in the country is tempting for non democratic forces to take over but the question is that whether only those named in Panama leaks are answerable to the nation though as we know those making noise are equally corrupt and hypocrites. When MQM asked for across the board accountability ; the resistance was inevitable as PPP would be expected to answer the loot and plunder they gifted the nation under Asif Zardari. My view is very clear that it is sad that only few parties including PTI and MQM look standing clearly against the issue though PTI has some skeletons of its own in the closet . But that was bound to happen when a mass party start targeting electable. Someone said it right that if by any chance any of MQM’s was named in the Panama Leaks than all focus of LEA’s would have been on this starting with MQM . But for a change; MQM remained outside the ambit but not to worry. The interior Minister is busy with the charge of US$ 550k approx on Money Laundering (accusation for last few years yet to be proved) whilst keeping mum on the billions of dollars siphoned of the people of Pakistan. It shows nothing less than selective justice. My choice would be that even Swiss , UK and Middle East investments must be looked into and why only that of politicians but also the real Game Masters of Pakistan as well. Restricting to Panama leaks; I feel would give much noise but no resolution due to various legalities and jurisdictional issues.

The second issue I would touch upon would be the continued existence of Islamic radicals in Pakistan and especially Karachi. I wrote a blog earlier reiterating what MQM’s leader said almost ten years ago that Karachi is becoming a safe haven for Taliban’s and their families. For which he was ridiculed. Sadly today we find out that not only that we are housing Pakistani Taliban’s and their families in Karachi but also Afghan Taliban’s . Even we give them passports and CNIC. I can’t resist to say but if we can find room for Afghan Taliban’s in Karachi. What is the mistake of hundreds of thousands of Biharis stranded in Bangladesh as third grade citizens for siding with Pakistan in 1971. Why can’t we bring them to Pakistan and facilititate them? At least they would not blow themselves up. This Taliban issue has now become a bane of existence of our country and must see resolution. Though we all celebrated Operation Zarb e Azb as a nation. But sad to see that Karachi though relatively peaceful for the time being is still infested by radicals. Though I agree that some of these should be made part of political process and given space to share their opinions but then I see that most of them don’t believe in the democratic system as well as are hardcore and want to settle by gun. Those must be done away with wherever they may be . Till the time ; we stop believing that these radicals are our first line of defense . Till that time ; we all would suffer from this curse. Our forces must belief in its citizens that if God forbidden any one looks Pakistan with an evil eye. The whole nation would stand shoulder to shoulder with our forces to defend the nation and we don’t need tyrants and bigots to defend the republic. But the brain washing has been done for years. Realization and cleansing of which may take long or much long.

Whilst I was fighting life and death a new pseudo political party came into existence. Though they chide Pakistan. But for some reason the nostalgic feeling of 90’s come to my mind where Haqiqi was developed to weed out MQM. Similarly this new party led by Mustafa Kamal who was the Mayor of Karachi ; successful because of availability of funds by the establishment at that time as well as strong knitted MQM network supporting him to develop Karachi at the ground level. Today; people give him credit but ignore the thousands of workers who were helping him execute his job on instructions of MQM leader Mr. Altaf Hussein. The immature posture of Mustafa in his speeches with old allegations which has never been proved has brought his stature down and I wonder about his future in next few coming months. Sadly; instead of working with MQM to ensure development of Karachi which gives 70% of revenue to the nation’s economy. They are bent to force change. First it was Haqiqi, then MMA, then ANP, then PTI and now PSP. Tomorrow it will be someone else. I am hopeful that sanity would prevail one day and those in establishment would realize that the success is to accept the mandate and work inclusively instead of exclusively running Karachi like a colony. We need to build Pakistan strong at these times and only unity can make that happen. It is the job of federation to unite the republic by choice and consensus not by force as currently unfortunately happening. Give people their due rights and I am sure the winds will change for our dear nation. 

A few days ago Mr. Altaf Hussein offered olive branch to the state and assured them of his and his party’s loyalty unconditionally to build and defend Pakistan together. I wish if his offer is taken in the right stride and spirit to convert unstable peace in the city to a permanent feature. Get Karachi back on the world map as we all know by now that the return on investment in Karachi is much higher than anywhere else . Though I am not saying that other cities should be ignored. But Karachi , its people and its representatives must be given their due share. 

Lastly, the geo political situation where USA is practically blackmailing us on F 16’s and Coalition support fund. Continue to support all our three neighbors whilst squeezing us asking us for more and more and giving us due as alms. This policy needs revision on equal terms but that could only happen if we stop living in a state of denial and cleanse all such elements which are solidifying the world’s case against us Pakistanis. The discovery of top terrorists right under our noses living comfortably gives us all an image of a rogue nation not a progressive one. We must not be seen as a threat to the world peace but as an enabler to which. 

The list of topics to discuss are so long as I slept. But I would keep on touching on them gradually . But what I want to see is a corruption free Pakistan . Operating on Merit where people get their rights irrespective of ethnicity or religion. With all the resources given to us as a nation. We need to get the mix right learning from our mistakes and progressing towards success instead of internal bickering. They say that there are international forces after to dismantle Pakistan. Sorry to say but our own policies are such internationally and domestically which are enough to out our existence in danger. We don’t need enemies with such policies. Our policies are our enemy. I am sure we learn and heal as a nation someday. I wish during the second life time God has given me but not later. Pakistan Zindabad!

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