Extract from Mr. Altaf Hussain’s statement as he announces till Death Hunger Strike

Due to the recent persecution against MQM in Karachi . Mr. Altaf Hussain has announced to go on a Hunger Strike till death under protest to peacefully demand the local authorities, civil society and the international community to stop the ongoing persecution against MQM and Mohajirs in Karachi, Pakistan. 

The below extract is from the original statement released on the July 19th 2015 and has been translated to English as key points to the best of by capability.


The various stakeholders of Pakistan , Civil Society, Establishment, Armed forces, Politicians , Media anchors and journalists (both domestic and international) must read the below to understand the full context of the strife in Karachi today and the background for Mohajir Struggle.


Key extracts ;


  • I would never bow my head in front of tyrants or if required would sacrifice my life but would never allow rights of Mohajirs and deprived be compromised.


  • I am being forced to take the decision for Hunger Strike till death under duress as the Federal Government of Pakistan , Provincial Government, Army, Rangers and Police are misusing the laws of the country to persecute Mohajir community in terms of both life and financially.


  • Its been 67 years since the independence of Pakistan but Mohajir Community still has failed to get rights as equal citizens.


  • Thousands of Mohajirs have been martyred for the last many decades inclusive of the first Prime Minister of Pakistan Khan Liaquat Ali Khan who was also from the Mohajir community but not a single killer have been arrested or prosecuted or punished till now .


  • My brother Mr. Nasir Hussain (aged 70 at the time of his murder) and nephew Mr. Arif Hussain were brutally murdered but no arrested till now.


  • The ethnic bias or various other reasons cause many political analysts, reporters and media anchors due to their prejudice against MQM and Mohajir Community continue to target MQM in a hijacked media unfortunately.


  • Referring to the news item in Daily Times (dated Jan 8th 1965) where Mohajir community was punished for celebrating the election victory of the sister of the founder of Pakistan ( Ms Fatima Jinnah). where the military dictator of that time Gen Ayub Khan and his son unleashed state terrorism against the community where 30 Urdu Speaking (Mohajirs) were killed ; their homes burned and thousands rendered homeless. At that time MQM was not in existence .


  • MQM which is being accused of all the ills of Pakistan is forced to ask the Civil Society without prejudice that who killed Mohajirs in hundreds in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s ( MQM as APMSO got formed in 1978 only due to these oppressions). Not a single murderer was ever arrested till date.


  • The Quota system implementation in the 70’s by the then provincial government of Sindh and was an attempt to drive a wedge between the Sindhi and Mohajir communities of the province. When protests were organized against this draconian law to keep Mohajirs out of government/state jobs. Terrorism was unleashed against Mohajir communities and in an organized manner . Millions of Mohajirs settled in the Interior of Sindh were made to migrate again and their properties / all assets were encroached upon. Thousands of casualties ensued at that time.


  • On October 31st 1986 . At Sohrab Goth Karachi and at Market Chowk (Corner) of Hyderabad under establishment patronage peaceful MQM rallies were targeted where dozens of MQM workers and supporters got massacred (read martyred) .


  • On December 14th 1986 . A Mohajir Colony called Qasba – Aligarh was surrounded and sniper firing was conducted from the adjoining mountains by hundreds of armed men where hundreds of people from the community were indiscriminately massacred, dozens of women raped, children were cut to pieces . Not a single judicial commission was ever formed . Evidence is available if required . Not a single responsible person ever arrested or prosecuted . Let alone punishments.


  • On September 30th 1988. Dozens of armed men entered the city of Hyderabad and started indiscriminate firing on innocent citizens of Mohajir community busy in their daily chores. The massacre ensued for at least half an hour. But no Police , Army or Rangers to the rescue of the under attack community (though there is a large cantonment in Hyderabad miles away). Not a single person arrested or punished. The fate the same.


  • On may 26th and 27th May 1990 . Terrorists in police uniforms put another Mohajir locality under siege (Pacca Qilla) where they first the water and electricity and those women who came out for help with our holy book i.e. Holy Quran on their heads were sprayed with bullets. The murder continued for two days without any abetting.. Hundreds Mohajir men , women and children were massacred. No ambulance were not allowed inside. The murdered were not allowed to be buried in the graveyard. Forcing the residents to bury them in the middle of the community ground.


  • In the 80’s a party called Punjabi Pashtun Ittehad (Union) was formed and many Mohajir communities were attacked in Karachi . This party which actually was a terrorist group formed on daily basis killed Mohajirs in the areas of Green Town, Rafa e Aam, Al Falah Society, Jalalabad, Model Colony, Ajmer Nagri and many other localities killed Mohajirs on daily basis but no one every got arrested or punished. The fate remains the same.


  • Due to this unleashed state backed persecution. Mr. Altaf Hussain and MQM were forced to approach Amnesty International , Asia Watch and UN Human Rights Commission. Also Pakistan based Human Rights organizations were approached with facts and evidences against the open terrorism and barbarism against Mohajir Community but no action was taken. The blood thirsty of Mohajir blood have been and continuing to quench their thirst with Mohajir blood till date but no respite till date.


  • After 37 years of formation of MQM under leadership of Mr. Altaf Hussain (currently under forced exile in UK) ; the fact remains that Pakistan’s powerful establishment, feudalism and various power mafia not only hate Mohajir community but belief in persecuting them infact day by day it looks like that they want to unleash holocaust against Mohajirs as they have never accepted Mohajirs as Pakistanis in the last 67 years.


  • The most painful thing for Mohajir Community is that Mohajir’s patriotism is being questioned every now and then . Painful more because this community sacrificed a lot in the formation of Pakistan and its sustenance . In fact Mohajir community sacrificed twice. First in 1947 when migrating from India where millions were massacred whilst performing the trip. Again, in 1971 after the Fall of Dhaka (East Pakistan or Bangladesh of today’s time). At that time the Mohajir community stood shoulder with the Pakistan Army at the time of upheaval and later in defence of the area by sacrificing equally. But today hundreds of thousands of such Pakistanis are still stranded in Bangladesh as second grade citizen and are living under shameful condition.


  • As for the recent state sponsored political operation continuing in Karachi now a days. MQM being the biggest and may be the only party which takes ownership of the city was the first party to request for a Clean up operation. The expectation was that an across the board operation on merit and without prejudice against terrorists, criminals and murderers would be conducted. Prior to this operation under a case reviewed by the honorable courts titled as “Karachi Law and Order Case” ; the courts adjudged that all parties present in Karachi have terrorists and criminals . But when the operation began; once again the state let Karachi down as only MQM is being targeted in this operation.


  • Under this operation. More than four thousand MQM workers have been arrested. Many thousands of homes were raided. But not a single instance of armed resistance was reported or given . Not a single bullet fired for resisting the persecution demonstrating their peacefulness.


  • The question raised is that why no other political party’s offices were raided and ransacked ? Why not other party’s political leadership was arrested? Why no other party was unleashed with state persecution in Karachi ? Why only MQM workers and supporters in tens have been killed in extra judicial killings till now ? (Needless to remind that 15000 workers and supporters are still missing or killed extra judicially or murdered in the operation in the 90’s). The arrested workers and the leaders are being tortured in most inhumane way after their arrest without reasons. Dozens of our workers are still missing or unaccounted for.


  • Though the Rangers conducting the operation announced that this operation would be across the board than why only Mohajirs and MQM being targeted ?


  • The height of persecution is as such that on the eve of 29th Ramzan which is one of the holiest nights for Muslims . Rangers raided MQM head quarter and arrested In charge Coordination Committee Mr. Kaif ul Waraa and Mr. Qamar Mansoor without reason. The timing of the raid was just before Sahoor time (the time when Muslims start fasting and are having a meal before they begin their fast). Resulting hundreds were deprived from fasting the following day. All and sundry can vouch for it that Mr. Qamar Mansoor is innocent and can never be terrorist as being portrayed.


  • The establishment in Pakistan is above any law and sadly to say that not a single party can be stated as purely political or democratic in nature. Directly or indirectly all have demonstrated to have links (or agents) to this establishment in the last many decades as they want to continue the centuries old orthodox feudalism system in the country and to continue the status quo where poor are equally persecuted.


  • Mr. Asghar Khan’s case in the Supreme Court can be referred to in which the above point was proven that how many political parties took monies and benefits from Establishment including the current Prime Minister of the country (Mr. Nawaz Sharif) and many other leaders of various political parties inclusive of many known political personalities.


  • Mr. Khwaja Asif who is also the Defence Minister of Pakistan narrated to media that how two former ISI (Pakistan’s premium intelligence agency) chiefs used Imran Khan vide demonstrations/sit ins , how known investors provided money to fund the same and how many known personalities were inducted in Imran Khan’s party i.e. PTI and media was coerced and pressurized to give continuous coverage to these sit in’s.


  • Mr. Altaf Hussain has dedicated his life to stop ongoing persecution against Mohajirs ( both financial and physical) but all is in vain to stop this persecution and Mohajir Genocide. This is the reason why Mr. Altaf Hussain has decided that enough is enough and has decided to go on a Hunger Strike till death and has written to relevant authorities in United Kingdom for approvals to start with the same.


  • Mr. Altaf Hussain has advised Coordination committee (rabta committee) that after his death ; party functioning is in their hands and it would be their judgment if they continue striving for the rights or not after his demise. Nevertheless he has instructed that what ever decision would ensue his last wish is that Martyrs are always remembered . The survivors of the martyred and those under state custody are always looked after and a proper mechanism for such must be rolled out. ” 


At the end . I hope that the local intelligentsia would support the genuine demands of rights and equal treatment of the Mohajir community in Pakistan. I hope that both International and Domestic Human Rights organizations would step up to curb extra constitutional action against MQM and Mohajirs.


We would need to ask the questions of our selves that why the Taliban terrorists are Disgruntled brothers, first line of defence or tools for covert operations whilst the posterity of the founders of the nations are being continually persecuted without justice and are being branded as traitors and criminals and terrorists whilst those who have football with the heads of our soldiers and killed and maimed over 80000 Pakistanis are just disgruntled. Pakistan Zindabad!

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