Is China really cooking Manchurian in Karachi ?


It would be wrong to say that we are not living in tough times. The world is in financial chaos and peace is under threat. The whole of Middle East which honestly has been left in the shambles by the West’s policy is now seeing the casualty numbers increasing by the day. The number of refugees proportionally increase. The Utopia which the West presents to the rest of the world leaving rest of the world in chaos is soon to bite it in its own face. 

If any one could not predict this coming than such should question their own capability. The dream of a new Middle East by interference has unleashed a new problem for the whole world and its not dying anytime soon. Lesson is simple “Do in Rome what the Romans do and add to it Only in Rome” . At the same time I will like to defend some of the Middle East nations like UAE who has created an environment to give an equal respectable opportunity for the affected state’s citizens to live and enjoy equal rights. Why get them as refugees when they can come us residents? Just from Syria there are about 250,000 living amongst the 8.5 million population of UAE it self which is practically close to one fourth of the local population at least if not more. I am happy to see the stability in countries like UAE home to millions who grow here beyond prejudice based on their hardwork and merit . If you take a stroll in DIFC here in UAE and than take one in Canary Wharf in even UK or maybe Wall Street in US . You would see what equal mix UAE has; meaning the openness of the society and its rulers and at the same time the equal opportunity employment . Hence the reason behind success. I pray that this vision survives and grow at least in our generation as maybe it’s the only country left for especially Pakistanis to live and grow with respect.


Now I feel that there is a large pot of Manchurian cooking in Pakistan in my view and the nation cannot be isolated of this developing global situation. As I feel that we are very much dependent on the financial package offered to us by China. Its about US$ 46 Bn as some estimate it. Someone who has read Chinese history would know that China is though not a demographic expansionist state but at the same time belief in commerce and no charity. Now Chinese money coming to Pakistan raises a few questions though any money at this stage for our dwindling economy would be great. But whilst China is investing similar amounts in India for trade development. The major investments seen in Pakistan is for the corridor . Means the badly needed access to the Warm water port which Chinese have been desiring for many years . Infact this has been their desire for decades and who knows if there was not the mountain belt of Himalaya ; then the route to this would have been much aggressive instead of commercial.


The first questions which arises is that would China continue with the commitment with a major slowdown in its own economy as though many conspiracy theorists believe that China has purposely left the global economy in turmoil as government intervention in the bailout of its markets did not come in time. But maybe there are no resources to bail it out in the first place. Just a guess. So is the proposed investment still on cards or is coming?


The second question is that if it is coming . Does China has the patience of getting results out of this in 8-10 years or they would like a shorter payback period ? Knowing that the Gawadar port or route has been under consideration and implementation for a decade now if not less. Though I agree the economic corridor is no remedy to the existing economic crises in China but may be a short term strategy to create new markets for China or getting closer to the Middle East or Indian ports ? So if the patience is short term than knowing the challenges in Baluchistan. Is Gawadar port still a viable option ? Since having a full blown city supporting the Chinese vision cannot be done in shorter period whilst the security considerations still in place as the desolate route to Gawadar still takes a couple of hours (6-8 hours) to connect to the main and more secured highways of Pakistan. The pace of operation in Baluchistan where still rights are not being given but cleansing ensues is to present to China that now they can start releasing the pay cheque with more confidence as security consideration for Chinese are taken care of ? Again a short term view . But is it enough for Chinese to gulp down the spicy lollypop presented by Pakistan as they check their pockets.


So what would I do if I am Chinese. I would simply ask the Pakistan government that whilst you clean and secure and procure the Gawadar port for us . Why not till that time since I need my economy to be quickly recharged to benefit the western and more rural Chinese cities; in order for them to get access to a warm port as soon as possible to avoid any domestic uprising as they are feeling left out as the Eastern cities country to grow like for many centuries and they may feel missing the big opportunity ? Give us a short term in between plan which is simply give us access to “Karachi port” or you know what let us build our selves a new jetty which we would use quietly and peacefully till the time the Gawadar issue is sorted. Would that be a problem for Pakistan government to accept ? No because there is work commenced on the similar lines already since a couple years quietly with out a lot of hue and cry. Now in case I am Chinese building such an important jetty . I would need a couple of thousand Chinese to run it and ensure my business interests for which I would need space closer to the said installation as well as a city which is more in our control so that we can peacefully co exist. Good news for Pakistan that soon they may see a lot of new Chinese restaurants coming up in the city. The Dogs of the city must be a little worried though knowing some eating habits from the mainland. But is that a problem? Its not since these poor creatures are anyways Haram. KMC is very excited with this prospect as in the past Dog extermination was a cost center and now it may become a profit center for them .


But if I am Chinese I like to be in contact with the true authorities of the city. So everyone knows who is that . Do I need to say that it is “MQM” ? But I still need to get all my stuff through all the way via Punjab or KPK. So easier that I go to our old friends in Pakistan establishment where our friendship is higher than Himalayas and deeper than Pacific Ocean and sweeter than honey and tell them either you take control of Karachi or let us work with MQM directly as they control the city actually and you will keep on getting your cut ? As being Chinese historically that is what we do. But ofcourse that will not be acceptable by the Pakistani establishment who instead would say let us take care of the city. Not only that we can wipe out MQM but we will give you a more puppet kind of a set up lead by your Half Chinese brother “Imran Khan” who will be given support via our touts in the form of JI , MQM’s mutant Haqiqi brothers and our very own ASWJ. Even Talibans will peacefully co exist with you and live their lives eating the Manchurian as long as you serve it with Naan. Ofcourse the Chinese would need to give a consideration to this plan liking or unlikingly as anyways their jetty is still nearing completion and they have time to allow this proposed solution to kick in.


Hence we see an operation against MQM currently so that Chinese do not start having Manchurian with MQM and stick to the establishment mainly from Punjab. In the meantime the poor Baluchi people continue to take the fire from the establishment as they know that controlling Karachi is more difficult to deliver on the platter than Baluchistan. And we badly need that money to build a few more DHA’s along the new proposed Highways as all the land in Karachi is running out and money is required to keep the operations going.


The question is that Mr. Modi may already know this Karachi Manchurian strategy and knowing that how close is their most important port “Dwarka” which the whole Pakistan Navy took out by firing thousands round of shells in the 65 war will not like the Chinese presence upclose a few hundred nautical miles away. I wonder how will he react to this proposition ? But he will bear in mind the proposed investment by Chinese and if he raises a hue and cry. That money may stop. So I am sure he will find another way to derail this plan if not cease it ? After all he is a Vegetarian and Veg Manchurian is not that good.


Some other parties like UK and USA would be very happy that Chinese would be so close by either in Karachi or in the future in Gawadar that now they don’t need to go to China all the way to get their IPhones but get them from one of these ports and also at the same time can have more cordial relationship with the Chinese navy and learn a few Kung fu techniques from the Art of War for their Marines.


The Middle East will also benefit from this new Chinese Project and in Dubai they may start building a Dragon Mart Mall (known as Chinese Mall) extension 3 as they recently concluded the second one by adding a couple of thousand of more square feet of space.


So all around it would be a happy strategy I guess. Pakistani establishment happy as US$ 46 Bn are to come and they don’t need to worry about keeping their natural economy going and the Prime Minister who loves to build Motor ways and Pakistan Army who love to be contractors of those Motor ways would have a lot to look forward to. The Indians will be happily confused with Chinese so close. The Americans and the British would be really excited to learn some KungFu kicks so close. As Hong Kong has been history for them for almost two decades and new the world needs new Jackie Chan movies with closer Western interaction with Chinese . Only this time there would be a Pakistani tadka (spicy layer) to it. Of course the Middle East would have cheaper shopping to look forward to.


As for Chinese they will get a warm shore to submerge into. They are really looking forward to enjoy the Dog population in Karachi and its surroundings. As for Karachi it must brace itself for some beautiful Chinese women and Restaurants. There are other industries which do come with it for pleasure purposes but I will let it be for your imagination as for those living in UAE would know what I exactly mean and I am sure they would be equally excited about the prospects .


But the whole issue which could be a pain point to this whole plan to the world happiness would be MQM and its QeT Mr. Altaf Hussein who actually control Karachi as the people of Karachi only and only trust them with their future knowing that if money comes with Karachi as leverage it would be spent in Karachi and not may be in Narowal or Changa Manga or Bannu if and only MQM is being involved and is getting share for Karachi from the promised billions of dollars. My simple advise to Chinese would be that as they plan their Manchurian party in Karachi. They must not ignore the real stakeholders . At the same time the same applies for Baluchistan and the CM Baluchistan is no more a stakeholder would not be shortly. So think as you spend.  


What I have done is that I have tried to pleasantly forecast what is to come ? Now if Chinese economy do not stabilize than the world economy do not stabilize. If the world economy do not stabilize . More conflicts may occur . So as Karachi may or may not become a savior of the Chinese economy and world peace but till that time for China to have a real long term plan in Karachi than they must interact with real stakeholders of Karachi must and should get the benefits. The thousands who are arrested in guise of an operation in the city with tens being extra judicially killed to pave the way would only mean more long term ambiguity in my opinion . As we are not a nation like Somalia or Ethopia who would ignore the top level Chinese dealings whilst ignoring the mass realities. We know and would ask for our rights. Please check the history of the people of the city prior 1947. I am sure some people in the region do not like eating Manchurian at all and could compound the problem. Think about it as you prepare for your Manchurian in Karachi! Pakistan Zindabad ……  

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