Being Mohajir – a “Pride” or a Sin” . Decide yourself!

I remember our car being ordered to be stopped on one the side of the road riding with my family. I was roughly about 10 years old. We were returning from a MQM rally. There was a curfew imposed in the city after recent conflict between two communities in Karachi. My dad asked us to hide MQM’s flag as an Army Sentry was checking all the cars before letting them back in the area/locality. My mother looked worried as tried to shove the flag in the cavity under the dashboard. She always use to tell my Dad that being a government servant; he must be careful. But my Dad who was sick and tired of facing the prejudices he was facing due to his ethnic background. Especially after rescuing us from a market attack from another ethnic community . He being even a government servant knew that he may never get the same justice or honor as he was not the son of a soil stood up when Quaid e Tehreek (Leader of the Movement) Altaf Hussain started mobilizing Mohajirs around him across the country.

I remember growing up in a city under siege. Where it was no more a matter that who lives here but who died today. When everyday there was sniper firing. When there were extra judicial killings. When no day went by when surviving was a matter of luck. Yes! as some say that the law and order of the city is bad today. But trust me it was worst when collateral damage was always high but none was arrested killing the innocent civilians but only use to hear unilateral news against MQM by the severely controlled media which even got banned to publish at one point in time & the law enforcement agencies where names like SHO Bhahdur Ali, SHO Zeeshan Kazmi etc etc were famous due to the severe torture techniques they used to impart on the arrested workers of MQM. Words like Cheera and Drill were spread to make you fear and stop from sensing your voice. I am 20 years older. I am yet to see any culprits brought forward or justice provided.


Looking like a specific ethnicity was a privilege pass which means that you must expect a special treatment from the LeA’s. Be it your College where separate body searches use to happen everyday for belonging to APMSO to enter the college. Being stopped on Motor Cycle for looking like a Mohajir by non local police. Being mocked for your ethnicity, daily threats that you would be fitted and fixed if not fall in line. Even some teachers coming from outside Karachi due to their special background would use these lines sometimes as a joke or a threat to ensure that you kept in line and let their inability to not get exposed.


 The sense of being Mohajir was slowly becoming a pride from being a pain when and as you realized it more. One day, I remember asking my Dad. Why is it so? Why my mother is always afraid for letting us out ? Why we are always under threat? Remembering the firing in Class 3 from across the wall touching what is known as Qasba Colony . Remembering the stones coming into our class as our teachers scramble us for safety. The question “Why?”was always asked of my Dad. His answer has always been that since we are not sons of the soil . We can never expect equal treatment . So learn to live with it and stand with your people. I chose to stand against it . I joined APMSO the first chance I got.


The more they tried to kill my spirits. Let it be in my work place. Let it be on the street . Let it be amongst friends or let it be where I study. My spirit grew stronger. I remember one such election I participated in IBA ( as an independent though you sign an agreement that you would not engage in any political activities) . I went on with my credentials to stand for it . But was voted with a least margin when sorry to say that a certain mindset and background united to vote me out for belonging to APMSO before IBA ( I lost by One vote though) . But I can still remember the campaign against me. Did it break my resolve? No! it pinched me though for a while. But I promised to come back and stay strong what ever may happen.


Years later . I find us the “Mohajirs” in the same situation. Same arguments that we are Terrorists that we are Anti Pakistan and that we are RAW agents. Same argument about QeT Altaf Hussain . Same modus operandi of confessional statements, conspiracies, planning of factions to bring them from back door in Karachi. Same story continues. They some time win to play with some people’s mind. But I am sure if you look at it honestly you would realize the prejudice, the hate , the bias and the double standards from media, from LeA’s , from political parties and from those who want to nail the Mohajir in the ground.


They ask us that why we call us as “Mohajirs”. Let me ask you that why we still need to be called as “Mohajirs”. Recent statement by Kh Asif the Defence Minister about Mohajirs on the floor of National Assembly is a shame and stark realization of our elders as some of them are maybe in remorse for what happened in the history. Say in 1947.


Some people do not learn. But how can they . Since the country is controlled by those feudals who were with the Unionist Party at the time before partition and against Muslim League. Those who served Muslim League of Quaid e Azam and left everything for him ended up being slaves to the Unionists of Punjab today. Sad but true.


The double standards continue that when QeT Altaf Hussain asks valid questions of the state institutions out of frustration. Immediate resolutions are passed. The ISPR spokesperson issues statement. Bans are implied. Accusations of being RAW agents surface etc etc. But when a son of the soil in form of Kh Asif abuse Army on the floor of the house or Imran Khan reminds about the courage of the Generals or Zardari bullocks them in his speech or Talibans play football with the heads of the soldiers or JI chief cites that the killed soldiers fighting Talibans are not martyrs or Maulana Ghazi fights off SSG Commandos or letters are sent to Congress to block Pakistan’s aid (by Benazir Bhutto) . They are stated and consoled or justified as venting their frustration & upset brothers etc etc. This is the exact reason that makes what QeT Altaf Hussain have been saying becomes reinforced and truthful and reinforces my belief and thoughts and millions along with me.


If I am wrong I would humbly request our “Mohajir” community to please visit your local garrison, your local police station or government offices to realize your true value and essence of what I am trying to portray in this write up. Please experience with all due respect to understand of what I am trying to emphasize here. Also visit the growing graveyards who died fighting or asking for their rights under the constitution of Pakistan which their ancestors built.


So we were a minority in government positions and LeA’s before MQM. MQM has been crushed for so long and traumatized . My fellow Mohajirs you are still a minority; infact a bigger Minority . So wake up.


These LeA’s have been in Karachi for 32 out of last 37 years. 31 of the 37 years (leaving 91-92 & 2003-06 where MQM was allowed to perform without threats) . They have just become part of the same rigmarole to keep authoritarian rule in Karachi. They say MQM has ruled Karachi. Read the tenures I have given and ask of yourselves that whether MQM was in power outside these and than when they were. Didn’t they deliver or not? If honestly asked this question and answered . My argument would hold true.


Some would say that Gen Musharraf built Karachi. With all due respect . He realized that if he gives room to MQM to work and perform . His own rule would be augmented to grow Pakistan and consolidate nevertheless. It did happen as such. I always wondered that if Army and per recent statements of Gen Musharraf who has associated MQM to RAW and terrorism (which has pained me) . I would like to ask him especially belonging to the community that why did you chose to ally with MQM in these years. Was it your ignorance, was it your hypocrisy or was it forced upon you. I am sure you would address it in your next interview to support the Rangers unilateral operation in Karachi.


Let it be Dr Qadeer Khan or former COAS Gen Aslam Beg who when entering their 80’s have been heard chiding their being Mohajir for the misgivings and their treatment is a great testament that these two chose not to call themselves Mohajirs and remained part of the system. Only to realize decades later that being non of the soil was their Achilles heel in the system developed by the Unionists of Punjab who took over Pakistan who I actually call as Establishment.


The question Gen Musharraf also must ask of himself that why no persecution of General Kiyani and why the cases against him still hold (why not abolished till now?) . He himself in his book “Pakistan First” referred that his being Mohajir was a criteria in Mian Sharif’s mind to make him the COAS.


Anyways my arguments may go much longer. But I would leave this now for the readers to think and ask of yourself. That in the bigger picture. Are you being treated equally or not? If your answer is yes than I am wrong. If your answer is no or as such “No Answer” than I am right.
Sadly if the merit would have remained kicked in . This frustration would not have been there and we would have been allowed to serve Pakistan better . But what to do I guess. I am worried for what comes next . But till that time. Pakistan Zindabad!


34 comments on “Being Mohajir – a “Pride” or a Sin” . Decide yourself!”
  1. Rabia says:

    I agree with you Danish.Mqm gave us support as Mohajirs. I m also Ssuet graduate. In Ssuet, many times we stopped leaving for home n forced to celebrate Altaf bhai bday. Teachers were being threaten by Apmso guyz. Some of my class fellows joined Apmso because they wanted to pass exams without study. I got serious threats from Apmso for taking Ned copies which was sold by Jamatis in Ned. Our exams papers were delayed for 3 weeks due to Apmso. I tried to enter exam halls but they threaten me.

    1. dkazi013 says:

      This is sad . But individual acts.

  2. Rabia says:

    Sorry to say but i have very negative experience of APMSO during my study tenure with SSUET. My husband, my father n my family supports Mqm. I support Mqm not bcz they did very well ; just because we don’t have choice. Like Sindhis have only choice PPP.

  3. Rabia says:

    Mqm n Apmso is full of such individuals. Everyone isn’t like You n other educated professionals in Mqm. We also need to see our mistakes. If 90% of allegations aren’t true then 60% are true. If we keep on supporting such individuals like sindhis supporting PPP no matter what PPP does then wat the difference between us n them.

  4. saad says:

    Danish, why didn’t you join AMPSO in ssuet then? You are encouragin Mohajirs to support mqm. I remember even you were beaten in ssuet, not bu any other ethnic or political group but by APMSO. Don’t you remember the great HoD electronic department was slapped twice by a junior APMSO? I was beaten by around 12 apmso guys because I asked one of them to follow the queue for getting admit cards.
    How many mohajirs have been killed by mqm itself? You know why. If these target killers are caught, mqm release a statement of no connection with them. In fact it happened just today.
    There should have been party to protect one’s rights, not to protect jus one leader. The smartest community have been victimized by their own party and make their fellow Mohajirs slaves to their so called leader.

    1. dkazi013 says:

      I was part of APMSO already . Cant recall which Saad ur? Those were difficult times.

    2. dkazi013 says:

      And i was never beaten by APMSO or any other. Pls ref correctly. At the same time u must realize during our time at SSUET if u were in my batch that the whole party was underground . Wht were u expecting? Universities othr thn SSUET hav similar problems . Problem almost 90% of Karachiites dont go to Punjab and interior and sitting in Karachi draw inferences .

      1. saad says:

        No you were not part of it. Don’t lie. It was not underground. If it were, who were those guys beating up students behind block D? Who were those who supported cheating in the exam? Who were those who threw students from 2nd floor. Who was thay guy who slapped Abid karim? Who threatened teachers and even smashed their cars? Who beaten me? Who forced poor students to participate in their rallies?
        Grow up now intellectually my dear. Yes mohajir need a strong political party but not a party who has been protecting a self exhilled cruel leader (s).
        You should make efforts to get these cruel killer leaders out of mqm and establish a democratic mqm who doesn’t believe in the slogan of “manzil nahi rah numa chahyai” but “rah numa nahi, bacho ka mustaqbil chahyai”.

      2. dkazi013 says:

        Can’t debate with some one I don’t know. I have been with APMSO since 1993 before SSUET. This means you do not know me personally. In those times many things were managed. Anyways sorry you got beaten . But your feedback is appreciated.

  5. saad says:

    im better being uninamous to you. As you are now part of mqm, I am afraid of being beaten up or even suffer more than that.

    1. dkazi013 says:

      That perception would Inshallah change. I promise.

      1. Bilal says:

        Perception and reality are two different things. It actually has been happening so it’s not a perception.

      2. dkazi013 says:

        If I wanted to block you. Your posts would have been deleted. They are there. Kindly check.

  6. saad says:

    You don’t have to know me to justify what you wrote or prove me wrong. You shouldn’t be sorry to me. Go to poor Abid karim and hundreds of students who have been beaten up for no reason. Alhmadulillah, I smacked two or three of their noses during that fight. So I made the equation equal.

    1. dkazi013 says:

      Abid Ibrahim was no angel. He was racist to core. I was very close to the faculty. Anyways he was a good teacher. But character was question mark?

      1. Bilal says:

        Yes his character was bad because he refused to increase marks of that student. His character was questionable because he joined the most corrupt university in Karachi. He was characterless because he was a double phd and used to come to the University by a local public transport(G-11). He therefore was justifiably slapped in front of many people by an apmso guy.
        Sir Abid did even worse to leave ssuet and join NED.

  7. dkazi013 says:

    I didn’t block you

  8. wajahat says:

    Pride for me….

  9. Imran Z Malik says:

    Let’s stop referring to the population of Karachi as Muhajir, they are Pakistani and reside in Karachi. If we take the youngest immigrant to be a child conceived on 13th August 1947 ie being one day old on 14th August 1947 his or her age today would be 68 years on 14th August 2015. So, anyone younger than 68 years never migrated to Pakistan. We may have some people who may have migrated after the 14th August 1947 but I trust they can be counted on our fingers. So, let’s not allow politcal party/ies to seclude people living in Karachi as a separate faction only because it suits that PARTY/IES. Spread love not hate. Let’s not be labelled to a political party which has proven to be involved in serious crimes and one which believes in perpetuating it’s control over Karachi by means of illegitimate force. We are Pakistani…..

  10. Zeeshan Ahmed says:

    dear Mr. Danish
    U were not part of APMSO or MQM in university days. Saad is rite u were beaten by APMSO in university days.
    Saad let me correct u Abid Karim Sir was never beaten by APMSO I am in contact with him there was no such thing happen.
    Danish would u tell me y u join APML instead of MQM in Dubai?

    1. dkazi013 says:

      Being not part of any cmmttee doesnt mean ur not part of. Dont need to justify to u of what I was and not and am now and would be. Thanks

  11. Bilal says:

    Thanks for confirming Zeeshan about Danish not being part of ampso.
    I did hear that Abid karim was slapped and those days it was like everyone knew it and then he left as well. He must have been abused or there must have been some incident if not slapped. Thanks for correcting me.

    1. dkazi013 says:

      So Zeeshan is an authority on my personal life . Excellent. Anyways good to know tht ppl remember me in some way. Give my regards to Abid Karim.

  12. Bilal says:

    I really really feel for all the faculty and staff of ssuet who work under the consistent terror of APMSO. Every exam they would receive”Parchies” to which they have to obey otherwise be ready for the circumstances. I can’t imagine it still happens. They don’t even regard the female faculty.
    How can anyone who has some values and a little logucal brain can support mqm and apmso.
    Having said that every political activity in any part of Pakistan must be banned in educational institutions. Such students become the fuel for these cruel and selfish so called “leaders”.

    1. dkazi013 says:

      This practice is a wrong practice of individuals .

      1. Bilal says:

        Its not individual act. It is done by the apmso and has been happening for more than a decade. Open your eyes and mind. Accept what and who is wrong. At least consider it wrong rather than promoting it.

      2. dkazi013 says:

        No institute or party would preach wrong. You open your eyes. I have been there . There are always individuals abusing the name. They were there in our times. No where now. Look at the bigger picture instead of petty issues.

  13. Bilal says:

    These are not petty issues. And the same apmso stilleexists which we saw in our times. Same threats, same parchies and same students’ beating.
    I know the bigger picture Mr. and its not a rocket science. Every one is witnessing this bigger picture for decades now. That is, prevail terror, make slaves, hate to others ethnicity and raise billions for the top hierarchy. Use the word Mohajir whenever you sense of defeat.

    1. dkazi013 says:

      Typical language of a Jamaati . Anyways . You have all the right to keep your perspective . Big or Small. Right or Wrong. Thanks

      1. Bilal says:

        🙂 So pathetic Mr. I am not a jamati. I don’t support any political party who has students wing in the educational institutions.
        Instead of giving logical reasons you are finding an escape route by calling me a jamati who is the worst human according to mqm teachings.

      2. dkazi013 says:

        At least we agree on the evil of JI. There r two types of people in the world. Those who are pushed down but rise for an objective (bigger objective) . Than there r those who keep living finding a reason for not to. I am the former type. Think! Anyways cant keep on replying for your personal grudges or issues . Take care and have a great anonymous life.

  14. A Pakistani A muhajir says:

    Let me Tell you something from an Urdu speaking who’s family immigrated from India to Pakistan. Most of my life I lived abroad peacefully. However, what these guys are saying, is 100% true. And seeing how u are defending all those wrongs in the party, I believe it’s useless discussing MQM with you.
    I have seen APMSO very closely, interacted with them.. And I have seen RC and sector office workers.. There are a ‘few’ muhajirs working very diligently and without any prejudice for everyone.. And then there’s the ‘majority’ of these brain washed goons..
    Myself being muhajirs, I support the message of a freshly born MQM that was a ‘Tehreek’.. I don’t support the goons who are now MQM the ‘Tanzeem’.. I’m sure you are following the change of words.. And u should know better what I’m referring to..
    Yes, MQM was never allowed to procure, invest, upgrade Karachi ever! Because PPP has always blocked their funds.. It was only in Musharrafs time that funds and nazimabad powers were finally given .. And thank god for a guy named Mustafa kamal, that he delivered the ‘Karachi mega city development project’ .. However, lyari expressway second lane was left unopened and many projects were stopped when Musharraf went down.. Megacitydevelopment project it was later dismantled by PPP and funds were again seized into their banks and distributed between children of qaim Ali shah and awaits tappi and many more..
    Anyway, today mustafa kamal is not in the core committee because those ‘majority’ goons in MQM have again taken over the powers.. Many MQM leadership died by establishment and by their own men.. Because the politics within MQM is also a sick reality that u have to accept.. Mr farooq sat tar.. Babur ghori.. Ishratulebad.. Do u know who is controlling MQM now? If u have the courage and even one cent of honor, u wud know that today MQM is only using ur QeT as a brand ambassador.. He is only their marketing endorsement.. He knows it too.. This is why he keeps trying to step down .. Sometimes he is only checking whether there are still those youngsters from APMSO who are die hard members for him only.. But all old MQM Tehreek mandates and agendas are gone.. All educated and visionary leadership has been murdered.. And what’s left today is only a QeT brand.. And some old memories.. Today, MQM is decayed and sabotaged.. Only a rotten ing Tanzeem.. With no line of action.. No legitimacy of responsible muhajir support.. That’s why our kids are failing in exams.. And taking politics and corruption to pass .. Do u know that one of your unit incharge from 1998 passed his engineering from ssuet.. And when he sat for an interview .. He couldn’t answer even one tchnical question… Is this what this Tanzeem is installing in our kids? The top management needs to align themselves to help the community.. Not to self benefit only.. This is a message to the new MQM from an old Tehreek member.. And you being unable to defend and going to shallow answers is also a sad picture which u shudnt be proud of.. To really make muhajirs proud.. Start educated and visionary programmes.. Show Pakistan how it’s done.. Not go around crying foul.. Yes I also have been a victim of constant ethnic bias.. And I hate it.. But the reason now, for all this bias is not the old MQM.. It’s the new management using QeT and MQM .. That’s the problem.. Clean the top and u will get results..
    A tehreeki, a sathi, a muhajir… But forever A Pakistani!

    1. Bilal says:

      @A Pakistani, A Mohajir; well said brother. You summarized it very well but these brain washed apmso and mqm goons would never accept this reality.
      A democratic, civilized and peace loving Mqm is not only in favor of urdu speaking but of the whole nation as well. I have been to all cities and different people having different ethnic origin but Karachi always priduce great minds. If these brains can be utilized for the nation, it can bring change in months. People like Mr. Danish have to be brave and honest to at least accept what you have written.
      The apmso in charge who didn’t answer a simple question must have got the job I bet. I remember there were many incharges working as full faculty members. Danish would you leave your children to be taught by such idiots? I have recently visited ssuet and talked to many students. The quality of these students was awful. They didn’t know anything. My friends teaching there said they don’t have to study because they would eventually pass and get the degrees. Eventually who would suffer? ??? My nation, my next generation and my whole country.

  15. Aftab Ahmed Khan says:

    The sons of soil did not left any choice for me . Yes I am Muhajir .

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