Does President Musharraf deserve to be called a Traitor?

My Indian friend asked me a direct question sipping his coffee “What do I think is keeping Pakistan away from oblivion?”. I smiled , looked at him. Sipped on my delicious French Vanilla and replied to him in two words . “Pakistan Army!”. “ Well in that case it’s ironic but no doubt its true though the last General i.e. Pervez Musharraf almost made us bite the dust!” replied my Indian friend. “Ironic is my friend that his enemies cherish him but we test his patriotism”, responded with my head down with a feeling of remorse. Looking at me my friend just said “Maybe they are afraid of the change that he started. It always is the case. After all these political parties or dynasties have to survive” . “ True! Maybe he really shook the hornet’s nest” , I replied and looked on at my watch as I did not want to miss his i.e. The General’s first TV appearance after being bailed. Being in sales and trained well. I wanted to see if his spirit is still alive and kicking or has the unseen establishment of Pakistan managed to break it down as well.

Whilst I drove home. I recalled the days post Laal Masjid and I remembered the onslaught President Musharraf received. No day passed by when the day ended with an anti Musharraf political circus unabated. What I feared at that time unfortunately turned out to be true! He had to go. Lucky for me that I got transferred abroad. But I remembered the day that I landed and went for my Umrah. I touched the Holy Kabah. Cried aloud and prayed to the Almighty. “Save my Pakistan as a Wolf Pack is about to attack and our hands are tied as many amongst us have their eyes shut and hearts closed and see that that the tune of Dajjal is their salvation. Save my Pakistan Allah”. This prayer of mine echoes in my ear till today. People ask me that whilst Mashallah life is a blessing . I still have that feeling of missing something in my eyes. “I miss my Pakistan” . I don’t want to go back to a country ruled by those hypocrites. I don’t want to see my nation eaten away by bits sometimes in the name of Democracy, sometimes in the name of Patriotism and sometime in the name of Religious Righteousness. To be honest the day I saw President Musharraf humiliated after all he did for Pakistan. I just decided to pack my bags and leave.

I reached home. Switch on the TV and saw the General sitting firm in front of the camera. Whilst his spirit was high. His soul looked damaged as he must be asking himself that does he deserve this treatment after all he did for this country. Where he boosted the economy. Where he gave rights to the people at grass roots. Where he empowered the women. Where he gave freedom of speech. Where he gave respect to us. Where he put Pakistan on the world map. Where he stood eye to eye with the enemy and defined our boundaries. Where he helped heal the wounds of an injured Karachi. Where he started a journey for this country in line with the vision of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. His soul looked dented. And why not? How many of us turned up after all what he did for us. How many of us now turn up for him whilst he fight the system for giving us back or trying to for what was rightfully ours.

Yes, he stood up against dynasties of Sharif’s and Bhutto’s . Yes , he stood up against tyranny, Yes, he stood up against those who were looting this country. Yes, he stood for a Pakistan which deserved more and where its rulers were cutting it down by bits and pieces. On Oct 12th 1999. He was the one attacked and he retaliated. What else would you expect from an Army Chief and a Commando. Would you as Pakistan and Pakistanis like to see your commander in chief put his tails between his legs and surrender. Like the way General Niazi did in 1971. Would you have wanted a political dictator like Nawaz Sharif who almost took over all the key roles of the country became an absolute leader. Were all of you enchanted to see Pakistan being pushed in political isolation with your dollar reserves fluctuating around a Billion dollars. Yes, his men of honor. His Army took a stand for their commander in chief and over threw a political system which was pushing away the nation towards another disaster. I remember seeing my brethren being butchered every day in Karachi and branded as terrorists and dacoits. I remember those days that being a Mohajir I was seen as a Traitor to Pakistan just because not being a son of the soil. I remember dancing to the news when I heard Nawaz Sharif was gone . I remember bowing my head to Allah knowing that our Pakistan Army did the right thing on that day of October 1999.

So what if on November 3rd 2007 ; President Musharraf held the constitution under abeyance on advice of his Prime Minister under the constitution of Pakistan to wade off an arrogant selfish judge who promised heavens to the poor ignorant masses of this country which sways with any circus it comes across. What this judge gave us nothing but yes he became a father of a multi millionaire. He never took a suo motto against the same corrupt lot which pushed Pakistan to the edge. The Circus went on in 2007 joined by thugs, hooligans, hypocrites, terrorists etc etc because they could see that they would not be able to loot Pakistan until and unless President Musharraf is there . Unfortunately, for us as Pakistanis . The Circus was successful and we were all enticed by it so much that we took our eyes for what was right for this nation. I remember his last words as the President with tears in his eyes. “Ab Pakistan ka Allah hi Hafiz” and so truthful was he on that day.

The war against terror which many of the legacy of that circus brandish as not our war forgetting Pakistan was already a victim of this terrorism without check before we sided with the world to stand against it. This war has killed thousands of Pakistanis on both sides in the most brutal manner. Let them be killed by bombs, let them be killed by beheadings, let them be killed by bullets or let them be killed by drones. By preaching that it’s not our war and not letting us address the core issue. We have gifted the nation thousands of dead Pakistanis, a destroyed economy, a divided nation and in fact a religiously polarized and a confused nation. President Musharraf was addressing it in a way by keeping the casualties to the minimum.

Today, when I heard the most corrupt President in the history of Pakistan call upon President Musharraf in an unsavory manner . Today , when I heard him and his son challenge the army between the lines and trying to drive a wedge in the nation and its unity by abusing its Generals of the past but trying to appease the soldiers. Trying it to give at another shot to create disharmony amongst our Army the only thing which keeps this nation united. I sometimes wonder who the real traitors are? Those who had to chant the slogan Pakistan Khappay or those who fought for this nation with their blood and the sweat.

Who are traitors? Those who for their personal lust for power broke Pakistan into two. Who are traitors? Those who sold Pakistan and its soul to control on the power.

After all what President Pervez Musharraf did for Pakistan and an ailing Karachi. The last thing he deserves is to be called a traitor. It’s been the history of us the Muslims . When Caliph Haroon Rasheed was in power due to his progressive ways. People use to despise him and conspired against him. His day and age is now remembered as an Golden Age. Today , the poor Pakistani who has gotten nothing out of the Dynastical Democracy remembers President Musharraf with tears in their eyes. Today, the professionals who saw Pakistan growing repent his going and await his return. Today any patriotic Pakistani await their patriotic son to return to power to avenge the ill their tyrant leaders has bestowed upon them in the last few years. Where their lives, their honor and their money has been taken away. They all await their patriotic son to return. The drama which would go on in an unconstitutional bench would only give an un-constitutional decisions and that’s it. Today, I await the day when The General would return and take command of this nation and put it back on track. Today, I live everyday when the true sons of Pakistan come in power not those who just come in power to loot and plunder. I am sure that the prayer I made holding the cloth of Holy Kabah years ago would Inshallah! come true and I would return to my motherland breathing to build it for my posterity under the right and patriotic leadership. Pakistan Zindabad!


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  1. Nauman says:

    This is some good stuff, though a bit biased, he did in a manner mess up when he started getting involved with the PML-Q and the Bugti (sp?) and Lal Masjid issue could have been dealt with a bit more tact. On a side note, the yellow/black page color is a real killer to the eyes, I had to read it in two parts. Maybe something a bit more sober would be better off.

    1. yasir says:

      Mr. Bugti was not showering Pakistanis with roses. You never mentioned the mess which is created by Bugti.

  2. tasneem says:

    honestly I share the same feelings

    1. irshadvhr says:

      Absolutely.We are always hounding our benefactors, be it Sir Syed Ahmed,Allama Iqbal, or Pervev Musharraf.

  3. khawar Shafi says:

    The general had his oppertunity to do pakistan many favors but he failed to deliver what a person of his authority and so called patriotism would. He had been in high ranks proior to taling over from nawaz sharif but was unable to tackle the issues. His biggest blunder was to allow the plundrers and corr__upt to walk away and join politics.He let his all saints ex-army men head all govt departments only to do what their predecessors in those offices were doing. I can assure the reader there is no shortage of patriots but musharrf deservs no 2nd chance.

    1. J.Khan says:

      I have exactly the same feeling as Mr. Danis has. I think Mr. Musharaf is the wisest, sincerest and most honest leader in the world. I, in my humble capacity, can give thousand examples of this. But again there are peoplep like Nauman who who stand up and start teaching Mr. Musharaf. it is like teaching a cook in hiw kitchen. I think he went all out, even Imam-e-Kaaba was brought here who requested these people in Masjid not challenge that state.

      1. Tarique Khan says:

        I we strongly believe Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Zia ul Haq & again Pervez Musharaf saved PAKISTAN. The Armed Forces always stood for PAKISTAN and brought Prosperity & GAVE Happiness, Security and GROWTH to Pakistan. NON of the So Called Politicians & So Called Religious Scholars did any thing for Pakistan. They are doing their best to ruin & Rob Pakistan and transferring the WEALTH to foreign countries for their safety. They have forgotten ALLAH & ALLAH’S ACTION. Asmat & Tarique.

    2. It seems you r not a Pakistani. No one cannot abolish corruption. It has to come from one self deep inside.

  4. Omar Ali says:

    no doubt his tenure had been the best in the history of Pakistan.

    1. tafseer khan says:


  5. aurangzeb ali says:


  6. Kashif Khan says:

    Agreed with you 100%! Problem is Pakistanis as a whole are a backward, illiterate people who only view the world through ethnic lines. Pakistanis dont deserve a leader like Musharraf. I’m sorry to say that I dont believe Allah will protect a nation that have voted in Zardari and now Nawaz Sharif again.

    1. What a wonderful sum-up…

    2. Ahsan says:

      Very true indeed

  7. Muhammad Ali says:

    Feel sad for Pakistan.. Unfortunate..

  8. Hamid Ali Muzaffar says:

    we may disagree the General’s manner of entry to political arena of our beloved country but whatever he did for us definitely he doesn’t deserve the way he has been treated and betrayed by comrades. by miles he stands out among the self serving lots like Zardaries and Shareefs, we are a nation who enjoys crying on split milk but never takes measures to stop spillages. May Allah Help Pakistan and Pakistanis.

  9. jameeluddih says:


  10. Syed Waqar Haider says:

    It’s no use crying over split milk.
    Don’t forget that 80% of our country’s men are a fool of the first water.
    may ALLAH bless our COUNTRY. AMEEN

  11. Ameer Tarin says:

    Pakistan is destined to play a lead role in carrying forward Muslim Ummah. Syed Musharraf has the hallmark to do a job that is right and handsome in the sight of Allah Almighty. He is going through a phase many believe will make him a refreshed soul like gold out of fire.

  12. Sheikh Sajjad says:

    musharraaa……….f musharraf…

  13. Sheikh Sajjad says:

    yeah..he should have done that..he should have done this….gimme a break and stop teaching a person who has served 40+ years in army, 8 (the best since 47) years in government… TheY (zardari) took military action in sawat while blame mush for lal masjid…a terrorist is a terrorist no matter whats his religion or how long his beard is…and people of pakistan are in love with terrorists…and look at other revolutionary leader..the PTI or TSF..(terrorist supporters federation) just begging the terrorist to please dont hurt us and go bomb the world…overall SHAME ON THE PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN FOR vOTING nihari leeg and the arrow (a.k.a APLPP – all pakistan looters and plunderers party or a.k.a PBP – Pakistan breakers party).

  14. SAMI ELAHI says:

    Never ,,,, we must respect the Gen: Sahab (R)

  15. Future Legend says:

    President Musharraf will rise……I have the strongest feeling that he will again become the supreme commander o Islamic Republic of Pakistan…
    Pakistan First
    Long Live President Musharraf

  16. sindhu says:

    Do you know what our real issue is. we as a nation do not know what we want and who is honest to us because we ourselves are not honest to country and nation. Gen Pervaiz was blessing of God for Pakistani but we did same as we are known. what we did with Quaid e Azam, His ambulance was out of petrol and standing on road and he died, SHAME the Governor General died on Road,

    there is no problem with Gen Pervaiz Musharaf and he did which was better for country its the people which are sick and dont know right or wrong. the nation selling vote for 500 rupee, for a small job, supporting parties on commitment to cover thier corruption, TAX CHOR, Bijli Chor, Gas Chor, Zani, Munafa khur, Rashi they all are traitor and we are asking them to decide who is traitor.

    you are asking them you people tell who is “traitor”. if according to media and PML-N Pervaiz Musharaf is Traitor then Shame on your complete Army system that allows such person to that rank of General and Chief of Army Staff. Pakistani army is producing traitors after every 5-10 years.

    as mentioned above we are not nation. we want to do corruption and need honest leader, we dont want to pay tax and want to see development. so till we are hypocrite it will keep on going like this and we will be mob not a nation

  17. ishtiaq says:

    this country is full of hypocrates . and hypocrts have no respect in the worl…
    i never supported musharraf in last years of his tenure because of certain policies, but now my heart really weeps

  18. ahmedk09 says:

    Good article – and as he said “Ab Pakistan ka Allah hi hafiz hai”. What is happening with Mr. Musharraf now is an injustice, the kind of which we are warned about in the Quran.

  19. SYED says:

    Bhugte killing, LaL Masjid operation and Judges kicked off was the BEST action of Gen. Musharaf.. I salute him for doing those action… DO THE SAME ONCE AGAIN….. GOOD JOB MUSHARAF.

    1. Navaid says:

      The best comment so far.

  20. azam says:

    What a leader? A leader who admits in his own book that he sold people of his nation for money. A leader who brought all the mess in Pakistan. A leader who was greedy to stay in power only. If you were such a great leader than tell us what you have done for the country? A leader who wanted to make Pakistan a secular country where Islam got nothing to do with it.
    You are not even a leader. You are a thief who looted the country with other thugs likes of shujahat, pervez alai and shoukat aziz. U are liar all the way. U should be hung so no other do the same with country. YOU are a TRAITOR.
    Love pakistan

    1. dkazi013 says:

      Would publish comments . If u take abuse out of it.

    2. Ahmed Ali Khan says:

      Mr. Azam you have not read his book but only picked up a line from an ignorant person. He did not sold Pakistanis, he only gave the non-pakistanis (chechens, uzbek etc) to US as their respective countries were not taking them back and we do not want to keep them either. Musharraf was the best what we have now. If you take the glasses of baisedness you will say the same.

  21. Imran says:

    Any person, who till t date cannot make out difference between eco, overall situation and status of Pakistan in 2007 and 2013 is a fool. So what if he made mistakes.
    Can anyone identify a single worthwhile act by so called democracy.
    Such tyranny has forced public to become corrupt. Making money through all inhuman means and acts with no regards for after life.
    I would agree with writer.

  22. QASIM RIZVI says:

    He is not traitor but a patrotic and honest man

  23. QASIM RIZVI says:


  24. noman ahmed siddiqui says:

    he is a true leader a true lion, i am sure he will fight as he always did,
    love you mushharaf sb sada joyo

  25. Nusrat Butt says:


  26. Anwar says:

    Yes he was and is a traitor. He alongwith Ayub, Yahya, Zia and may be anyone in the making were, are and would be traitors. This article is a paid article, most probably funded by Mush himself, through the money this grade 22 army soldier made through his illegitimate and illegal rule after abrogating constitution and throwing away a democratically elected constitutional government. Any one who thinks what ever he did was right or whatever were the circumstances under which this military officer crossed his limits defined in his charter of duties and oath he took at passing out, was correct, is himself an out lawed, dictatorial and unlawful individual. each and every word of this paid article can be thrown back with truely constitutional, legal, moral and democratic facts, but it is not worth stature of any pakistani to comment on a question (like the one put forward in the title of this article) which has no legal value or grounds to even debate for a minute. the simple fact that a grade 22 officer cannot overthrow a government is a full stop on discussion. Argument like he broke family politics by hitting shareefs and bhuttos, should be considered a slap on Mush’s face, as he needed help of another family (Chaudharies of Gujrata) to move forward. He made a disgraceful agreement with BB to retain him Preseident, while this grade 22 officer would allow her to become PM (Who the hell is he, a mare grade 22 officer, to allow, a person elected twice by 180 million people of pakistan). He did not start a single sustainable project while he was pocketing billions in aid and concession given by USA in return to his surrender. Please dont disgrace millions of Pakistani by supporting a dictator or getting payment for writing something false in his defence. He is guilty of treason, he is guilty of compromising sovereignty of Pakistan, he is guilty of loosing kargil war, he is guilty of creating hatredness between military and common man of Pakistan. He politicised military, he sold out Pakistani nationals for winning his Boss’s (USA) blessing, he taught how to respect law and judiciary, he taught how to show fist to nation when on may12, tens were killed in state sponsored terrorism in Karachi, he was and is a traitor and his death sentence is a debt on state of Pakistan, the military and judiciary. He shall be sentenced to death by Supreme Court, By Military Court simultaneously. People have already given their verdict during the events which took place during his ouster, the election and now during his trial. Death to each dictator the state of Pakistan ever had or will ever have in future. Yes, in the end i ll say that politician are no good either, i am not supporting BB (PPP) or PML-N (Shareef’s) or Mullah’s, but what any military dictator do is also not acceptable under any condition. Right is always right and wrong is always wrong. Two wrongs dont make one right, so if politicians are bad, it does not give a licence to grade 22 military officers to try their fortune to high jack an office which carries the legacy of Jinnah. Long Live pakistan.

    1. dkazi013 says:

      Its a free article .

    2. Ahsan Waleed says:

      Sorry I am a “common” man doing bachelors in engineering and i consider myself to be young so i may not have a very deep grasp of the subject but i would really like to know some answers. Do you really think a 22 grade officer, a General is less deserving to be a leader who is trained to be leader from the start of his training and who has spent his lifetime protecting Pakistan than a politician who is a leader by virtue of his family wealth like Bilawal Bhutto. I know that there can be exceptions and Gen Musharraf may have taken some steps which many people do not like but to compare him to these filthy politicians who cannot even show their full wealth to their country. What has Shareefs or Zardari provided for Pakistan that Gen Musharraf missed a “divine” opportunity to provide Pakistan with?
      What I believe is that Pakistanis are very illiterate to choose a leader who can be best for their country. So either education and awareness spreads somehow otherwise Dictatorship is what this country needs.
      And also on a light note I do not think so that Zardari or Shareef has the either the guts or the training to speak to hostile parties in a manner that Gen Musharraf did.
      Thank You

      1. kazim says:

        i agree with ur opinion

    3. khalidmurad1 says:

      It may or may not be a paid article, but your narration is sure paid one. Pleading for these thugs democracy, where these illiterate waderahs get into power by sale purchase of votes and constituencies. Shame on such democracy which had no norms of clause 62 & 63 of your so beloved Constitution and 80 % of assembly member are fraud degree holders, i.e. defrauding with the whole nation in the name of democracy. Not a single constituency out of thousands can claim to have absolutely clean voting and honest counting of the votes. This ugly business of your filthy fraud gangsters for seeking power and then looting our Pakistan for purchasing Castles in France, UK, Dubai and installing Sugar mills in India can’t be forgiven. Pakistan Army has to protect the country from enemies from outside or inside. This so called Democracy and Constitution are for Pakistan and not vice versa.
      Humiliation of Musharraf (Kargil Hero), talking of free trade and Visa free borders, as per “Modi Sharif Agreement” to please Hindu Banias business partners, can’t be tolerated in the name of democracy.

      1. dkazi013 says:

        Looks like u have not read it completely . Who is supporting these criminal politicians?

  27. Navaid says:

    Musharaf has been the best and the most loyal leader with no finger to point at him for corruption. It will be very unfortunate if any harm is done to him. It will be great below for Pakistan, its people and the Muslims all over the world.

  28. Iftikhar Khan says:

    Let us all Salute General Musharaf and say “Your are the last Patriot President of Pakistan”. His love, dedication, loyalty, sincereity to Pakistan is unquestionable and unfathomable. Iftikhar H Khan

  29. Sohail says:

    Except for that idiot bastard Zia ul Haq, all military rulers have been better than the so called democrates. Musharf will be remembered inhistory as a hero

    1. irshadvhr says:

      Democracy never got a chance.No, the army was not the factor,it was in H.S Suhrawardy’s terminology ,”There will be lawlessness and those lawless elements that may be turned today against non-Muslims will be will be turned later on, once those fratricidal tendencies have been aroused,against the Muslim gentry itself.You think that you will get away with it, but in that State there will be no commerce,no business and no trade.
      The law and order situation had deteriorated to such an extent, there seemed to be chaos everywhere.(Begum S.S Ikramullah).I accepted Martial Law,because things were deteriorating very fast and I could not stop it.Maybe Ayub Khan can, I want to give him the chance to do so by not putting hurdles in his way.(H.S Suhrawardy)
      One God and the equality of manhood is one of the fundamental principles of Islam.In Islam there is no difference between man and man.The qualities of equality,liberty and fraternity are the fundamental principles of Islam.
      Martial Law was the bulwark against these lawless elements. Democratic dispensations in a fledgling state could not stand against the twin threats from India and the “lawless elements”.
      Zia-ul-Haque was a catalyst, but the die had already been cast.The astute Congress plan to undo Pakistan started with occupation of J&K saddling us with a burdensome defense budget that has caused fissures dissensions and division.Stand united against the twin threats from bigots within and the external threat from our Indian neighbors.There is no enemy,not the west nor U.S.The bogey of hatred is RAW inspired propaganda to destroy Pakistan.

  30. Ali says:

    I strongly feel that every institution should work within its sphere as defined by the constitution of Pakistan. How come a government servant over throw a peoples elected government by using a gun given to him by the people of Pakistan. How he dare to insult the verdict of my near and dear ones. As patriotic and law abiding citizens of Pakistan we should not support or appreciate such people who do not respect law and constitution of Pakistan. What about the oath he took and then broke the same for lust of power. I have a question for all of you. If you hire a chawkidar or guard for your house. You buy him a gun and ask him to perform his duty at gate. One day he enters your home and orders your wife at gun point to cook food for him and wash his clothes. Just realize how a public servant can become ruler of the nation by using the same gun bought to him by the nation. I think we Pakistanis as a nation are insane. Is any one remember what was the foreign debt of Pakistan when Musharaf took over and what were the figures when he left after about 10 years of unlawful, unethical and directionless rule. We must now try to become an up right and law abiding nation. A politician’s job can only be performed by a politician and a military job can only be done by a military man.

  31. Skh says:

    He does not deserve to be called a traitor. He was much better than most leaders, especially military leaders, we have had. He does not deserve the treatment he is getting. However, I do not agree that Pakistan Army is the savior of Pakistan. It is the opposite of that. They have no business getting into politics. Look at the price we are paying for General Zia’s actions. No matter how bad the elected leaders are, we are able to boot them out of power. The people will learn to vote for the right leaders, like Imran Khan. It will take time. But, I hope and pray that the Army stays out of it, forever. They have only one business, and that is to defend the country, when need arises.

  32. khalidmurad1 says:

    This is an excellent article. The deep concern of all patriots, who are sincere to Pakistan and the people of Pakistan, has been rightly depicted. May we say that Urdu proverb, “Ulta chor kotwal ko dante”, is coming true? These fraud politicians, who grabbed the power fraudulently, through sale purchase of votes and constituencies, are humiliating a real patriot. Isn’t shameful that not a single constituency out of thousands can claim to have 100 % fair polling and counting? Now these frauds are calling Musharraf a “Ghaddar”, who saved the country from these scavengers.
    India can’t forget his beating, yet they appreciate his courage to have stayed with his troops 15 miles across the LOC. Indians blame their intelligence agencies for inefficiency and not reporting General Musharraf’s presence in time.
    A leader, who controlled and developed everything including economy, industries, agriculture, education, poverty of general people, yet remains clean of any personal corruption. It would be the biggest tragedy if an honest, patriotic, caring leader would be tortured by these gangs of frauds called politicians, under the cover of democracy.

  33. kazim says:

    no doubt he is patriot but committed some mistakes like rapid elections; and not building kala bagh dame instead of having power.

  34. Usama Kiani says:

    His biggest mistake was to come back to save Pakistan, once again. This Nation, Our Nation, Does Not Deserve a Leader like General Pervez Musharraf.

    God Save Pakistan!

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