Why Pervez Musharraf’s trial is a Hogwash?

Winter has settled in Pakistan. Coldest as some say for the last 20 years. Was astonished to find out that even my home in Karachi has started to face Gas Load shedding. A phenomenon less known to us down in the South. Well after Electricity and Water . Gas is the new issue on the block. Sometimes I ask my self . Would this all ever end?

Few years ago. Someone told me that the Dollar is going to depreciate with leaps and bounds. Meaning in a lay man’s terms. My disposal income would become less and less which would impact my capacity to spend. Correct! But at the same time if someone was exporting abroad or were hoarding dollars. Would benefit. Now recently someone came back from Pakistan and told me stories where they saw people line after line spending up to even at one go PKR 80,000 or US$ 800 approx. on clothes. Some of which might not be worn even a second time. Whilst rich become richer the poorer are becoming poorest. Means one thing only that the wealth is being transferred in our country but from poor to the rich.

Today, I heard Prime Minister praying to Allah that somehow we get rid of the debts that we have run into . Some estimates say for more than PKR 14,000 Billion. Means each Pakistani is indebted for over PKR 70,000 per head. In a country where approx. 40% living below the abject poverty line of roughly about $2 per day or approx PKR 75,000 as income per annum. The statistics show clearly that we as a nation are heading into trouble as the disposal income per Pakistani would not be more than PKR 125,000 per annum any ways. The circular debt grows. Bank’s capacity to finance it further diminishes and new investment coming in the country dried out. The Tax to GDP ratio which was at 11% in 2006-7 has gone down to 8% as of today and with no such efforts seen to replenish it. To my amazement I saw the Prime Minister giving hoarders and tax evaders options to convert their black money to white by paying off minuscule towards penalties instead of implementing the writ of the state and recovering all pending taxes for the last many years. Even the donors have rung the alarm bells if we do not expand the tax net. None of the top leadership had their returns filed correctly before elections and should have disqualified but have the grit to come on television everyday to speak against it; just to give impression to the donors that they are the right choice knowing that they are part of the problem not the solution.

So in a country where tax evaders roam scot free and infact look more prosperous. In a country where terrorists are infact being requested to consider negotiations with the government after playing football with heads of our martyrs. In a country, where corrupt politicians have been NROed and now talk about patriotism. In a country, where rapists and killers have more rights and not a single of them being hanged for ages if at all arrested. In a country, where moral policing is done by those who have had their hands and heads fully dipped in the turmoil which we see in Pakistan today. I am being told every day on the Media why trying President Pervez Musharraf is so necessary for the sanctity of the country under part of Article 6 . How this is going to put Pakistan back on track on prosperity? How this is going to take care of all the financial woes of my country? How this would solve the terrorism issues we face in the country today?

Such analysts draw parallels that because of the decisions of President Pervez Musharraf in the past where he took a stand against terrorism and terrorists who were earlier at their own free will delivering repentance globally under their believes and destroying the name of our country. Your name and my name. He made a mistake to put a stop or a check on it.

They tell me that Lal Mosque was a bastion of peace and learning and the plethora of ammunition was there for only firing in the air on the eve of August 14th , Chaand Raat or New Year night and by putting his foot down on that sanctuary who were just minding their own business when they kidnapped Chinese and land grabbed area. By attacking the mosque Musharraf took away the rights from the terrorists to bear arms and be vigilantes.

They tell me that he allowed Drone Strikes and the less a dozen drone strikes under his rule were more disastrous than the hundreds of Drone Strikes under the political government of PPP and that though killed post more than 3 years of democratically elected government Osama Bin Laden was also his fault.

They tell me that by creating LB system; he created more confusion in the country because the ruling elite got confused that no one told them that after getting elected they would have to work and solve people issues instead of sitting in the comforts of their assemblies in the beautiful weather of Islamabad. As they say; he was trying to create a parallel democracy harmful for the nation as new people were joining political ranks empowered to serve people knowing nothing about politics and how to loot and plunder the nation.

These and many more are the reasons which they blame on President Pervez Musharraf and classify as needed to be tried under Article 6 because he was naive to put Pakistan on a different path altogether. How dare he challenge the status quo? How dare he put the corrupt politicians out of income? How dare he challenge the dictatorship of the establishment? How dare he reminded the citizens of Pakistan that we don’t deserve to be another Pakistan by force or by coercion?

For all the crimes stated above. He is guilty as charged . As they set up another Kangroo courts where they promise to do swift justice without worrying about the Fundamental Rights of Pervez Musharraf under the constitution of Pakistan. They would like to punish this man for all the deeds he did above. They want to punish him for being sincere and lacking political adventurism to keep him in power.

What they want actually is to keep people of Pakistan embroiled under this case for now and foreseeable future so that they don’t ask their rulers for protecting their lives, their honor, their dignity, their rights and their freedom of tyranny. They get so embroiled in this that they don’t ask this government for Electricity, Water , Gas and Protecting their lives and the rulers peacefully coexist and loot and plunder the nation. After all that was the deal right. First five years for PPP as per the order and the second for PMLN.

The current government which I am sure is intelligent enough wants to avenge Pervez Musharraf under this Kangroo court so that they can blame the former politicized Chief Justice if Pervez Musharraf is punished. Also , whilst they chide the Oct 12th 1999 reaction of the Army as a response to the hijacking of its General at the hands of the political government but they want to use the shoulder of judiciary to level their grudges. At the cost of people of Pakistan, its judicial system’s sanctity and chances of creating rift amongst the minds of the Army. Means they want to ensure that in the future they should have a carte blanche to loot and plunder the nation without check. I am sure whilst they say that they would go and challenge similar coups to up to 1958 . They would actually desist as most of them would die their political deaths as all being puppets of past Army Chiefs. Bhutto of Ayub Khan and Nawaz Sharif of Zia ul Haq and Imran Khan of Pasha. It’s a little odd to see that they want to deliver disparate level of justice under the guise of Democracy as the best revenge.

I see it as a revenge against those who wanted change and sided to find a solution under a progressive leader. I am sure Pervez Musharaf would have made mistakes but were these mistakes bigger than the apathy unleashed by Zardaris, Bhuttos and Sharifs. Only time would tell.

If Pervez Musharraf is forced to attend the Kangroo courts not ensuring his Fundamental Rights and he god forbidden becomes a victim of any terrorist activity. Then the whole government, judiciary and the henchmen of establishment would be and should be leveled charges against in the international courts of justice for ethnically and politically motivated case against Pervez Musharraf.

As if he did the above against the world terrorists as explained and took actions against those who supported that thought process as its being seen the recent emerging proximity of PMLN , PTI , JI and JUI’s with Talibans and Al Qaeda. He was part of the War Against Terror and should not only receive impunity being a former President who took decisions in line with constitution under advice of his government but also a warrior in the war against terror who was fighting terrorists and their allies in Pakistan as part of a responsible international citizen.

If President Pervez Musharraf is not given his due rights under the constitution of Pakistan than I am sure the world doesn’t end here and this would be only Chapter 1 in this new book. The government should stop confusing people and focus on resolving issues of the people of Pakistan. I am sure with his goodwill Pervez Musharraf can be very useful to address part of the woes faced by the country. By pursuing this course. We just polarize this nation more and give a message to the world that no one would dare side & challenge in the future against any one who use the soil of Pakistan to kill and maim innocent civilians domestically and globally. I am sure sense would prevail at the end. Pakistan Zindabad!


13 comments on “Why Pervez Musharraf’s trial is a Hogwash?”
  1. Well written sir.

    Pervez Musharraf is an honest and genuine leader,who is only being punished because he was genuinely sincere to Pakistan and did not loot the country. There is not a single corruption case against the man and even his greatest enemies can’t make such a claim.

    If a man like Musharraf,who was a brave Army Chief and a phenomenal President can be charged for treason…Then we can only say that no honest man is safe in Pakistan.

  2. Proclamation/Revocation of Emergency – right of the President. Article 232 & 236 http://goo.gl/dJDXJl #WhyOnlyMusharraf

  3. ismailiimamat says:

    Can’t agree more with the author. I feel ashamed of calling myself a Pakistani and a Muslim.

  4. anwer ali says:

    The above right up has made it very clear to those who want to try Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf under article 6 under which he does not falls and its a sheer revenge by the ruling PMLN and the chief of the party. He has gone back from his words or he has for gotten what he said some time back that he has no personal enemity with the EX. President. I 100% agree and i will go further ahead saying if God for bid any mishap happens on the way Nawaz Sharif and his ministers and the judicary will be responsible for it and than they prepare themselves for a very tough time.

  5. tafseer says:

    Very well written Article by Danish Qazi.At this critical Juncture NS govt perhaps Not realizing then Involve all those who have been involve in such activities starting from1958. Otherwise Constitute a Truth & Reconciliation Commission like Nelson Mendela did.

  6. Farid Iqbal says:

    Agreed to whatever the writer mentioned. Even I would add that it was Musharraf who revolutionized higher education in Pakistan and with that he boosted the economy.
    The political governments have nothing else to do but to take advantage of the foolishness of the people. We being their slaves for so long, we consider them to be our gods and whatever the say or do is right. We donot have even the courage to stand against their stupid and corrupt government.
    Politically I may have differences with Musharraf in some area’s, but the fact is that he did best for the Nation. Its we, the people of the Country, have no morality. We are just being driven but the rubbish media and the damn PPPP & PML-N.

  7. 19191931 says:

    it’s a case of vendetta; the politically motivated foolishness stand no chance. Article 6 is not applicable just with first clause. Technically, the case has a zero chance. But, ethically it’s against all principles of morality and the blind-eyed law is being misapplied. Musharraf is of the hooks if all relevant factors are taken into consideration by the un-biased judges only. And, the government must spend its time running the business of governance to the satisfaction of the TIRED NATION for God sake!

  8. Tashfeen Qayyum says:

    What makes anyone of us think that MNS has or had any sense? Bloody liar and a retarded vindictive bastard.

  9. Shuja ud Din says:

    Well in addition to all,the foreign Indian element cannot be ruled-out which playing effective role thru Nawaz sharif…to curb the potential aggressive Generals avoid any military adventure against them.
    Constitution,ALLAH forbids,a Su’nnah fr them,to break it and now face it!! Its all useless here,in Pakistan. Generation loves it,but leaders ruin it…and ruin leaders like Musharraf..may ALLAH save him ! Amin !

  10. khalidmurad1 says:

    This is an excellent article. The deep concern of all patriots, who are sincere to Pakistan and the people of Pakistan, has been rightly depicted. May we say that Urdu proverb, “Ulta chor kotwal ko dante”, is coming true? These fraud politicians, who grabbed the power fraudulently, through sale purchase of votes and constituencies, are humiliating a real patriot. Isn’t shameful that not a single constituency out of thousands can claim to have 100 % fair polling and counting? Now these frauds are calling Musharraf a “Ghaddar”, who saved the country from these scavengers.
    India can’t forget his beating, yet they appreciate his courage to have stayed with his troops 15 miles across the LOC. Indians blame their intelligence agencies for inefficiency and not reporting General Musharraf’s presence in time.
    A leader, who controlled and developed everything including economy, industries, agriculture, education, poverty of general people, yet remains clean of any personal corruption. It would be the biggest tragedy if an honest, patriotic, caring leader would be tortured by these gangs of frauds called politicians, under the cover of democracy.

  11. Ricky Fernandez says:

    Unfortunately, we have reached a point where we have lost the definition of loyalty, and that is why some people are having hard time to realize that Musharaf was most probably a truly loyal and genuine leader who worked for Pakistan, not for himself. Maybe that is why he might not be able to gain support from public, who is simply ‘tamashai’. How strange…all of a sudden the the corruption kings are talking about ‘justice’? Funny..one joker decided to oraganize a circus and called it ‘special court’, and want the nation to believe that the three jokers will not perform the circus? Who is going to explain to bastards what loyalty, or sincerity is?

  12. Moazzam Ali Khan says:

    Good Article!!!

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