UAE & Pakistan relations : a time tested bond

UAE and Pakistan share a very strong bond between both the nations. From its inception UAE and Pakistan has shared a lot of common good between both. Since it came into existence. Pakistanis along with other communities from the sub continent has made significant efforts to serve this great nation. Some Pakistanis I know have been long enough here that they can associate more with UAE than with Pakistan without losing any patriotism for their motherland.

When UAE formerly announced its bid for Expo 2020 . Pakistani community was very excited as one of those living here who consider it as their second home. For many of us we have seen UAE always opening its doors of opportunity to us in our times of need and not only for those visiting UAE for business & pleasure. In view of the global political circumstances UAE has always received Pakistanis with open arms. Same way Pakistanis have made every effort to ensure that they contribute positively to UAE and its growth.

When mobilization for Expo2020 began earlier this year. I myself have attended many such events hosted by prominent Pakistani community based in UAE endorsing the Expo2020 bid. One such event happened a few months ago when Pakistan Association of Dubai held a special ceremony where Expo2020’s bid representatives were present and Pakistani community showed solidarity with this humongous effort.

So why this bid is so important for Pakistani community. Mainly, because when the economy of UAE further improves. This would have a direct bearing on the economy of Pakistan. Means more opportunity to earn and send remittances back home to Pakistan with UAE based Pakistanis being a major contributor to the remittance pool the nation receives. As those familiar with Pakistan’s economic conditions would know that this remittance plays a significant role in balancing its foreign reserves. Further, a lot of Pakistani have invested heavily in UAE and especially under the prevailing conditions of Pakistan. Many businessmen have started UAE as a business hub for their activities. Means more reasons to see UAE prosper.

Let it be Pakistan Association of Dubai and its associate wings like Pakistan Professional Wing, its Medical Wing , its laborer wing, its chartered accountant wing or IBA Alumni chapter who boast of thousand of professionals working in UAE with all sectors but mainly with financial sector celebrated the victory of UAE when it came to EXPO2020 and before that openly marketed for UAE’s bid of EXPO2020.

We as Pakistanis have another reason to celebrate. Having our ancestral ties to Middle East and a progressive Muslim Nation. We were proud that one of ours have been able to get this top honor which builds a strong business case for the strong leadership of UAE who have shown promise in the past and with their vision and has delivered successfully.

I strongly feel that no one can drive a wedge between these two communities; as we have built this nation together for let it be its first banks, airlines, infrastructure, hospitals and even newspapers. I strongly feel that no such effort would dissuade this brotherly bond in times to come.
We the Pakistani community are very proud of this great achievement and in fact hope that more would follow as who would not like their second home to grow by leaps and bounds in the global competition for excellence.


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