I am WAARed ……

Seldom it is where being a Pakistani you get a chance to feel proud and that too living abroad and that too in Dubai where Pakistan’s only image is decaying good apart from our cricket team. Only all negatives are highlighted in the media by all and sundry. Talking to one former journalist in Dubai who told me how some non Pakistani sub continent journalists emphasize on highlighting Pakistani negativities here whilst just mentioning Asian as for other nationalities in case of any crimes.

In the midst of which, every now and then we are given injections by individuals like our Cricket heroes, our charities , girls like Malala , women like Malala, our musicians and after a long time our cinema which launched with a bang here in UAE. When the coordinators at my Alma Mater i.e. IBA UAE told me that they are sponsoring the premier of the newly launched Pakistani movie WAAR . I was indifferent to the idea and that too especially on a weekend when another of my favorite movie i.e. Hobbit’s part 2 was to be released but then the Pakistani woke up in me and I went through the reviews and for a Pakistani who has never in his life have watched any Pakistani movies going to a cinema. I was enticed to give it a chance and what a chance it was to my surprise.

When I landed at the venue where the premier was to be done. I was surprised by the number of Pakistanis turning up and felt further proud when I saw different nationalities surprised to see them turn out. When one Indian visitor asked me what is the rush about and was told that the screened movie may be the best thing which could have happened to the Pakistani media. I felt him feel flat for some reason. Now I am not demeaning Indian media by any chance but then with the resources which we have; this is a real success story.

The movie was well conceived from the start . Instead of the status quo movies where we only see Gandasas and un-necessary violence over egos, land, women and other trivial male chauvinistic issues. In a cinema where testosterone runs in millions. Filming a well balanced movie was amazing. The topic was the one which impressed me the most. The producers have taken a very balanced approach to the current issues of Pakistan. They have put one point of view forward which is acceptable and cannot be denied that foreign hand is involved in the extremism faced by Pakistan. But no denying that our own people have become fodder in their quest due to monetary reasons.

The movie shows the sacrifice of our armed forces towards the war against terror and further shows the many horrific incidents our nation is saved from due to their efficiency every day but at the same time made me think that how committed our enemy was.

Someone asked me that why the movie was bilingual between English and Urdu. Well I felt that it was an amazing idea for two reasons mainly as the villain Rammal was to be shown from Western Origin and not necessary from across the border and second that the world community should have a reason to watch the movie and understand the key effort we the normal Pakistanis face everyday.

An amazing movie which has shown us the Pakistanis as the victim, as a perpetrator and an abused. The effects and the acting of Shaan, Ayesha Khan, Shamoon and even the long cast of villains was amazing. Ali Azmat’s role of Ijaz Khan was well portrayed and Misha Shafi kept us enticed till the end. Overall , a good package and that too coming from the Pakistani film industry. I have a good feeling that Pakistan turns a new corner in this field where Cinemas are brought down for plazas or are burned down.

The icing of the cake was meeting Mr. Salman Iqbal; the CEO of ARY Digital. His down to earth attitude ; his charisma, his energy , his commitment and his sense of humor. I must say that he looked pleased on a competing channel airing him giving away a gold bar to Shahid Afridi in the first T20 against Sri Lanka a night earlier; he said it with a very naughty grin that how the competing channel could not take that off the air and showed him maybe to their displeasure. I like his spirit and his confidence and that is the reason that he has managed to re-infuse life in the Pakistani film industry after contributing significantly to media for many years by choosing this bold topic for support..

Again , it was a proud moment to see that how many prominent and educated Pakistanis turned up thanks to IBA Alumni Chapter UAE to watch this movie and in a way to show their allegiance to our motherland. I went to see it personally due to its topic . Though the plot is debatable but again it’s a good one.

Well I am very excited to see this breath of fresh air hitting our cinemas. I am proud of the doers in our country who now and then rise and deliver. I am further proud of our armed forces who are selflessly sacrificing for our nation and I am optimistic that we as a nation are inherently strong and if given a chance and focus our energies positively can take this nation to the top. These are those Pakistanis who have kept this nation afloat and would keep it the same way for eternity. Pakistan Zindabad!

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