Negotiations with Talibans is a mistake

A few days ago I was very upset to know that my Alma Mater that is Institute of Business Administration , Karachi became targeted of what one may call as a victim of the radicalization of the country. Self proclaimed religious vigilantes made sure that they are heard at the point of guns and threats as it looks like they have weakened their case of persuasion with the ongoing violence their kind has unleashed on this country. Force is the only option they have up their sleeves. I am sure their days of hegemony are counted.

As I write this piece during the festive Eid Holidays . I find out to my dismay that yet another legislator of KPK has become a victim of suicide bombing. Now I am sure that some may blame RAW and CIA for it but that is what was blamed when Lt. Gen Niazi was martyred a few days ago. Only that the conspiracy theories bit the dust a few days later when TTP came out not only with the attack footage but claiming the responsibility as well. Now the question which is really itching my mind is that why such an important General was coming back on his own and that too from a restive area. I would not even dwell further as lets leave it for another day.

Then again no day pass by when Pakistan Army’s bloggers come out with videos where they are posting of our young men who have been martyred in this war. Sometimes when I hear that some of our leaders who would like to enter truce with these terrorists makes me feel sick and force me to ask only one question that by entering into peace; we are just trying to maybe save a few more lives whilst we are looking down upon the sacrifice of the thousands of our soldiers who gave their lives defending this country from a domestic enemy. Lets not forget the fifty thousand plus civilians who have been victim to the same as well.

What confuses me more that Imran Khan whose party currently rules KPK talks about peace with TTP through negotiations and yet looks hapless on the murder of yet hundreds of innocent civilians including from various sects and religions being massacred in the provincial capital since they took over the rule from ANP which has suffered a lot at the hands of TTP in KPK especially. He still insists on negotiations when his Member parliaments get killed. His allies like Jamaat e Islami which in my view is the political face of Talibans like Amal Party is of Hezbollah act more naïve and try to prove that TTP is innocent of all crimes and PTI tagging along insist on pursuing these negotiations. I sometimes wonder if their own kin gets killed by these terrorists . Would that still be a position these radicalized politicians pursue? I doubt. They would stand first in line to call for an all out war. I just now pray that some light appears on the subject which would help these adjudge their position more .

As it is this indecisiveness of such politicians where our Army is not getting a clear mandate for going for an all out operation. And as my sources tell me due to this elongated war where negotiations are being pursued. I fear that the segment within our armed forces who were against this TTP operation would only become stronger. Now don’t tell me its not the case. As many hawkish former generals are very vocal like Gen Hamid Gul etc having a lot of clout on some within our armed forces and the two attack on our air force bases are a clear example when they happened in Karachi and Kamra were also from within the ranks unfortunately. Lets not forget the attack on Gen Musharraf which many said was an inside job and yes how can we forget Brig. Ali and GHQ attack. The list goes on. This indecisiveness of our politicians is just nurturing another demon within our armed forces. Which lets not forget is not just a conventional army but proudly a Nuclear army as well.

Just a day or two ago I heard to my astonishment that Maulana Fazl ur Rehman on television stated that these TTP terrorists are fighting for independence. Yet, I don’t hear the word traitor for these anywhere. Where our media pundits are quiet savvy to accuse BLA and MQM as traitors at the first outset of an opportunity. Yet they keep shut on TTP who have been video taped executing our soldiers, torturing them, butchering them and infact mutilating them. I can only imagine that either it is out of hypocrisy they adopt a different position towards TTP or out of cowardice . Either ways our young men continue to get killed for what is turning out to be a purposeless struggle for them due to the current political situation. Sometimes, I wonder why don’t they just do a ceasefire and let their body count stop from increasing till our confused politicians clear their heads and give them a clear policy . I don’t think that one of the finest army of the world lack any skill to follow the order when it comes and if it comes to any possible outcome. Which I just hope is in the interest of the nation.

So I just wonder that after the murder of PTI’s Law Minister today and that too in D.I. Khan . Mr. Imran Khan would still insist on letting TTP open their offices across Pakistan . I don’t know about others but I don’t know how would I control my emotions when I see such an office of the murderers of my fellow Pakistanis.

Criticizing is the easiest part . Some would say. If I have the choice. I would increase the attack on Taliban and that’s it. And not only in KPK; as we all very well know that they are spread out across including Karachi . Do a sincere operation against them. Kill them or pursue them. And then go in with the negotiations. Now if we go in listening to what Hakim ullah Mehsud said a few days ago that no one should expect a ceasefire and still let the negotiations pursue. We are entering into it with a weaker position and we loose as a nation either ways. Because if its successful; it means a more radicalized Pakistan and also a great psychological victory for TTP over the mightiest armies of the world. Than in that case I would insist that the same approach should be with all including BLA who I feel are more deprived than anyone else. Only since they don’t have any contacts in the establishment doesn’t mean that they are harked with a different stick. I feel that there should be one standard for all in this country.

Anyways, I am sure that like everything else Taliban apologists have been trying to sell to the innocent people of the country. I doubt any fruitful negotiations would or should start on the graves of our martyrs and dipped in the stream of blood of them. We all end up wasting precious time. Meaning a more disheveled nation, a more confused army men due to our politicians though Gen Kiyani kept them together all these years and did a great job at it.

I think we Pakistanis deserve more. Whilst we deserve to get rid this nation of confused politicians. We also deserve to get rid our nation of hypocrite politicians as well. Like I am saying that the time is running out. Either we take control of the situation and attack or end up playing the defence and suffer of what I fear might be a radicalized Pakistan contrary to the vision of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and infact putting our country in a more difficult position globally. Hoping we move on with the right thing soon. Pakistan Zindabad!


31 comments on “Negotiations with Talibans is a mistake”
  1. Nida Khan Yousufzai says:

    Very nice writeup

    1. Mahmood Mohammed says:

      General sahaib ,I remember once you talk about the fence on Pak-Afghan border, than the Idea was drop because Karzai oppose to the fence ,I imagine due to his bad intention,I wish if you had pursued it we probably was in different Pakistan,In my logical understanding the drone are the generators for radicalization,without fence it is impossible to stop infiltration, to my amuse why we have stop talking about the strong fence in between the two countries,,Even when Imran talks about “stop drones and we,guarantee no infiltration, worry me because it is not possible and it makes us more vulnerable to American aggression,,,

    2. Ashiq Hussain says:

      First of all if Talibaan wanted to negotiate with the Government of Pakistan. They should have done it well before any arms conflict against Pakistani nation. negotiation should also been through their tribal chiefs. If there was something to negotiate. But everybody knows in Pakistan that Talibaans is C.I.A product and their terror against Pakistani nation. It is interesting to know that a group of terrorists hire by foreign agencies. What are we negotiate with them.
      Their agenda of negotiation will be also a C.I.A product.

  2. Zeshan Gill says:

    We want Pervaiz Musharaf For Our Pakistan . He Is A Good Leader no one can Beats Sis Pervaiz Musharaf, During his Period he maintained The Economy Of Pakistan Very Well. There was Peace and Justice during his Time.

    1. Sultana Ghazi says:

      well said General Musharraf sahb is theeeee best

    2. haroon says:

      was this justice when pak army came to swat for a clean sweep in which only the citizens of swat were targeted and killed no millitants were killed is this what u call justice , when drones were started in time of general musharaf , for only 1 millitant whom they are not sure they drone and kill more then 100 people is this justice , who started drones , musharaf did it , i hope people from other province come and see the tribal areas by them selves you will know whats the truth , just dont go on media they all say lies , i havnt heard any where if a millitant is killed in drone or any other army operation , only civilians are killed and those civilians then come out for justice who they call the taliban , just open your eyes come and see ur self

    3. shakir says:

      i agree with zeshan Gill about Pervaiz Musharaf no dout he is a good Leader

  3. Mehdi Raza says:

    u got one thing wrong man Hezbollah and Amal are both independent Shia organisations with Amal being inclined towards secularism whereas Hezbollah is a Kick-Ass die hard muslim organisation XD

  4. Malik Hamza says:

    Sorry but in last paragraph you said we deserve honest politicians. We (nation) get a chance to select our leader every four years but we have been failing to select one good leader for the past many many year. The one great leader after Jinnah was Gen Musharraf. This nation is confused and half of the nation wants to talk to TTP cos they are just as bad and corrupt as our politicians.

  5. Rashid says:

    Well if we see numbers the TTP and associated groups are around 60 having approximately 60,000 workers or whatever we call them, having thousands of lives associated or dependent on them, what I understood from this discussion is massacre of these thousands of lives, since as per your opinion, talk with TTP will not yield any positive results so just execute them. This is what USA did in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Pakistan, you recommend to repeat it.

  6. Adeel Ahsan says:

    Musharraf got the chance; he had Nawaz in the jail waiting for death sentence all proved against him and Zardaari as well, but he signed the surrender note (NRO) against the corrupt, confused and incompetent politicians and now the nation is facing the music.

  7. iqbal says:

    This is biggest mistake

  8. ibrahim lakho says:

    I think,a lot of mis hapening i s done with tlibans. talibans is real fact that they are millitants, they can afford to continue their attacks on innocent people.we hve no way to negotiate with them.

  9. Shahrukh says:

    The point, which is not getting through my skull is that to whom, our respected politicians, want to negotiate with? “TALIBAN”, is it some kind of a political party, is it some NGO or an authorized group presenting its wishes or laws to be made in this nation? Every time our respected leaders try to negotiate, TTP kill one or two of them and negotiation is done. Is this what you call negotiation? Its a war against them and its the only solution. Its been almost 5 or 6 years our leaders are trying to negotiate with these self-proclaimed religious people. Where are the benefits of these negotiations?

  10. Mustansar says:

    lets do an analogy thing…
    dialogue : india :: dialogue : taliban
    whenever there is the time of dialogue or even the slightest of opportunity of a dialogue with india, there is either a terrorist attack in either of the countries or there is a blame game over the past incidents…just to destabilize the dialogue and weaken the position of pakistan, and its evident that they don’t want a dialogue, because they are in a commanding or dominant position, and they don’t want to give any relaxation to pakistan, rather they are continuously conjuring new ways of weakening the position of pakistan in the comity of nations.
    Now the same is happening regarding the dialogue with taliban. Ever since the proponents of dialogue have showed seriousness towards it, there have been attacks of different nature in different cities, and even if these attacks are considered as a part of the stream that is going on over the past several years, what’s different is the outraged pakistani media, continously advocating an operation and avoiding dialogue….
    Army operation would not be a permanent solution….let’s leave it for some other time. period.

  11. gardan-tor says:

    lets forget peace and talk of war once. we are sons of soil. we have the resolve needed to route out these fanatics. lets grab them and break their necks.

  12. SHAHRUKH says:


    1. Hasan Zaidi says:

      Only POWER, only ECONOMY…..No Good, Not Enough!!….We need to make our people HUMANS First. Presently many of us are like cats, dogs & beasts. We need real sincere & able leaders to do this and there is no hope of getting such leaders/rulers in foreseeable future at least!

  13. Potohar says:

    I think ultimately the TTP and their ilk are only interested in power. This religious business is merely a smokescreen like it always is, which sadly does appeal to the more disaffected classes of Pakistan.

    In order to treaty with the TTP the government of Pakistan (itself a total disgrace) will have to give the TTP a stake in society and effectively buy them off. I think however, why this fails is that although the government was historically instrumental in setting up the Taliban for their Afghan policy, it lost control of its creature for not being able to compete with the Taliban’s (and TTP’s) subsequent financiers.

    It has long been the case that Pakistan and Afghanistan have been the battle field for a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The War on Terror changed the dynamics of the Af-Pak shia-sunni conflict totally in favour of the Saudis and their Wahabi proselytizing and Iran having bowed out and concentrating on other fronts.

    I thus agree with you. It is very foolish for the Pakistan Government to attempt to treaty with the TTP, as they can in fact give them nothing that the TTP can’t take in the long term anyway. Treaties in this case serve to normalise the phenomenon and allow ideological and political consolidation,
    oppurtunities to get dug in, regroup and develop the infrastructure for the guerrilla campaign the TTP mean to run in the long Pakistani cities and villages. The government cannot win.. even the USSR fell to these kind of tactics.

    The only country that is actually at war with the government of Pakistan and its military (as opposed to its citizenry whom they seek to co-opt) is Saudi Arabia. The quicker Pakistanis realize this very obvious fact the better. If Pakistan is to survive the TTP should be mercilessly crushed with the fullest force of the military, the intelligence apparatus and the law. They should be proscribed on all levels and public support should be savagely persecuted.

    Afghanistan post the American invasion is not an ally and Saudi Arabia never has been. Their influence on Pakistan needs to be substantially reduced…and Pakistan as a whole needs to more fully align with China and the BRICs. Given Sri Lanka and the clean up of the Tigers Chinese aid and assistance is of paramount importance in Pakistan’s case.

    1. Dolomite says:

      I couldnt agree anymore, i wish our policymakers, politicians and military apparatus would see it this way too, alas!

  14. Haroon Rashid Khan says:

    why so against politicians? WE have elected them and WE will stand by them what may come. As for the policy of talks with Taliban, use of force has failed and our army has been convincingly beaten in the battle field. Now the ball is in the politicians’ court to save the country.

    1. Hasan Zaidi says:

      Force has never been used whole-heartedly & intelligently. Take the example of Sri Lanka, where this ultimately solved the problems against Tamil Tigers.Politicians will fail even more badly, as it is senseless & untimely to talk to such a lot as TTP etc.

  15. Sakina Ali says:

    I dont think Hisbullah and TTP should be compared . Hezbollah has not left its people loose to kill muslims from different domains, they have actually fought against Israel .. !!! TTP is fighting their (Israels) game.

  16. Humaira Javed says:

    I Agree somewhat ….

  17. udkhan says:

    All balls,no fear from allah,we are just thinkinking about worldly affair.not a single man is thinking in the interest of natjion.It is just waistage of time.Be a perfect muslim,well educated & educated mostly the pakistanies,&to be advanced in all sectors.there is much more to mention but just keep it for the next time.For the welfare of Pakistan.Pakistan Zindabad

  18. Atique says:

    I think that we need a VISIONARY LEADER for our country rather then these corrupt, confused, incompetent and duffers, who have no idea how to govern a country. They do not live in the present day world rather they are living 60 years back. In my opinion as a nation we should not negociate with TTP rather treat them as the enemy of the state/nation.

  19. Kalimi says:

    USA should be use chemical weapon in Daron

  20. Ali Khattak says:

    Musharaf duration was outstanding. More people of Pakistan too poor so we don’t neet Nawaz, Zardari becaz they are lootin Pakistan they not play role for poor people of Pakistan. Musharaf know that my soldier now will performing duty on border post. the ganja group (Nawaz & Shahbaz) don’t now that what a soldier need. so please inform musharaf that he don’t forget us and we will never forget him. we are his big supporter.

  21. vasef says:

    Danish Kazi I lost you at the part where you compared Jamat-e-Islami’s stance on TTP with Amal Party’s stance on Hizbullah. Are you implying that Hizbullah and TTP are the same? That Hizbullah butchers and beheads innocent civilians and blow themselves up in public places. Or carry out kidnappings for ransom, extorting money and looting banks?
    Otherwise i completely agree with everything written above.

    1. dkazi013 says:

      I m only drawing analogy that as Hezbollah has a political wing. So has TTP.

  22. Wasim Zaidi says:

    Very clever are these militants who want to tie the government in knots. While the Government calls these criminals and terrorists “our brothers and stake holders”, the Taliban wants to talk to non legal, extra Constitutional buddies of theirs, thereby not acknowledging the existence of the Pakistan State or its Constitution. These are serious matters which the Government cannot afford to handle in a cavalier manner, or procrastinate indefinitely.
    To believe that blood thirsty monsters can be appeased or inaction rewarded, is to live in a make believe “Garden of Eden”.Pakistan is free to make whatever compromises it wants with terror groups, however it will be held responsible for all acts of violence sponsored from its territory — differentiation between State and non State, stripped of the doctrine of deniability. Being called a Sovereign country has responsibility, including control over territory and actions of citizens. How these Augean stables are going to be cleaned will determine the countries future as well its existence.
    Excellent write-up!

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