Time for a new province within Sind:Reason PPP’s Hegemony

I still remember my journey through Larkana to Moen jo Daro. Broken roads, open drains, dust and not to forget the filth. Frankly, speaking the artifacts kept in the museum showed unfortunately that not much has changed there in many centuries. Infact ironically, Moen jo Daro which every one must see was looking more organized than the city itself. On my way back to Sukkur in 2003 just after less than 8 years of last PPP government I wondered what this city has gained since it kept on electing PPP time and again. The only thing the city has gained all these years is a mausoleum and that too for Bhuttos. What my friends who were there with me on the journey. Tell me nothing has changed. Its all still the same.

This is not the story only there . I have lived in the interior Sind for quiet a few years due to a posting from my previous employer. Sukkur which again has been a historical city bears the same fate. Driving through the villages one could see the despair sense of deprivation. No schools, no proper hospitals, no recreation, no proper amenities like drainage or water system. Some times I wondered what is wrong with this picture. The inhabitants yet so poor but their rulers so rich. I remember clearly that en-route till Hyderabad you would feel like traveling through time.

Larkana, Dadu, Khairpur etc etc . None of the cities present a decent look of closer to a town. But the moment you cross Ubaro border you could feel the difference as you enter into Punjab. What has kept this area backward all these years? If you see the old developments which the British did before they left . I can say without any remorse that they are still better and hold much more value than the many its rulers bestowed on these areas or let me call it Sind’s rural areas. PPP the main stakeholder has been in power at least 6 times in the province and 4 times in the center with 2 full terms and yet cannot deliver to their vote bank. Is it because they could not because of the feudal strata of their candidates? Or is it because they are incompetent and cant deliver?

Now I feel like laughing when the same officials, politicians etc came to talk about development or running of Karachi. This brings to my mind that if they were so capable why could not they build their own home towns or villages. If they are so good in keeping the law and order . Why cant they do it in their own cities of sphere? What makes them qualified to speak for the largest city of the country or lest capable of doing something about it?

The recently passed resolution on Sind Local Bodies Ordinance which initially was developed under a military ruler. The same whom PPP hates for hanging Bhutto. Makes me question two things? One their sincerity towards developing or running the business hub of Pakistan and second lets not forget the capability keeping the above in mind. I think the absolute government which PPP had from 2008 till 2013 still what they managed to deliver for Karachi. The net outcome Zero. I would not talk about Law and order today but only civic amenities.

Sitting at a dinner. Some one asked me what is the problem in Karachi. My answer was simple that the problem lies that the city is run by people who are like gypsies who come and go out of this city , people who are failures, people are corrupt and have no stake. They live here as they could not develop their own which shows in its own way how capable they are? The biggest problem is that the real stake holders of Karachi are the people of Karachi and they are not being empowered to run the city as they would never see a CM from amongst them having only 45 or so seats of the 130 in the Sind Assembly. So having a CM who understands Karachi , who owns Karachi can rarely become CM of the city unlike Punjab and KPK. Even in this setup if you bring a mayor. What good is that post if the funds don’t come through though Karachi or Sind Urban earns over 90% of Sind’s revenue or 70% of Pakistan’s. So my host asked me than what is the solution in my mind?

What I said was may be politically correct or not? But I feel that it’s a fact. We need to create a new province within Sind . Lets call it Sind Urban. That way Urban Sind would see more officers coming from within in civil administration and police. People who understand the areas of domain better. People who own this area and has no where else to go to. More empowerment. More funds. More ownership. This way you would start building back Karachi to its prime critical for the sustainability of the whole Pakistan.

Sind Urban province has become essential as its clear that PPP can never be sincere to Karachi. For them the city is nothing but a cash cow. Also, in my view since they have failed the whole country, their own areas where they have roots. I don’t want in the interest of the country to give the reigns of the city to these bunch of goons and corrupt lot. Even for the officers. We all know . The world quality of education imparted in the interior Sind where cheating is so rife that it’s a taboo if you do not cheat. How come this lot serve on merit the largest city of the country? Also lets not forget that the feudals which still form core of the PPP leadership would always like people to be at their mercy and like they have kept the Sind rural its slave . They also by land grabbing etc is trying to make Karachi its slave.

So simple, I don’t want the hub of Pakistan to be effected by these lot of ineffective and corrupt lot of Politicians. Sharjeel Memon, Ovais Tappi, Khursheed Shah and Qaim Ali Shah and lets not forget Bhuttos and Zardaris. If they could not have developed. Thar, Thatta, Khairpur, Sukkur, Larkana and Nawabshah all these years. How could they do it in Karachi?

I am still to be surprised to know how many schools, colleges, hospitals, roads, bridges, parks, universities, industries did they all managed to put together. They have ripped Pakistan of its wealth and growth . Now like vultures they want to pick the bones of Karachi. Its time to stop the hegemony and give the power of the city back to its people out of the garb of these tyrants. So its clear for me that its time to create a new province some one like it or not that is Sind Rural and Sind Urban. Remember if Karachi or Sind Urban grows. Pakistan grows. Pakistan Zindabad!


4 comments on “Time for a new province within Sind:Reason PPP’s Hegemony”
  1. Khalid Rana says:

    No need of any new province.District Govt,/Local body Election is the solution of local problems. Creation of new Province means further Loot Mar by traditional politicions. Sharing Ministries, Governerships by Sons and Daughters.

  2. Akhtar says:

    Bhutto was the first first democratic representative who divided Sind in “”Rural & Urban””. Everybody in this country talk about democracy,but when it need to be implemented in Sind, only Rural areas representative from Larkana, Dadu, Khairpur, Badin, Tharparkar, jacobabad etc come and hold everything in Government & captures resources which they don’t established or made..Karachi mandate always being betrayed thus destabilizing Karachi and moreover they patronized those criminal forces to destabilize the city economic. Neither the Police is local nor the traffic police is local. Karachi is being ruled by unfamiliar people who don’t know about this city. Mandate of Karachi must be given to Karachi and Urban representatives. This will certainly help the whole country.

  3. Under the pressure or some sort of reconciliations process
    MQM-ALTAFHUSSAIN, slow down his demand or avoid to speak about new province in SINDH, may be he fears for civil wars among SINDHI MOHAJIRS, however, MQM have to forget about this issue even military pressures too, raise an strong slogan or can say of differences, strongly demand for creation of new province of urban SIND, FOUCK-off whether people like or dislike it’s necessary for the rights of MOHAJIRS and for the development of PAKISTAN, don’t delay it otherwise there will be a dangerous incident who may broke the PAKISTAN again, if it’s happen than again Sindhis General public will be having a great loss, however, these bastards WADARS will again grapes their own populations forever, this is the matter of General SINDHI public to understand and only
    non-Sindhis will be able to explain it !!!

    If PAKISTAN-army really sincere to this part of PAKISTAN must give an access to MQM-MOHAJIRS or ALTAFHUSSAIN, like they have give it to PTI of IMRANKHAN, under even certain conditions to save this poor nation whom under salve-ship of their WADARAS, army fears that MOHAJIRS will becomes strongest nation with the so called son-of-soils, MOHAJIRS will own the entire Sindh’s if you don’t react timely, be carful, not to kill MOHAJIRS or frighten them by I forcing certain unlawful actions like rangers dominat ions and sidh Government unlawful acts, they will not frighten !!!

    MOHAJIRS have created a country within British-India, PAKISTAN, if they start it again that SINDH will only be “PAKISTAN”, action ot rightly before you got,
    TOO LATE ???????????????????

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