Why to mourn dead Taliban if we are Pakistanis?

I also want to Protest. I also want to go out on the street and protest. Really, I want to and I want my countrymen to join me. I want to protest when I see the videos of my army men slaughtered and recorded for boasting on internet by TTP. I want to protest when Pakistanis are killed in their homes or in the shopping centers or in their mosques or in their shrines or on the roads or in the hospitals or in their schools by suicide bombers. I want to protest when a group of people for their will who are not even 10% but are lucky to be armed 100% and have access to all media. Want their versions of religion implemented on the whole country which by the was is called Islamic Republic of Pakistan and is inhabited by many sects within Islam and not to forget the Christian, Hindu, Parsi an Ahmedi Pakistanis. I want to protest the same way like they do only peacefully till may patience lasts; along with my country men but ironically finds out that our inner soul has died off or we are afraid or we are selfish or we just don’t care. Reason why these forces gain momentum day by day.

Hakeem ullah Mehsud was killed in a Drone Strike barely a few days after our Prime Minister’s visit to USA. After a day when PTI’s Imran Khan threatened to cut off Nato supply Lines in case of another Drone attack. Few days after the Interior Minister presented his case in the senate where he stated that of all what we have heard off in the past; only 67 civilians have been killed in the Drone Strikes where more than 2000 terrorists have been killed. Now even 67 is a shame but than there are 40,000 on the other side of the equation as well and again the link of the civilians are yet to be established with TTP or Al Qaeda because why in the world would I hang out with some one who is on the wanted list? Lets not forget that Hakimullah was on his way to kick off talks as many claim in the government. But justice was delivered Chicago Style. President Obama must be an excellent poker player that he did not dropped the ball on our Prime Minister during his visit to Washington or lest our PM was naïve to get their view as Hakimullah Mehsud bites the dust. Some say whilst having a meeting with his cohorts. The US was meticulous to ensure that even his car is taken out to leave no trace or a chance.

Now this stems a lot of conspiracy theories in the country as especially chided by some pro Taliban political leaders or lets say their B Team i.e. PTI or JI who are crying foul and see this as a step to sabotage talks with a Terrorist and Traitor of the country. Ironically, the PMLN government is singing the same tune. The whole country and pro Taliban Media is mourning the death of a terrorist. Yes not any terrorist who just a few days ago boasted the killing of Gen Niazi in a bomb attack few days after the so called APC announced its intention to conduct peace talks with these traitors who don’t even recognize the constitution of Pakistan. We all heard Hakimullah boasting in that same video that how he is ready for a fight and my impression in the translated interview he gave in the video was of a man who don’t care about the peace talks. I am happy that our Army remains quiet on the issue and has given a clear message that they distance them selves from this political overture from the Taliban apologists in the government or in the opposition. I wonder with what spirit would Generals of our beloved army would go in to negotiate with a thug. Now men die all the time in the wars and yes there is one going on in the country. But the way TTP has beheaded, beaten and infact desecrated our dead soldiers is not war. I don’t think would even cover it under the rules of war in the modern times. If this was a War. This is War Crimes. I am sure our Army Leaders whose so many sons have given their lives in this battle would be toasting each other today as I am sure they still mourn their brethren , their sons and their friends who have sacrificed their lives fighting for this country.

If they go into negotiations with them as per some of my earlier writings. They become nothing but fodder. And I am sure the parents , the relative of these martyrs wont like this to happen. Anyways, as I write the mourning continues.

So Mr. Imran Khan which I strongly feel is about to take a U Turn very soon is now facing a difficult decision which is how in the world is he going to stop these Nato Supplies? With what he would stop these Nato supplies? I am sure our Army would not stand shoulder on the issue of the killing of Hakimullah Mehsud. So in my view Imran or PTI pursues this line as he is looking to get out of the KPK government as PTI fails to deliver and wants to do it honorably. Also, since local bodies elections are coming is again beating the drum of Nato Supplies stoppage as in the past to get the right wing vote. I again challenge him that whilst he advises Pakistan to stop taking aid from US. He should stop doing the same for his charities first as well.

I don’t think we should make any noise as a nation on the killing of a traitor, a murderer and a terrorist today or even in the future. What pains me that this job which should have been done by our Army Jawans who are very well capable of doing the same happened at the hands of a foreign force? I am sure our Army’s morale could have been much higher if they were seen taking this action for avenging the death of their brothers in arms. Its clear given as a message that US would not let a country which is being on its aid to enter talks with any terrorist who is behind killing of its citizens. So it looks like they have taken this upon themselves to cleanse our laundry for us also. Now I am sure if our army is given due powers . They would do it like they did it in Swat unless we expect them to sit across negotiating tables with everyone who picks up a gun across the country.

Now I am sure that there would be some repercussions. I am sure that the wolf pack would find another leader. I am sure the charter would be for him before getting appointed would be what is his plan to kill more Pakistanis both Army and Civilians? How would he destroy more of Pakistan’s properties? How would he cleanse of any one who is not from the TTP/Kharjiite sect? How would he ensure that this nation do not get back on its two feet? How would he pursue the goals of the Kharjiite in Pakistan? I am sure with all these credentials and his commitments with a plan. He would become the supreme commander. Means more is on the way for Pakistanis. As this guy would try to shown his prowess amongst the pack. And I wish he meet the same fate as Hakimullah and his types if not by our hands than by someone else.

The new guy’s name coming up which is Commander Sajna till now and can very well change. His only skill is that he can fight. He is not a cleric etc. So lets get ready to fight. It shames me that as a nation with a 8th most powerful Army in the world . We are being coerced to negotiate with those who are vicious to civilians , children and have no code when it comes to prisoners.

I wonder what would Imran Khan do. Since he is now talking about bringing resolutions across the country. Why does he not want to single out KPK? Or is he afraid to do it on his own? But I am sure he would take another Uturn. As for the Prime Minister. I think he has taken some good decisions. His cue is simple . Get Pakistan back on the track. TTP is a cancer. It cant be treated. We need a surgical operation to move on. Pakistan would never see any economic development being a country which negotiates with Talibans. He needs to give the mandate to our Army to take out TTP across the country including Karachi.

As for Hakimullah . I am sure he takes some secrets with him up there. Whose game was he playing? But looks like the Drone had his number and it dialed. Anyways I think if Pakistan demonstrates that they can take out these terrorists. Judiciary start hanging/executing a few of them instead of only going after political activists. We as a nation would gain world’s confidence and than they would let us take out action on our own. Till that time negotiating. Not trying legally terrorists and that too global. Mourning them nationally. Infact giving them a political face in form of PTI or JI is not going to bring an end to this war any time soon.

For Pakistan. We need a strong leader up there who takes a call. I know that journalists like Hamid Mir who have been found in bed with some really good friends of Pakistan and PPP heard chiding Gen Musharraf over Red Mosque of Laal Masjid. We need a leader whose position is clear and gives authority to our armed forces to take out these enemies of state. For me Gen Musharraf was one. Any party which stands against these TTP has my support and they aren’t many. ANP or MQM are the only two who have clearly. All the rest are confused. Hope, they choose the right side soon as well for Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad!


33 comments on “Why to mourn dead Taliban if we are Pakistanis?”
  1. Pakisatan Zinda Baad.Jhotay Taliban akhir khatum ho jain gay.INSHAALLAH.

      1. fawaz says:

        taliban will die inshallah

    1. Rizwan Habib says:

      i guess its not about killing a hero or making him one…its about killing peace talk process..the fact is there has been some peace even since the talk process was only a media thing.so try to creat a boundry between Hakeemullah and the “talks” he is taken as a “talk peace” symbol

  2. f ghaffar says:

    we don,t really,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Danish Anwer says:

    I totally agree with your viewpoints brother. Superbly laid down views with elegance in words. Pakistan as a nation should grow up from its delusional state of reluctance to combat its problem. This life is a battleground, a place of war against the nemesis of society which is a responsibility especially of those in power and which should be supported by the masses. Zero percent tolerance against those who destroy society in the name of religion. After getting rid of local and foreign agencies hell bent on destroying our nation can we prosper as a united nation and for that the best and ideal is to hand over the responsibility to restore law and order in the country to the army.

  4. Syed Javed Akbar says:

    A good article.

  5. Jamal says:

    I do believ that imran khan is collecting aid for his charity, but iam sure any donations that are collected, are not donated by govts of western countries. Donations to his charities are from local charities and people that have organised charity events and dinners. all proceeds raised are donated to his charity.
    Imran Khan has a great personality and and has an aura of charisma around him. He has a larger following of supporters in the west and the world over more than what the pakistan people think.
    Such a sad day when pakistan cant even have a fair and free election. And vote there own leader.

    1. shahid says:

      He has divided loyality that sets him for failuare as a leader of nation.

  6. Pakistan says:

    well you showed the second side of the picture, but i think only this time when whole Pakistani leadership is agreed on something, we should give this “Talk” a chance… This table talk is not only PTI or JUI’s demand, whole Pakistani Leadership (APC) made consensus on table talk with TTP. And when in ten years Pak Army is unable to reduce these terrorist attacks not even 10% then i think this makes the table talk idea more stronger… Why not one chance?
    TTP members are more than 60,000 and to kill them all, we need more army, and lets not forget they have families too, so what are chances that their family members (women, children) are not killed, our soldiers are not killed? so if we kill them all then civilian plus army, not any low casualties either…! This is what america is doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, why not give this Talk a chance!!!
    And about Drone attacks, this is not an issue of why america killed Hakeemullah, this is because they don’t respect and care about what our whole leadership is agreed on. so why not give them HARD time by blocking NATO again until there is some solid statements and policy changes by American bastards…!

    (and its just a point, your review looks more against Imran Khan than against Hakeemullah…)

    1. khan says:

      what do u think dear that only TTP have families?
      I ask u to kindly narrate a single action taken by TTP against America or its alloys…………..rather their all actions are against innocent masses of Pakistan………….what did u say?

      1. nhzaidi says:

        Army has never given a chance to clean sweep the TTP terrorists in the past. Politicians and Judiciary is so scared of them that they don”t even executing the death penalties. 40000 have been died so far, these 40 comprise on shias, sunnis, men, women, young, old, children, Muhajirs, Sindhi, Pashtuns, Punjabis, civilians, Members of LEA’s and Armed Forces. The only thing common in all of them with 0.01% exception is that they are Pakistanis.
        I think that the Political Support for the talks without giving Army a fair chance to fight and kill them all, is anti Pakistani and Pro Talibani, and the elected representatives supporting them are clearly anti Pakistan.

  7. Seema usmani says:

    My protest is not because he has ben killed, my protest is Why do we need outside forces to control and kill militants totally disregarding the public opinion…. what good is our defense and intelligence?? If our leaders are incapable of controlling the strife in our country then they should not be running elections!! Let the army take over!! Simple!

    1. aryan khan says:

      v ill take over but ithink v r nt supose to be invled n such activities which r supose to b done by civil authorties,,,,still our shadow s spread all over da cntry,,and no one trying to wake up,,y?

  8. Ahmadi says:

    This is what all Pakistanis have to understand. Molvi support and promote TTP thoughts in Mosques, its a whole cycle start from MULLAS. To know reality, google the book “Murder in the name of Allah”. this has been told ages ago

  9. Saqi says:

    Yes sir you are right

  10. shahid says:

    These terrorist are attacking inside Pakistan. They are traitors. They are spreading like cancer and nothing short of full scale military by Pakistan army can “UNDO” them, Drones are big help, there needs to be some of these in Pakistan army command as well. This is a civil duty of all Pakistani citizeds to boycott any mosques where radical mullahs preach, and distance themselves from these eliments for their own sake. Any one who helps us rid of these eliments is our friend indeed and we must remain thankful.
    Imran Khan will just be another political Pkistani Taliban, if his ideas and policies support their cause, directly, or indirectly.

  11. khan says:

    I really appreciate your commendable and brave view point…………..May God Almighty bless u

  12. fawazhussein says:

    All true and impressive thoughts of the blogger regarding subject.
    Talibans have no religion…. Islam is far away from them. They only pretend to be muslims. If we believe that they want Shariah to be implemented in the region then is this the way they want it to be happend? By killing people in Masajids during Prayers? What type of Islam they want?
    This is nothing but the lust of power…..that’s it. They should be targeted in a more worst way, I believe. USA is not only fighting for themselves, talibans are a bigger threat for our own economy too.
    I read above something about personality of Imran Khan, so please stop following people on such basis. For me, a good leader is the one who makes a sustainable promise and is a man of his words.
    A leader should be aware that with power comes more responsibility.
    People know where they are standing with an authentic leader, no sudden U-turn will be made. Anyways…. This will be the other debate but please recall all above before you choose your next leader.
    Imran khan has a fan following, no doubt but he is only known because of cricket not as a politician or leader.
    Let USA drone them all……….. but on the other hand we can raise voice for minimal civilians (innocent people) casualties.

  13. Saleem Shah says:

    100% agreed with you Mr. Musharf , You are right about Imran Khan what he is trying to do. he is totally confused person nowadays.

    1. fawaz says:

      imran khan always takes uturn

  14. Akash Nizari says:

    Wow! great article dear sir

  15. Insha says:

    I am totally disagree…Nato Supplies are just distributing weapons to their agents (
    taliban) throughout Pakistan and should be stopped. Just seal the border completely and everything would fine.

  16. Khalid Rana says:

    Govt, must introduce Local Body System through Elections in FATA, and declare one or two units ( provinces) under Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973..

  17. Dr. Anas Rabbani says:

    I am really impressed from your desicions after 9/11. If we push out tilban and TTP out of the country by force then how we will deal with public (having soft corner with tailban) thinking tailban as a poor refugees. This public is of half of our population. Politicians of KPK will never do that. ?? On the other side, tailban will extend their network to punjab as well to pressurize the Govt. How this problem will be resolved if You will be the Prime Minister???

  18. Mubashar says:

    Let us assume that so called talks were held. What possibly could Pakistani government offer the Taliban in return for a peace agreement? How can you ‘negotiate’ with anyone who believes absolutely that your way is wrong and theirs is right? TTP showed their real colours when they took over Swat valley. Now imagine they want the same to happen in the rest of Pakistan. Where anyone not believing the same as them would be subject to their so called Sharia as they defined it. There has never been a consensus on what constitutes Sharia. It always depended on who was in power and what he wanted and which school of thought he followed to suit his agenda, Hanafi or Shafi or Wahhabi or whatever.

  19. tahir says:

    the fact is that taliban is name of ideology which is somehow so called islamic. A terrorist, the murderer of innocent pakistanis is dead by the hellfire missile for resting the eternal fire

  20. Omar Ata says:

    For god sake musharaf is a stupid leader. Rest of column is nice

  21. sahir khan says:

    Sorry to say sir but ur equaly responsible for all of these killing

  22. Akhtar says:

    A terrorist was killed who was not Pakistani, he was a criminal and had 40000 lives in his account. Whosoever did that job did a great job for humanity and he should keep it up killing the terrorist.

  23. nashmia says:

    hey u saying that u want pervaiz musharaf to be your leader but i think u urself have forgotten that gen musharaf have always stated very clearly himself that negotiation should always be the first option. so i dnt think u are representng mr.musharaf very well………..

  24. Jub Gen.Sana ullah khan Sb ko shaheed kiya giya
    tb siyasatdanon ka kaihna tha kih
    yi hmla Ammerica ny kraya aur yi Muzakrat ko sabotaaz krny ki sazish hy…

    Maira oun Siyasat danon sy sawaal
    hy jub Gen.Sana ullah khan Sb
    ko shaheed kiya giya
    tb onhin Natto supply
    bnd krany ka khiyaal kyon nai aaya…??
    Khiyal bi ab aya jb
    Hazaron Pakistaniyon
    ka Qatil Mara giya..??


    ok ur good thought but he is not responsible man in 50%responsible in the pakistan army and usa pakistan army and isi not search the man and usa in the same time killed when he id got the dailogue stage ttp is fire flame to get the peacefull pakistani nation

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