Fighting Radical Islam in Pakistan : A Rebuttal to NY Times

Pakistan a country of over 180 Million, a nuclear power and sometimes a great ally is fighting now a days for its identity as a secular state or a radical state. In this quest the nation has seen that the ongoing global war against terror; the nation has not only seen over 50,000 killed but soldiers in thousands martyred or injured. The growing essence of radicalism has started to impact the core roots of the country including its democratic foundations as well.

Like every where else in the world Al Qaeda tries to raise its ugly head globally. They are trying to find political allies in many countries like Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and have done the same in Pakistan with leaning towards parties like Jamaat e Islami and some say even Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf of Mr. Imran Khan. I wonder what value addition to the democratic face if the world terrorist parties would do after killing in thousands. Same way in Pakistan, they have started to make inroads and in fact have been making inroads since the 80’s and 90’s and their main focus have been on the city of Karachi. A city of over 20 million, a financial hub and now home for relaxation for Al Qaeda and Talibans . Now we must ask our selves that this is common news but we must ask ourselves that who in Pakistan does not want the world to realize this fact. Maybe fearing that the targets the American Drones are searching for in the borders along with Afghanistan may be hiding in slums of Karachi.

Now Mr. Declan Wash’s article published on September 12th has shown MQM and its leadership as gangsters. I am assuming, he must be having loads of data to justify his point of view and did not based his story on investigations of Owen Bennet Jones of BBC or Joint Investigation Reports which are extracted by Pakistan Police through coercion and torture which in its own way against human rights of any global citizen. I am also very sure that whilst writing this piece. Mr Walsh would not have based his views solely on the Punjabi media of Pakistan who recently accused MQM of stealing from 19,000 containers of NATO supposedly carrying billions worth of Fire Arms only to be denounced by US Consulate; the next day. I am also sure that he would have visited Karachi at least a dozen times recently and infact the homes of the workers of MQM whose workers in one of the largest metropolitan city in the world had their heads or bodies chopped off before tortured and maybe raped prior to meeting their fate. And I am definitely, sure that Mr. Walsh has definite proof against Mr. Altaf Hussein as this investigation goes on for three years in UK by Scotland Yard who are one of the best in the world and must be under pressure to solve the murder case of Mr. Imran Farooq. I am also assuming that Mr. Walsh would know that Mr. Imran Farooq’s murder does not only implicate MQM but also his importance in the party was very significant though he held a back seat. I am sure that Mr. Walsh would know that filing a case against anyone in Pakistan is as easy as filing an online purchase in USA. And MQM has faced such accusations in the past only to be absolved.

I am sure that Mr. Walsh would have spoken to Mr. A.K. Chishti; a good friend maybe who was recently threatened by some one who even Pakistan’s prominent journalist like Hamid Mir is also afraid to name and would certainly not believe that the same Police who is conducting a state/political operation against MQM connived with them to Kidnap Mr. Chishti. So Mr. Walsh would have definitely known that when Mr. Azeem Tariq another founding member of MQM when was murdered in 92. Altaf Hussein and MQM was accused of it only later Mr. Chishti himself revealing that intelligence agencies were behind his murder decades later.

I wonder if Mr. Walsh realizes that Altaf Hussein and MQM is fighting the global war against Al Qaeda and Talibans in Karachi evidence of which is the thousands of MQM workers murdered at their hands, 3 Member Parliaments inclusive openly accepted by Talibans. I am sure he understands that by weakening MQM based on the stories of biased and ethinic agencies/mefia of Pakistan. He puts unnecessary pressure on an ally of US and infact people of United States in the fight against terror. As he would know that MQM and its supporters are the last line of defense as security forces have faltered in Karachi a major port city and infact are even afraid to mention the presence, the judiciary is afraid of prosecuting or punishing these terrorists. In that city Mr. Hussein and MQM stands shoulder to shoulder with international community. Dies he realize that the thousands of Christians, Hindus, Ahmedis and smaller ethinicities would be taken out as every where else in Pakistan if MQM is taken out.

I am sure with all this knowledge, he would have written this piece. Because if he has not and wrote it on the call of his Punjabi media friends than I doubt his professionalism as being a student of journalism who is still learning it. I have learned that if I am neutral and especially a foreigner its a solemn duty to show impartiality. For us as MQM and Altaf Hussein supporters though after so much threat being secular by Talibans and radical tilted parties. We would continue doing it in a peaceful manner and not let unfounded propaganda get us bogged down. I am sure he would have thought about it logically with evidence instead of chatter from his friends in Pakistan before writing this piece.

I just wish like American people support against hegemony. They support MQM as well in Pakistan to fight against fundamentalism, feudalism and tyranny. By giving both sides a chance. By publishing this piece you do so. By not you disappoint. At the same time. I would request to send a more neutral journalist to Pakistan and especially MQM’s head quarters in Karachi to learn more on these allegations instead of becoming a part of state terrorism.



3 comments on “Fighting Radical Islam in Pakistan : A Rebuttal to NY Times”
  1. Kaleem Khan says:

    Mohajirs are innocent People all the allegations are false against them ..Such People being jealous are making conspiracies against Muhajirs by giving false allegations against MQM and QeT.AltafHussain..Insha Allah they will fail!

  2. hasantasleem says:

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    The Flip Side of the Coin.

  3. Efaz says:

    I have friends of friends in a Pakistani business circle and doctors belongs to non Mohajir community, they are the ones writing letters to news peppers and holding meetings and feeding media against MQM. I’m sure they are getting support from some Paki politicians.

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