Yet again playing the Traitor Card against Mohajirs

As I write this piece there is a feeling of contempt in my heart as every few months there is a spotlight on the patriotism of any one who belongs to MQM or support it. From the time MQM has come into existence the nation has ensued a debate whether Mohajirs or MQM are loyal to Pakistan or not. The same Pakistan for which their ancestors sacrificed much . Today, I try to summarize this allegation and highlight the possible unfortunate outcomes of which for us as a nation.

First of all, let me assure the readers of this piece that I don’t need a certificate of loyalty from anyone or I do not need to recite the oath of allegiance to this nation and same apply to the millions like me and especially in the time when the country is at war within and our soldiers are being martyred by dozens every month across the country sometimes wearing uniforms and may be some times without it. Whilst I strive for making Pakistan stronger by my little bit of effort and many others like me there are thousands who are fighting to damage this nation or break it apart for their personal agenda. At the same time lets not forget those who have not picked up a gun necessarily but have been looting to the roots of this country for decades and especially for the last five years. Their patriotism remains unchallenged . For me they are Traitors!

I still remember those days of the 90’s when Mohajirs were branded as traitors for the first time under the guise of Jinnahpur for political agenda. The Army was misled by the intelligence agencies; civilian may be who ventured to defend Pakistan. Rightly so. The same agencies who has created TTP for which we suffer as a nation. The same lot conspired to pitch Army against its true sons i.e. Mohajirs to achieve their agenda of total control. Only realizing after a few years that it was a hoax and the most sacred institution of our country yet again became part of another conspiracy against its own people. Lets not forget that it were the politicians and especially Mr. Bhutto whose lust for becoming the Prime Minister went on to deny the mandate of Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman. Whilst Bhutto only came into Pakistani political limelight in the 60’s living the life of a baron being from a feudal background and groomed by Ayub Khan. Sheikh Mujeeb ran around for Pakistan movement on his bicycle in Calcutta and Dhaka before 1947. Yet, our politicians found a reason of calling him a traitor for asking for his rights and drawing in our army in an un-holy war. What ever any one might say I would always blame Mr. Bhutto for this division of the country as being a politician it was his job to find a way out but the slogan of “Idhar hum Udhar tum” did rolled the dice. Than again in 90’s the posterity of the second lot of people who strived for Pakistan were targeted and branded as traitors. What ensued was a bloody few years. No committee has still discovered the missing people of those times. No one has asked for pardon. The sense of deprivation still burns.

PPP whose agenda has always been that of lust of power by distracting the people of core issues the dismal situation of Sind after decades of PPP ruling it is an evidence where still there is no world standard school, college, hospital, university or any other facility exists. Whatever infrastructure stands there is around the feudal or was built by British. Still the barrages are the icon of Sind built before partition so PPP has nothing to show instead their modus operandi has been to loot and plunder the nation through corruption and land grabbing. By earning billions through formula of political appointments, transfers and postings. Today the PPP cries foul and cherish the police of Karachi but let me assure you that most of them are billionaires and there is no one asking them on this ill-gotten wealth. So PPP always finds a way to pay the nationalist card on its people so as to distract them of the core issue which is that their people have nothing otherwise; why would any one leave their birth place and historical cities like Sukkur, Jacobabad and Hyderabad instead come to Karachi; if opportunities existed in their part of the country. I doubt they would do the same. But they have nothing to look up to ironically as they have become slave to Bhuttoism and surrendered their right to prosper.

Yet again when PPP came into power in 2008 they played the tune of national harmony. It was a cloak so that they get absolute power and a carte blanche to loot Pakistan. The spiraling Bhutto properties abroad are good examples. So first they start brandishing again MQM and its leaders as being traitors by accusing of a letter written against ISI whilst forgetting that MQM and Army built Pakistan under the rule of General Musharaf for many years which PPP later looted and plundered. Why would our armed forces unite with some one who is a traitor? Again PPP played the nationalist card as they failed the nation for vote bank politics and let loose hundreds of thousands of weapons in parts of Karachi to loot, plunder and murder. Lets not forget that the first thing the CM Sind did after taking oath was that they visited the same people responsible for this turmoil and with head money issued by Supreme Court. Confirming their part of this hegemony.
Now again, since PPP knows that whilst they could not do much though they were in power for the last five years in the center. With them out of which in the center. They would be able to do much lesser or close to a Zero. They need to embroil their supporters into another issue and this time realizing that MQM and Army are bonding well. Their nominated government official accused Mohajirs the founders of the nation of forming Mohajir Republican Army so that the Army who is already eye ball to eye ball with India, fighting TTP and BLA have to respond in the name of patriotism and unleash their might on Mohajir Civilians. But I know for sure that for the last decade or so that the Army would have seen who is loyal to the nation and who is not. Who stood by them? Whilst the rest played politics on their soldiers? They would know that who support these TTP and BLA amongst our politicians as reports are strong that some PPP legislators are part of the group supporting these insurgencies. We all know what happened after the ill fated murder of Benazir Bhutto where Asif Zardari had to say Pakistan Khappay. Did someone ask him what was the need? There are reports that there is a Sind Liberation Army growing in the interior and maybe PPP wants to distract our armed forces yet again from the bane of the issue. And also consolidate feudalistic power in the country .

So yet again the patriotism of Mohajirs are under a scanner? All channels are seen asking the question again and again. Well I hope that the MRA is wrong. But for a moment lets say that this figment of imagination is true. Then there arise several questions. What led to this formation that people have picked up arms for a group struggle under the banner of Mohajir? The second question arises that whether with BLA & TTP on the loose the nation can afford another resistance movement if it’s a reality and that too in Karachi? What pains me the most that all these cronies on the media who never dared to call TTP or BLA traitors though clear especially in case of TTP who have killed more than 5000 soldiers and thousands injured without a stop are not mentioned as traitors . BLA which burnt recently Ziarat residency are not branded as traitors. But on a slight iota of doubt the whole horde jump on the band wagon to call Mohajirs traitors. Now this pains me a lot that I need to defend my spirit of patriotism after every few years in front of those people who are looting and plundering the nation and who under the banner of unionists supported the British Raj against Muslim League . Time and again the same lot and their cronies test our patriotism . The people like PPP who broke Pakistan into two test my patriotism. Wow! What a nation? Well like they say that patience has its limits and also they say that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel which I feel are the likes of PPP who forget their significant contribution to destabilizing Pakistan by writing to US Senators to stop Pakistan aid, by forming AZO and latest when they talked about breaking Pakistan after Benazir was killed. I feel sick to know that the nation sit on their side and ask Mohajirs instead to prove their loyalty again and again. Anyways our nationalism towards Pakistan is something that no one can take. But I can assure these people one thing that the time is coming when their own people would wake from the slumber of slavery and ignorance and take charge of their own lives across the country. The revolution which MQM started in Urban Sind by kicking out Feudals would spread one day across the country and that day when Pakistan would be reborn. I am sure that our Army’s soldiers would assist in this change to get rid this nation of not genuine political workers but conducting an operation against Feudals and Corrupt officials.

Ironically, the recent allegations of accusing MQM for missing 19,000 containers consisting of weapons only to my surprise that firstly why would Nato take such a risk of sending such merchandise through Pakistan knowing the intricacies of security, second disappearance of billions of dollars of supplies and no sense of urgency to recover and the inaction of our agencies after knowing the same all these years. The statement of DG Rangers infront of Supreme Court and that too taken seriously shows the prejudice to malign Mohajirs and MQM. Thankfully, the US Consulate clears up the confusion making everyone pointing finger in unison on MQM and Mohajirs as nothing but a joke. What I found more ironic is that PM Nawaz Sharif’s briefing in Karachi as per sources had no mention of TTP. This is nothing but a farce and condemnable .

I am sure if people are sincere to Pakistan. The Traitor card played by political parties against Mohajirs and MQM would not work Inshallah! . As peace in Karachi is a must for the stability of the nation for a foreseeable future . I propose that people who sow this seed without evidence should be tried under Article 6 instead . We must not let Patriotism get hijacked in Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad!



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