Hello! Mr. Imran Khan

“Inquilab Hoga!” Imran Khan is heard saying across many channels. In the same breath he says that PTI is a peaceful party but at the same time say that they can garner a Stick Wielding force at a short notice. He keeps on insisting that this was their first elections and hence a learning experience whilst he forgets that he has been fighting elections since 1996. Than in the same breath he says that he is disappointed in the defeat in the NA-1 and NA 71 but in the same flow he asserts that they have gained ground.

On being asked about the performance on the CM of KPK; first he talks of building teams and than he say that he would take onus since he was injured. He could not focus. Whilst he denounces nepotism, he defended CM KPK’s nepotism. He boasts about new faces in the party and yet give government to old horses in the politics.

Sometimes I wonder that what direction the media personnel tow by stating that PTI is one of those parties which is the first one to give new faces to the Pakistan’s political system whilst they forget the contribution to the Pakistan’s feudalistic politics by likes of PPP in 1971 , ANP over the years and lets not forget MQM which has been doing it again and again in the many elections it has participated over the last few decades. I wonder what makes some of these people have a myopic approach. Is it prejudice? Is it Money? Or is it ignorance? Or is it just towing a line as some of their counterparts analyze factually. Must say that whilst some people media personnel gain respect. Others have taken a downfall.

Anyways, the recently concluded elections which was supposed to be another Tsunami or lets say a mini Tsunami since only 41 or so seats were at stake. Saw another expected outcome as it was seen in the National Assembly elections just a few days ago. The low turnout as expected in by-elections was desirous but the equation or the proportion of votes remained the same. PTI is now gotten under scanner since it’s the first time they form a government based on their 400% level of expectation setting in their May 11th election campaign. Just read a tweet by a famous diplomat that TTP has quietly taken over Swabi. A so called stronghold of PTI. Sometimes I wonder that TTP ensured that PTI wins the elections mainly to get some breathing space to survive and knowing that PTI by forming a weak government in KPK; would be fighting their survival with PMLN on their tails but not focusing on their activities. Though Drones and Operations which were the bane of PTI’s campaign but nothing is heard of which since they took over . The bomb attacks continues. PTI local leadership is vanished off the ground. Would Imran Khan need to go everywhere? If that’s the case God help them. At least ANP leadership who has sacrificed a lot fighting with TTP along with MQM and PPP to an extent were present on the ground to consol their people in KPK & MQM in Sindh whenever and wherever TTP strike.

Whilst Imran Khan who continues with his dual standards quotes the free and fair election of 1971 won by PPP but forget the robbery that we as a nation committed on our Bengali brethren at the same time who won majority. PTI’s time has come to awake out of its fairy tales and analogies and smell the music.

Imran Khan thinks that he lives in an ideal world. Sometimes he refers to peace and than to bloody revolutions in Iran. He has to set his own direction right before he expects to set things in the right direction for the nation. The recent elections should be a wakeup call. As slowly they understand that words come a dozen but action counts. Making strong statements won’t help. Actions would. He has himself given the impression by kind of accepting the till date dismal performance of KPK government was due to his lack of presence but the result is what we see that he forgets has missed to build a team which he always boasted about. This is the difference. The success of Mustafa Kamal in Karachi or Kanwar Jamil in Hyderabad was because of MQM’s organizational structure not because of the leadership though Altaf Hussein lives abroad. So does Imran Khan expects to become a micro manager and do everything himself? Brand Imran Khan as many say is a good commodity but is it expandable I doubt! The question I would like to ask him that he has been in politics for decades now. What stopped him of building this team? Why he started so late building his team? Or did it awaited as it just all fell in the lap.

“I was not ready for this” or “I was not expecting anything less than a PM” is written all over his face as he speaks and speaks and speaks to the media anchors. He keeps on criticizing PMLN government but fail to address the chaos faced in the recent floods in KPK. Whilst he point fingers at the federal government but keeps shut on the D.I. Khan jailbreak. This philosophy of self pity and blame the world is what makes me say that if this is the thought process at the top at the leadership level. PTI walks on the thin Ice.

Elections are over. He has to come over with it and move forward rather than keeping his supporters occupied and distracted in the question of rigging . He should not forget that he has won as well and has a CM in KPK. If it was rigging as he claims than he would not have been in that position. This apologist mentality is just putting the nation at chaos and patience of people like us are running out with every day. As we would like our leadership to consolidate to whatever they have gotten their hands on and make the best of it and move on . As I repeatedly say that we are running out of options as a nation.

Leadership is all about making the best of your circumstances. Whilst Imran Khan boasts of being one. He forgets that the world is not ideal and he has to make the best of it and stop cribbing. If he performs well. He would be the next big option . People are getting tired of his antics. The nation faces a war against Talibans and impeding War possibly with India. His actions just polarizes the nation more. Unless he has an agenda to do the same.

He is yet to condemn the TTP actions where they have killed at free will all over the country . And yet he lectures the world on being righteous. I don’t care if he is . But he has to realize that his so called verbal revolution is no more digestible and needs to cease. He should wait for his turn in the next 5 years like he has been waiting for the last 17 years or so. The Tsumani which he failed to realize has expired. Its time to move on. It matters more than just being a Prime Minister. Anyways, I know that post this publication I would like always attract ire of the PTI supporters but who cares as this is what they have done to everyone who tried to keep them on the path of unity. So one more for my beloved Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad!



4 comments on “Hello! Mr. Imran Khan”
  1. sabheen says:

    Nice one danish.keep it up.
    Imran Khan is the so called leader without any vision…mission…even party policies.v

  2. Saleem says:

    Excellent. He talks about corruption of others while Asad Umer looted farmers by fixing price of Fertilizer with Fauji. Competitive Commission of Pakistan slapped 8.5 bn penalty to Engro & Fauji. No anchor want to discuss it. Pls type CCP penalty to Engro, & u will find news appearing in many news papers

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