An Open Letter to QET Altaf Hussein: We are sorry!

Hello QET Altaf Bhai,

Hope, you are in best of your health.

Yes! we are sorry! . I don’t know if I can say for every one but any one who is sincere to the cause of Mohajirs and the Middle Class would feel the same. I am sorry that for fighting for my rights you had to leave this country and live in exile. I am sorry that you have been parted with your family and friends due to distance or their murders. I am sorry that though so many decades have passed that I have and many Sathis who love you have failed to penentrate the mission in the rest of the country successfully.

I am sorry Altaf Bhai that today our enemies are again and again ridicule you and I am not able to defend you properly. I am sorry that whilst sons like me live; you have to struggle for our rights. I am sorry on behalf of Pakistanis who have failed to understand your vision and we fail to spread it. I am sorry on behalf on those who for their personal lust have damaged the party and continue to damage it. I am sorry whilst you have given me an identity in the land of the sons of the soil; I have failed to pay you back with spreading your vision.

I am sorry my beloved leader that whilst you fight and think for me day and night; I am not able to do more due to comforts in my life. I am sorry Altaf Bhai that I have not been able to do much for those sathis who have lost their lives, those who live in poverty and are continuing to face persecution.

I am sorry my beloved guid that the tree you sow more than 3 decades ago; today is facing danger of withering. I am sorry because I know that you can live a life full of pleasure, peace, comfort and piety but at this age you have to face persecution because you stood for me and millions like me.

I am sorry my leader that I just cannot do more for you, for my sathis and my people. But I promise that till I live I would fight for spreading your vision of peace, power to the masses, education and health rights, justice, equality and ensuring Jinnah’s Pakistan or die trying.

Hope, you accept the apologies of your son. Many happy returns on the day and that you guide us forever.

Best Regards

A Pakistani

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