The Game begins Mr. Prime Minister

People are complaining that at this critical juncture of our country; our newly elected Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif has gone on to perform Umrah. There has been a lot of criticism around this visit. Media has been all over the poor guy who is barely 90 days into the job.

If I am the Prime Minister of Pakistan and I need anything now on my side is definitely the God. And that is what exactly Mr. Nawaz Sharif is doing . Gone to get the God on his side by performing Umrah and also thanking him for putting him back in the seat which he lost and I am sure a prayer that it doesn’t happen again in the future. As the chaos; the country is in I am sure nothing is possible without his will. After God what is more critical at this time is definitely the God’s highest servants on the mother Earth and that is Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. So the PM’s visit is just not to keep the God on his side but somehow get God’s Kingdom of Saudia Arabia on his side as well.
Eid is being celebrated across the country. Barely in the last 48 hours over a few dozen people have died in Quetta only. Floods have ravaged the economical hub of Pakistan. Taliban serpent is again seen raising its head ; more dangerously at our eastern borders. The daring D.I. Khan jail break where over 200 just walked out for a picnic; with our security personnel who were supposed to defend the facility hid with tails between their legs. The facility which was supposed to be the most secured one in the country gave a look of a juvenile shelter when was tested may be for the first time in the history of the country by the Enemy No. 1 of the state i.e. Taliban. Now some people are living in conspiracy mode that TTP are Indian agents which I strongly disagree. Blaming our problems on conspiracies whilst ignoring the facts is nothing but short of being ironic.

It looks like Pandora box of chaos has been opened in Pakistan and closing it needs more than just will. Every day has become a new challenge. Sitting thousands of miles of away when I switch to Pakistani channels I also have my heart in my mouth hoping that nothing bad just appear us a Breaking News. Knowingly this Prime Minister has started to look towards the core of the issues. Till now he has kind of impressed me as of the steps he is taking.

Firstly, he patted Baluchistan on the shoulder and let Dr. Maalik become the Chief Minister there. Speaking to the supporters of Baluchistan’s freedom; they don’t seem much happy with this as they feel that this is not a solution of their problem. They feel that Pakistan’s parliamentary politics has been designed on purpose in such a way that the 13 seats the Baluchistan gets would never get them enough weight in the center and thus a waste of time. The burning of Ziarat residency in June after elections by Baluchistan Liberation Army and recently declared by them brazenly on the internet where they uploaded the 16 minute video of the operation shows clearly the intensity of the situation. The killings of the poor Punjabi workers in Mach area is nothing short of condemnable . I fully empathize with Baluch cause of fighting for their rights as I know and have seen the discrimination they get at the hands of the majority sitting on the plethora of resources but these acts just weaken the morale of the cause. I think that they would have to find lesser ways of getting heard. I think Nawaz Sharif who would have been hoping that things would ease down there as China insists on Pakistan to make realize the clean route to Gawadar port and culling of the insurgency; just see by the day his task becoming challenging.

What I fear more is that the generic formula in Pakistan to make Taliban the first line of defense might back fire as in the rest of the country. We saw that during the attack on the Hazara community who have been the biggest victims of the same . The recent attack on a Police man’s funeral where more than 30 got killed must be a big psychological victory for the BLA. Whilst rest of the nation keeps shut up on the same. I must praise Chaudhary Iftikhar may be the first time in my life who went to attend the funeral of those who got martyred. Trying to instill confidence in those attending there. But the judiciary is also responsible as they failed to provide justice to the victims and the perpetrators both.

Prime Minister’s job has increased more with the escalation of the violence on the Indian front where skirmishes have broken out and with the election upcoming there; the war drumming has intensified. I fear that we are at the border of a bigger issue at our hands. As Indian soldiers who got killed at the border had to be killed by someone as Pakistan Army has denied any involvement. Haifz Saeed’s statement being broadcasted on the Indian Media is seen as a veiled threat of war indirectly by the other side of the border. I think whilst we try to ease things down ; we should also try to take steps to resolve our national issues by statesmanship not by a Gun. I am sure the PM realizes this and would not budge in to the pressure of the extremists since his past allegiance with the militants in Punjab are known very well. Just wondering that the so called covert understanding between PMLN and the Islamic militants if ceases; might see the extension of the violence there as well. Now let’s not forget the villains for the India are closer to their border and I am sure there are a lot of anxious souls sitting there and post 26/11 attacks in Mumbai there Intelligence can’t afford to be seen succumbing to another attack though debate is rife in Pakistan of the recent statements by a former Indian Civil servant that India itself could have staged Mumbai attacks . But it doesn’t matter since Hafiz Saeed and likes do not make our stance stronger but weaker by showboating on media and I feel that the Indian Citizens do not watch our media unlike we do.

Talibans have increased their intensity with the jail break a few days before Sen. Kerry’s arrival in Pakistan with maybe a sense of frustration over non stopping of Drone Strikes. I wonder with the so call chest beating of victory as US troops plan to pull out of Afghanistan by our religious warlords in 2014. Many tend to forget that the Americans do not need to stay in Afghanistan to conduct Drone Strikes which has been their main mode of attack that is Air and it would be naïve to think we can since our main tool of air defense comes from them only and let’s not forget the Dollars.

So I am sure realizing this PMLN decided to ease down the pressure in Karachi by reaching out to MQM knowing that they can’t afford to open another front in Pakistan; as the frustration grows amongst Karachiites seeing the lack of empathy and will by the government to take out the real criminals of Karachi . Now I am sure that some MQM bashing would follow after I get this piece posted. But what we fail to realize is that the problem in Lyari is the biggest issue; with militancy, terrorism, kidnapping and bhatta centered there. Unless our establishment supports it all; I fail to see the lack of will of our agencies to arrest likes of Uzair Baloch though his arrests warrants are out. The only outcome which comes to my mind is that either fear or sorry to say collaboration. Is PAC and Uzair Baloch the first line of defense or Mullah Fazalullah of Karachi? If it’s true than it’s a shame.

Knowing this Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif realizes that he do not have three years to wait out the issues. He needs a bail out . A bail out by the God and a bail out by their highest servant on the earth that is Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Whilst the first would shower its blessing and the latter would provide the money and its powerful influence on the international players in Pakistan or abroad. He has also gone to China to show his commitment towards the old relationship. A good start I agree. Whilst he reached out to India but maybe without the blessing of the game masters of our country. Interestingly, whilst he went to KSA; our President headed to Iran to meet and greet the newly elected President of Iran. Well it’s all happening in Pakistan right now.

Let’s not forget that the economy dwindles and the dollar which has lost almost four rupees in the last 2 to 3 months is adding to the misery; the bad news is that it might unfortunately see more depreciation over the next few months. Though there is a good team on the ground by PMLN but the challenge is humongous. Till now Mr. Sharif has made right moves. I think that he should focus on moving towards it without getting distracted. I feel that he would have to rise above more and rid of all personal issues which may include letting Gen Musharaf go as well. I think we need him with his head down on the issues of Pakistan not issues of Sharif khandaan.

Well I must say that though I am a big PMLN critic seeing what they did in Karachi in the 90’s. I still think that Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif are the best team on the table right now. Now I know that it may look very frustrating for PTI who need to win Punjab to come in power. My advice to them would be; do not take any more stupid actions to derail the situation anymore and focus on at least getting civil issues resolved in KPK since as per their claim they can’t do anything on the law and order situation there and expects the Federal government to do it. But I still remember the tall claims they made in the run up to the elections. I feel that their failure there would see a further deteriorating in their party and we may see 7.4 Million frustrated faces all over the country.

Anyways, I wish that the positioning which Mr. Sharif is making works out as I always say that the options are becoming lesser by the day unfortunately and correct and only correct steps are required. Our army just do not need orders but support as well. With them getting martyred across the country by their own countrymen. They need morale boost from us the Civilians for a change whilst they do inward soul searching and correct the mistakes done in the past instead of making new ones. Just last thing that it’s good that none of the Quaid e Azam’s children live in Pakistan; as after seeing the acts of shame on the pictures in the BLA video would have pained them a lot. I wish I could have done more for this nation since I am do not hold the seat of power. But I pray that those who have do something about it. Pakistan Zindabad!



3 comments on “The Game begins Mr. Prime Minister”
  1. Fawaz Hussein says:

    A very well written blog by Mr. Danish Kazi. I must say that he has up-to-date information regarding Pakistani politics.

    I strongly agree with the writer’s analysis.
    “A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who however, has never learnt how to walk forward ” ( i read it somewhere)
    So people who are all the time criticizing others should now sit quiet and watch. Allow atleast someone to do something for the nation. Nobody has got the magical stick to change everything in a second.
    Observe the condition of the country where we are passing through. I must say that we are hijacked from every corner, it really needs a brain to take us out safely.
    It’s a time to sit on one table to brainstrom for the betterment of Pakistan rather than putting blaims. Politics is not all about pulling the leg of the party in power or does it?
    Mr. Nawaz Sharif is the elected prime minister and the initiatives so far taken up by his team seems good enough if compared with his last tenure, i guess.

    In my opinion the major threat for the country to deal with urgently are the (horrible terror dragon) talibans. They are becoming again stronger which is more than harmful for us.
    People must understand the security threats, work and allow the goverment to chalk out some plans to crack down such evil powers.
    Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.

    1. Sarim Imran says:

      Biased commentary. Talks nothing about shameful failings of PTI and Imran Khan in KPK & DIKhan. Advance security warning got deaf ear treatment in KPK. Instead of availing opportunity to courageously come out and intiate counter measures to meet challenge of DIK security Leadership preferring pelting stones sitting in Glass-house. Credible writers have to neutral and one sided-bashing brings negative encounters . Sarim Imran.

      1. dkazi013 says:

        Hello Sarim, whilst I agree tht PTI has failed in DI Khan issue but NS must take this bull by horns as I think he can solve it.

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