Tomorrow it Begins

Today when the sun would set,
When life comes to a halt,
Where a dark shadow prevails,
Where spirit goes stale,
Where only thing which comes alive,
The will of ours to survive.

Today when the darkness grows,
One can hear a cry unknown
When every soul try to heal,
Where spirit is scarred,
So when out comes the stars,
Hope looks so near but yet so far.

Today when the moon shines,
Our ego grows and hate twines,
So what if the path is murky,
Satiate your desires within
You would find the path so close,
Lest remember what begins ends.

Tomorrow when dawn breaks,
Take a breath of belief,
Close your eyes and conceive,
The glory is for you to take,
So the world may fall apart,
Let not your spirit break.

Tomorrow would be a day so new,
Some would sure fall,
Winners would be few,
Those who cross the path so rife,
Are not those who just strive,
But who belief success is not beyond life


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