We won’t surrender

“The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking; but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable”- Sun Tzu

I start this piece with a quote from a man who is known as one of the greatest war philosophers. Why a war philosopher to be referred today? Why not a peace monger in the history like Nelson Mandela or any other? The reason is simple country men . Like it or not. We are at war. The only difference that the enemy this time doesn’t wear an army fatigue but the enemy is from within us. This war is not about consolidation of the borders. This war is about the consolidation of the thoughts. This war is about that how I perceive my Pakistan or how the other side or with reference to this piece ; the enemy does.

Pakistan since its independence have fought declared wars with our neighboring India for only one issue and that is Kashmir. But now Pakistan fights its war of survival against the same demon that have raised its head and grown of our resources.

Pakistan heads towards a new juncture. Some say to my astonishment a ‘Naya Pakistan’ . It looks in my view that in fact Pakistan heads towards a corner whether we would need to decide whether we need Quaid’s Pakistan or in fact a Mullah’s Pakistan. Lets go back in the history. The two nation theory which every one reveres so much ; its founder i.e. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan is no where seen or mentioned. In fact the two nation theory as we see today is what was formed after the formation of Pakistan by the same set of Mullah’s who not only called Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Kafir for encouraging the Muslims of the sub continent to study English but later Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as may be he didn’t supported a beard and was not a hypocrite like them.
In fact it was overwhelmingly opposed by Maulana Azad; the founder of Jamaat e Islami even in a massive rally in Delhi before Pakistan came into existence. Well I would not dwell more into history as I would not like to make this piece boring and would come straight to the point.

The seed that we sow after partition has now developed into a well formed tree of Islamic Fundamentalism where kill, bomb, stone, cut and hang is what the world see our religion as. In fact, the same preachers of hatred who are currently being led by Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan or TTP forget that our Holy Prophet (PBUH) used peace and his solid character and I repeat character to spread our religion. Islam became a great religion because of this messenger of Allah who never preached violation of human rights even of his enemies. And when challenged by them. He fought them on an even field through war without involving their women, children, old or those who didn’t sided with his enemies. Our prophet preached what he practiced and hence the religion became great as we see today.

I personally feel that Islam is under attack not by the western crusaders but by our own misguided people who have developed into demons in the name of religion. I am no one to call anyone Kafir as they might do. But let me tell you; the way they have started to impose their logic in the name of our great religion on the masses . I would not consider them Muslims myself. Bombing of innocent in their homes irrespective of caste, creed and religion . What justifies the right in the name of religion? Then they would hide behind that we are also being droned without respite. They themselves hide behind their families knowing they are at war. But feel free to ambush and kill un armed.

Recently there is a fatwa going on that no good Muslim should vote in these elections. Why not? Why don’t they stop cribbing and fight it out as well rather than stopping others? There is another fatwa doing rounds that any one voting for secular parties like MQM, PPP or ANP being secular parties would be taken to task. Who has given them the right to judge anyone? Wonder since they are asking people to go against the constitution of the country and stopping them from exercising their constitutional rights. Why our judiciary or our army is shut up on the same? Why no article 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 which ever is applicable on them? Why some of our politicians who want to get into power from back door like Jamaat e Islami and very unfortunately the hope of Naya Pakistan PTI is shut on this. Isn’t this height of tyranny and hypocrisy.

Dozens of people have been killed . 3 major bomb attacks only in Karachi and more in Pakistan attacking these secular parties. I would refer to the quote from Sun Tzu and focus on the word “Unassailable”. I would strongly recommend that all secular parties irrespective of ethnicities , caste , creed or religion should form an alliance against these extremist elements and their apologists. Don’t boycott the elections as Back door parties like Jamaat e Islami expects. Fight them with more zeal and effort. How many can they kill? They can’t wipe us out for defending the Pakistan as envisaged by not a Mullah but by our Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Our Army , Our Forces, Our Security Agencies, Our Media, Our Judiciary and our State Machinery who all take oath to defend the constitution of the country would have to rise above their personal attachments or feelings. Its time that they rise to defend not only our country from these hypocrites by a full blooded assault and not by operations of political convenience. But rise to defend as these people have made a mockery of our beloved religion. The onus is on them.

They would have to decide as I feel that strongly that people of Pakistan are at the verge of taking things on their own if their defenders of their lives and constitution are not on their side. We all know what is happening in Syria and Iraq and has happened in Libya or elsewhere. This resentment if not addressed institutionally would god forbid would result into and un controllable plethora of events which would not be in the interest of our beloved nation.

In the end. I am sure that myself and many like me out there would not let this Pakistan slip into a Fundamentalist state/nation ; as we would all like a progressive Pakistan in foot print of Islam but sorry to say not a Mullah ka Pakistan. They may kill us , they may bomb us, they may maim us . But they cant scare us . We due to our resources , our people, our spirit and our zeal deserves better. We won’t surrender to their threat. We won’t surrender to their attacks. We would keep on reddening the mud of this country with our blood. But we won’t surrender. We just won’t surrender. These elections . People should not be doped by rhetoric but think beyond and vote for a Pakistan and parties; that is only and only Quaid’s Pakistan . Pakistan Zindabad!


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