One Pakistan- Two Standards

April 30th 2002 was a very memorable date in my life. One mainly, it was a first time I got a chance to legally vote and at the same time. It was the same fateful day that my mother passed away. I still recall the day that when I rushed out of my business school (IBA) and headed towards home thanks to one of my friends. As I reached home . I got a drop at the nearest polling station near my house and went in to vote for President Musharraf (for referendum at the time) and then headed home. Only to find my mother dying in my arms just minutes later as she suffered from Cancer for many years. Sometimes if I think that had I headed home instead could have spent a few more minutes at the side of my dying mother. But then feel at the same time that voting for Gen Musharraf at the time was for more crucial for the nation.
I remember that I studied in Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology. No day passed by when you didn’t hear of extrajudicial killings in Karachi. Living in Karachi was worse than what it is now. The only difference is that the perpetrators being agencies. The country though became a Nuclear Power but was on the verge of Bankruptcy. If I may recall clearly only a Billion $ or above was left in our reserves. Then came October 12th 1999 when we heard that there is a coup in the country for whatever reasons and Nawaz Sharif has been thrown out. I still remember that at least Karachi took a sigh of relief and we were distributing sweets from our pocket money to the passer by’s . Gen Musharraf took over and infact got us rid of a political dictator who wished to become infact an ameer-ul-momineen. I still remember my convocation where I got a chance to shake the General’s hands. All so nostalgiac . The rest is history.
It would be unfair to mention that whilst our nation could have been bombed to stone ages whilst some of our ex army generals mention that General Musharraf surrendered to US will and forget that just a few years ago; we also surrendered to the same will at Kargil. I remember that when we graduated . Each of us had many job offers in hand whilst now it’s a rarity. I remember the golden times of Karachi where under Nazim system; the city grew by leaps and bounds which it never did in many decades. Where no one before even bothered to worry about the city. I remember investors lining up to invest in Pakistan. I remember where reverse migration began and I remember that the average citizen of Pakistan sleeping a full stomach. Then the Lal Masjid happened which I feel happened rightfully as terrorists were challenging the will of Pakistan and that too in the capital of our country. Then the judiciary movement happened which I remember that it started due to the differences on the son of the Chief Justice which anyways got unearthed recently. God knows if it was true or false but for Pakistanis it still awaits closure as we would like to know how to earn 90 PKR Million in a botched up economy of Pakistan over 3 years or less.
Anyways for the last few days . Its clear that General Musharraf is paying for deciding to return to Pakistan. Maybe one of the wrong decisions as may be he forgot the color of his skin or his genes. A clear mistake and is paying for it by being humiliated at the hands of our judicial system for doing what he felt at the time of Presidency as the right thing to do.
I wonder why these double standards. Did any one persecuted Ayub Khan for first his martial law and than his acts of cowardice against Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah and not to ignore the distrust he started in East Bengal? Did any one called Gen Niazi a coward for surrendering with 90000 troops to India? Did any one called Zulfiqar Bhutto a traitor for chanting “Idhar hum udhar tum” and being timid on being the PM though Awami league had majority? Did any one called Zia a traitor or infact a tyrant for inducing this country into fundamentalism ; infact hanging Bhutto wrongfully? Did anyone called Benazir a traitor for writing to US senators for stopping Pakistan’s aid after losing her government and leaking the list of Khalsa movement to Rajieev Gandhi whilst in power? Did any one called Ghulam Ishaq Khan a traitor for conniving along with Hameed Gul & Co to bring down democratic governments not once but twice? Did any one called Nawaz Sharif a tyrant for ordering extra judicial killings in Punjab and especially in Karachi in his tenure whilst he shed crocodile tears for Bugti and Baluchistan? Did any one called CJ Iftikhar Chaudhary a traitor for justifying the PCO after Oct 12th 1999 in fact took oath from the same General Musharaf ; despite though respected Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid refused the same and missed his chance for the same slot? Did any one called General Kiyani/General Pasha an incompetent General under whose vigilance Salala, Mehran Base, GHQ, OBL incident, Kamra attack etc etc happened and till now our soldiers blood is being shed? The list goes on my dear Pakistanis . The list goes on . But unfortunate to see that General Musharaf who gave this nation this free media is being persecuted unilaterally without any remorse forgetting the good he did to this nation.
Someday when history would be written many decades later for Pakistan hopefully. These incidents of the last few days would haunt us . As remember this is only the beginning as I would also have a right to hold by collar any out going President/Ruler/Office Holder of the country. Also at the same time why only Musharraf when all sided with him. Why not before him ? Why not those in power now as even now there are no rivers of milk and honey flowing in our nation? Every day people are dying at the hands of terrorists without respite ? Why no persecution of these terrorists; infact they are being glorified . Why no speedy justice for Salman Taseer? Why no speedy justice to the killers of our Shia brothers? Why no speedy justice on Arsalan Iftikhar for his ill gotten wealth?
Again Pakistan is becoming a tryst of a few. Where faces might change but not the will as the same garbage would come into power again and again and again. And if someone try to correct the status quo; he is being made an example. Today ANP,PPP and PMLN Senators stood together against General Musharraf in a press conference . Wonder if these two faced politicians could do the same on the national issues. Wonder why the law of the country which is meant to give relief to average Pakistani is being used as a tool to supplement the tyrants.
Remember today’s actions are setting course for a future. Its not going to end here but would begin. Because if the judiciary can ask for an eye for eye . So it would be my right to ask for the same as we are all equal when it comes to being Pakistanis. Pakistan Zindabad!



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  1. karachi_Times says:

    dear i am Very impressed with your article So True and eye opening, i aM Posting it on our Facebook page with your Regards, overall no biasness was found by me, Yes Very true we Have Dual standards….as a Nation Also As a Individual.

    1. dkazi013 says:

      Thank you so much…. Kindly message me ur details for future communications at

      Best Regards

      Danish Kazi

      1. Mujtaba says:

        m sharing it on FB on my pages usefull n based on facts

      2. maha says:

        professional very impressive…

      3. Shuja says:

        An impressive data for knowledge for all of us. Please share more information…i want to spread the gud view of him. He must take down everyone involved in his regime and related actions

      4. Ahsan says:

        Nicely done Danish bhai. Keep it up.

  2. karachi_Times says:

    Congrats Your Page Has been upload on
    as well as Official Parvaiz Musharraf Page.

  3. zulfiqaf khan says:

    judges getting 100% personal.

  4. syed ali says:

    Wow, very true facts. I wish if we could spread this as much.

    1. yes judges getting 100% persnal.

  5. syed nizar says:

    well said. i am impressed. this is full of information about dual politics, fake judicial system of our beloved country. this is our bed luck that we have these double standard politicians. we need leader like Musharraf not politicians like nawaz Sharif etc. thank you for this article.

  6. Adnan Rao says:

    Uploaded on fb page:

  7. Message for President Musharraf :

    ” The solution was simple and just did not listen! You have power but you did not use it as required on that time . They not only are powerful in here but also countries like America and United Kingdom . Did you ever try to fall in with British Underworld ? Because they afraid of them. You could start a campaign against them in UK . Why wasted time earning money ? You should had used your collections in support of Urdu Speakers in Europe .
    You should had made connections with Skinheads Underworld and you would be supported .

    Now the average will suffer once again and will be in future just because we are some brainy with silly hats on our heads.

    Their powers are hidden outside Pakistan and it has been gaining due to our Laziness and negligence .Please break them,break their power like criminals and they all will become rest in peace . ”

    Thank you and TC.

  8. Moazzam Saeed says:

    A true account of our political history and hypocrisy. In case of Gen Musharraf discrimination is obvious. Time to learn and think about future.

  9. K H Zafarullah says:

    A bitter truth, unfortunately.

  10. Mohammad Khalid Ayub says:

    Very well said and this is the true story of Pakistan today,if we can not change today then we will pay much heavier price to-morrow. General Musharaff always used to say that we are having internal threat but not external.These are the element whom he was talking about without taking their names and these are the real enemies of Pakistan since the beginning,they have finish everything like termite.The time has come to raise our voice in support of General Saheb .Pakistan and her peoples need him badly in this very hour.He is the only and only one who can save Pakistan and her peoples from all the crisis which we facing today,believe me we have got very brave,honest and patriotic leader after very long long time,we can not afford to loose him.Now think and decide wisely whom you are going to support to save Pakistan.He is the one without any stigma that we know and he has always think about the country and her peoples betterment.

  11. khalid says:

    I’m very much impressed by the facts described Danish Kazi, now sharing it on my facebook page. Keep it up.

  12. paUl. dean says:

    Great leader we love you god bless you.

  13. Mohsin Zahid says:


    I’d start by saying that the article started out well and touched on points where I would agree with ex-Gen Musharraf’s regime ‘at the time’ he took the reigns of our nation and indeed was a saviour. However, I would like to ask you whether you have any proof other than what media/Gen.Musharraf/Army tells you about the Laal mosque incident? By that I mean have had the opportunity scour through bbc’s coverage of the incident where interviews were held with the teachers of women students who were present inside the mosque when the event took place? I’m guessing the answer would be no or else you wouldn’t even mention that incident here and have the tenacity of calling them ‘All’ terrorists!

    The other point that I’d like to make is your article drifts into history where you highlight events at the hands of our ex-presidents and PMs and their wrong doings to question why Gen. Musharraf is being treated the way he is when all the others ‘got away’! I would then ask you why should he not be put on trial for the accusations unto him so it is decided under the judicial system that he disobeyed when he was in power. Is it because the others got away that he should also? Regardless what Ch. Iftikhar’s character is, Gen. Musharraf is answerable for his actions during his reign and my dear friend, the phrase goes where there’s smoke there’s fire, so I’d say just because you don’t have full knowledge of what exactly happened (or else you would have referred to a knowledge library/accepted sources) you cannot deem Gen. Musharraf to be acquitted!

    1. Maheen Alavi says:

      You do have a point. Who knows what went on at lal masjid. But my only question is ( if you remember the live coverage of the whole event back in 2007) was the soldier brought to PIMS severely wounded, in shock, calling out to his friend acting? If not then who was responsible for it? The army? His fellow soldiers? If not the army then who? Surely not the people inside the lal masjid since they didn’t have weapons barring the holy Quran and their own unfaltering faith. I was in islamabad at that time listening to the army extending the deadline time after time for them to surrender. There is truth to the lal masjid affair and being an alumni of international Islamic university islamabad, I know how fanaticism runs. Now to term them all as terrorists would be right if the “all” that we are talking about are the people with weapons inside the lal masjid holding others hostage. General Musharraf was a great leader and still is. The only leader in the past 20 years who have made me feel proud to be a Pakistani.

      1. Rashad says:

        i was living in islamabad at the time when the incident took place and i clearly remember students and people coming out of the lal masjid and ransacking cd shops and some were looting othershops. Peoples hard earned money and life’s saving were being incinerated in front of them, and then they tried to kidnap some foreign women who were in one of the buildings branding them as prostitutes.

        The operation became a necessity when they actually challenged the writ of the nation in the heart of the country’s capital. They were not innocent men and women, rather deranged from illogical preaching, brain-washed and blinded with hatred.

        God forbid, the lal masjid was no sacriligious holy site that it could not be demolished. It was evident what thereal motive was behind the barricade. Thousands of masjid’s are constructed and demolished all over the muslim world, but only in paksitan you see deranged maulvi’s trying to save there “qabza” plots and houses next to mosques through such extremism.

    2. manxer Q says:

      where i can find those BBC videos?

    3. Farooq says:

      Mohsin Sb, I believe you did not well understood what Danish said it is about Dual Standards. Never the less I was there when the Lal Masjid operation was going on and I firmly stand by the Army Action against them, as the Deen Islam does not preach what they they did, if PM was wrong so more wrong were they for starting it. Maybe you don’t have full knowledge of what really is going and like a pigeon you have a closed your eyes. We all will suffer for what we are doing today as we as a nation are poor in character and admitting and by far ready to correct ourselves.

  14. Mohd Wali says:

    A traitor is a traitor and must be tried under article 6.


    جج صا حبا ن تو زمین پہ خدا بنے بیٹھے ھیں
    الله ھی ھمارے اس پاکستان کے نڈر و بھاد ر سپاھی کا
    حامی و ناصر ھو






    Hon’able Gen(R)PervezMusharraf – AT THIS POINT OF TIME you desperately NEED ( AS too many fronts 4 U) , Barrister Saif , SIR


    4 g8 Commando General (R) Pervaiz Musharraf
    A prayer 4rm THE sincere HEART ………………….

    یا رحمان یا رحیم یا غفور یا غفار ، ھمارے پاکستان کا ایک اکلوتا نڈر بے باک و مخلص و دیانتدار رھنما لیڈر ( جو دنیا کے بڑے سے بڑے لیڈر سے پاکستان کا مقدمہ لڑنے کی نہ صرف صلا حیت رکھتا ھے بلکہ یکتا و انمول ھیرا) کو اپنے حفظ و امان میں رکھ اور ھر جگہ ھمت سے نبرد آزماں ھونے کی بھرپور طاقت عطافرماےء اور فتح و نصرت سے ہمکنار کر — آمین ثمہ آمین

    Fight Like a COMMANDO Sir Jee
    Almighty ALLAH will help you and us InshaALLAH

  19. M. Azwerul Haque says:

    Excellent! Very nicely written. You are the voice of the silent majority.

  20. ch khizar says:

    excellent analysis we must spread this information to all Pakistanis for opening their eyes its high time .

  21. Tanzeel says:

    Good one,
    Musharraf’s return to Pakistan and submitting himself to courts should have been appreciated by the media, judiciary and nation at large but except progressive Pakistanis no one could step up to welcome PM but manipulated his comeback. We are a thankless nation who deserve Zardaris, Khans and Shareefs.

  22. TALHA says:


  23. zeeshan says:

    Very nice article n a brief n bitter history overview, m agreed to almost all facts except one… “MEDIA IS NOT INDEPENDENT” RATHER JEWS R USING IT FOR A BIG PROPAGANDA, AS GEN MUSHARRAF HIMSELF BECAMES THEIR TARGET. V dont need azaad media, it was far better when v were ignorant earlier.

  24. S Wajid Ali says:

    Thanks for passing on correct fact/ realities. I hope every should understand and open his eyes. We need to save Pakistan and honesty is the main element which will lead us to success. We have poisoned political & judiciary system, our management never try to deal with internal created issues religious, terrorism and corruptions. Afghans are one of the source in Pakistan to escalade terrorism and afghans are being used by our close rival India. Musharraf sahab is a honest person but a honest person survival has been a big issue in Pakistan. I firmly request our most strongest institution Pak Army to interfere and eliminate anti Pakistan approach from Pakistan 100% even no body will mind if they hang all these poisoned persons . The only solution . I m Pakistani and will stay Pakistani

  25. sam says:

    great effort v true

  26. khan says:

    100% true. I am glad that there are people like you

  27. Mashood Ali says:

    Deeply from my heart, I m very much impressed of your message, hope that it should reach to every educated person,

  28. talib hussain says:

    dilo jan se piyara parvez musharraf khuda apko apny hifzo aman ma rakhe ap ko do bar milla ap jessa koi leader na paya.

  29. Syed Kamran Rizvi says:

    Mashallah, very eye opening. May I come into your house throw you out of your house and become the President of your HOUSE?
    Nawaz Shareef wanted to appoint another Chief of Army staff (right or wrong). Musharaf threw Nawaz out.

    But how come Musharaf became the President????? Are you all insane?????

  30. Kamran says:

    After few Martial Laws, a new law was passed That a new martial law will be treated as treason. That is why Musharaf called himself CEO for almost one year and then appointed himself as President. Pakistanis are fed up of dictators.

  31. ramsha says:

    Very well written spicmen. Keep it up.

  32. Tahir Mahmood says:

    couldn’t find one comment against our beloved General Musharaf which proves that how popular he is amongst Pakistanis. This is the state of fear which is forcing these evils to stop him by hook or by crook. I will say shame on Pakistani media too who got this independence because of this brave leader talking day and night against him portraying the wrong picture of him. Probably money talking behind the scene. I know no one will listen but will stay that if Pakistan is there you will be able to earn lot of Halal money than this Haram which you are filling the tummies of your children with. This Haram will come out in a manner that it will blow you away with it.

  33. jay mak says:

    As I frequently write and read each blog related Gen Musharraf cause I am pro Musharraf and love him I just want to say after all i ve gone through this blog that ” Dharti ke khuda bante hen yahan inko bhi zara koi de saza” Musharraf zinda bad.

  34. sajid mahmood says:

    Very good article. Real eye opener.

  35. Dania says:

    the article is very well written. Though I would like to draw the attention towards the last election. What happened then?? was n’t it that we all wanted a change ??? every single person was against the government at that time. whatever the factors may be, the things that are mentioned here were viewed with a completely different angle at that time.. do we have a right to learn from the past.. or are we wise enough to do so.. denying a basic human right is wrong but how wrong is being two-faced??

  36. Ahsan says:

    Dear Mr. Danish,

    Well said. These are the true facts that no one can deny.

  37. pakistanize says:

    I can feel your pain. Great articles. I also blogs but also thinks its time to actually do something. Like may be asking people nationwide to at least come out of their houses for 10 mins only and simply stand in front of their gates for the media and others to watch. Just a silent reminder to show the world what we think about Mr. Musharraf.

    Anyway, I am glad to find your blog. Great read. Keep posting. I will follow. Tx

  38. Nazneen says:

    Andhay ko bhe PTA hy k biased judiciary hy ..salay haramkhour lutairay judges hain…. Chief Justice ka protocol dekho president se b Barh k hy or bat krta hy insaaf ke pehlay apnay garebaan mein to jhankay

  39. Manzoor ahmad sadam says:

    Dear mr.danish kazi,
    it is an accepted truth that our judicial system is backward because of its wrong decisions it has made in future and still making in the shape of judicial activism.our chief justice is of course not loyal to pakistan and masses.if we take up his record we will never find his decision impartial, till now he has not kept any terrorist behind the bars not has punished the terrorists who have killed the poor pakistanis in thousands and have always tried to create anarchy in our country.keeping these mistakes aside committed by judiciary we can find its decision made against those who did corruption at their best and at the cost of the lives poor masses.if I concisely speak about judiciary I will say “that judiciary is merciless”.
    Mr.danish, the army chiefs before MR.MUSHARRUF were of course not faithful to pakistan and it is by the major mistakes they did in what I want to say is that, we must not pass wrong arguments about army and its heads they are totally different and are loyal to their country there it is must for us do some thing in favour of them.
    The behavior of current two faced judiciary with MR.MUSHARRUF is only based on personal interests therefore time will tell us how our judiciary played its negative role when pakistan was in the bunch different miseries.
    Manzoor ahmad sadam

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