Equal Accountability. Need of the hour

I am privileged to live in the part of Karachi where there are a lot of government officers, judges and even senior security personnel live. Those familiar with with the city would know. Every time I come back I get to see the see flashy cars with these group of people. All graciously with a government number plate. I am sure that the culture is not restricted to Karachi. Now what some time perturbs me more that some of these officers I know have some real expensive cars owned by them selves and its not restricted to just cars.

Recently, there has been a deluge of such class of people who have acquired personal properties worth millions of rupees in some of the poshest areas of Karachi. The concentration is mainly in Clifton and Defence. Now I am sure that some of them might have acquired the same by some hard earned money or from selling of past investments but then again….

Now its not restricted to just government officers but surprisingly even some of our forces personnel owns some really flashy assets. Now lets analyze that if by any chance these expensive toys are bought. How the cash flows being generated to sustain and maintain the same?

Unfortunately what I fear most is that the lower level officers or staff who struggle to make ends meet end up doing the wrong stuff like corruption and even some times part of cartels. Now we as a nation can bear the brunt of facing the same in the civilian affairs but what if the patience of our sepoys is breached. What then? After all they are equal stake holders in the country if not less.

See sometimes that Pakistan holds a mutated form of a socialist government. Whilst the government officers are paid less salaries than in comparison to private sector. But at the same time it was the job of the government to ensure proper schools, medical facilities and housing etc for the employed. Now by doing so, this would have not only alleviated the standards of the bulk of Pakistanis employed but at the same time would have given these less reasons to justify corruption. Ironic none of their own, any politicians or even our respected judiciary are concerned with the same.

Reason I write this peace today at this time . Because I have seen that whilst politicians might have plundered the nation. These tools of state machinery have been no less. Now as the media let no opportunity go to vindicate the politicians why no noise or accountability of these. Like head of parties are called in to answer their actions. Why none of the heads of either Police, Customs, Judiciary , Army etc etc are invited to answer to the people of Pakistan? After all we are paying their salaries from our hard earned money via taxes and still pay them over to get our basic jobs done.

Now why this is critical. If these corrupt lot are not taken to task. How will the nation see a transparent government whomever might come at the center? These bunch would ensure that the cover of flawed politicians remain in tact so that their coffers are always full and not to say the cash flows keep on coming to maintain their expensive toys.

How many of this bunch have been suspended, fired or even charged in the last couple of decades? How many suo mottos taken? How many media trials? I cant remember many. Only those cases are taken-up where there are political motives unfortunately even by our respected judiciary.

Anyways, whilst we grill our politicians. I would like to see or lets say ; we Pakistanis would like to see accountability with the same zeal of these game masters whom we sometimes call establishment. Rather than hitting on poor sepoys in police etc on media. Why no senior police officer driving a Land Rover asked of how he acquired such an expensive vehicle? I hope its not like. I scratch your back and you mine. Whilst we should cleanse the politicians. Its more critical to cleanse these executives who actually get the job done at the ground. Would await to see equally weighted action against them or our so called new zeal for a transparent democratic Pakistan would be no more than a half boiled state of affairs. Pakistan Zindabad!


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