Let change come by vote not by Tyranny

History has shown that tyranny might have made kings or queens but vanquished kingdoms. Every few decades the a group rise and claim that they stand for change sometimes successful and sometimes fail. But the question is that how that change has been brought. Like they say there can’t be no strong foundation based on lies and deceit. Similarly a change which is brought on the fundamentals of tyranny or hegemony would not only be short-lived but would trigger a demise. Now I don’t ask not to bring the change but do it the right way and also where its required.

As I landed in Karachi. I met people from rich to poor. From educated to illiterate. From a laborer or an officer to a businessman . Every one want to see change. Good! The media this time around is investing heavily on forcing people to vote thus creating awareness. Good! Even some parties under paid content are spending billions to invoke the same. Excellent! Even the terrorist TTP flex their muscles and talk about change but their wish list wants a radicalized changed Pakistan. So change is in the air. Some call it Naya Pakistan (New Pakistan) and some talk about that they would achieve magic this time which they couldn’t in their last many tenures.

But whilst we talk about the above. Does it mean only in Karachi as it looks like that the rest of the country is the land of milk and honey? First it starts with delimitation after announcement of election schedule, than not yet completed voter’s list and now what is more agonizing in Karachi is that MQM which is the major stakeholder of our city is now being pressurized to keep their sector and unit offices shut where their office bearers and workers are being arrested and charged for possessions so that they cant be bailed before elections. Means one thing that the workers who make elections campaigns of MQM work for the last many decades are being cut to size. Now lets add the threat of TTP to MQM in addition to ANP and PPP so that people are afraid to attend public meetings or even vote under fear. As I write in the last 2-3 days only. 2 candidates each from MQM and ANP have been killed not in Karachi but in Hyderabad and KPK. Lets not forget that the rangers in Karachi are under attack by TTP and army in KPK by the same.

Now I wonder does our game masters as I call them want by coercion, threat, harassment and deceit want to bring change. Aren’t they confident after billions they are spending on the propaganda that the people who talk about change would ensure the same with their votes? Lets assume for a moment that after the explained above if this tainted change even comes. Would for one be acceptable? And two would it be sustainable? This pre- poll rigging by the state induced would diminish Pakistan only. The attitude of the RO’s recently to demean the political people. The daily crucification of the politicians on the media but no accountability of the corruption in judiciary and even in some cases in our forces going un noticed makes me feel one thing that whether the so called torch bearers of our society are change agents or just agents.

Syed Mustafa Kamal said well at a corner meeting in Defense the poshest area of Pakistan that it looks like that the 98% of the people of Pakistan are born only to vote for the 2% elite and the children born to these 98% are being given birth to vote the posterity of the elite of our country. Karachi which is the only city which can proudly say that the elected are from middle or poor class due to the trend set by MQM; so much so other parties are forced to follow in a city which only elected Feudals and Industrialists in the past is now being vindicated by the tools of establishment in different forms by the Game Masters of Pakistan. The recent over reaction only in Karachi where the rest of the country still burns makes me wonder with whom does their loyalty lie. After all these Game Masters tried to rob Bengalis of their mandate in the 70’s and the rest is history. These are afraid that if middle class parties are even given 4 years to perform and they deliver more than the last 65 years than their empires would tumble and the Feuducracy would crumble in face of true democracy.

I feel that people should be provided environment to vote and let only the vote decide. Instead of playing these games. I respect my army and agencies much but I feel that instead of concentrating on our common enemy i.e. TTP in Karachi . There is not much action against them here. So what do I make out of it? Only one thing that if I cant see sincere efforts here in Karachi which is accessible . God knows what happens in NW and SW where there is no access or at all if something happens!

Anyways, Pakistan turns a difficult corner. Focus should be across the country as by all means no angels live else where. The gun totting workers of PPP, PMLN, ANP and even PTI now have been reported by media. Than why the focus only in Karachi under guise of rule of law. After all distributing free laptops, solar cells , money for becoming members etc etc are all pre poll riggings. Why everyone is shut up on that? Why only cleansing in Karachi? Since Raja Rental, Gilani, Zardari (ElPresidanto) , ephiderene Abbasi etc etc are not from Karachi.

Lets remember if these elections happen and foundations of which are such. Than the state does nothing but dis-service to this country as lets not forget Karachi gives 70% of the revenue of which they get only 2% if lucky. If you cant stop robbing their resources at least stop the try to rob the will of people here . Pakistan Zindabad.


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