Hello! Trust me it’s our War!

Today when I started to write this piece . I wanted to seek inspiration as everyone now speak about Elections, why Imran Khan may or not win? , why Nawaz Sharif is under threat? and a few speaking about the ultimate threat to Pakistan from not India, US or Israel but seldom about the wolves amongst the sheep that is Taliban’s of Pakistan.

A few days ago Gen Kiyani who is now on the verge of retirement declared that it’s our war against Taliban. But unfortunate to see that he has not been able to garnish support from many political parties who take middle positions on the issue of Talibanization in the country. Let it be PMLN or PTI both who are key contenders in Punjab elections. It’s clear now not by assumption but by facts that there is some sort of nexus or understanding between these two parties and Taliban in the country or it may be an arrangement with those who run these Taliban’s called Game Masters of our country.

Bomb after bomb explodes and targets offices, office bearers and even candidates of MQM and ANP in Sind and KPK . The Taliban openly accepting the responsibility without remorse sitting in a rat hole somewhere in the north. Children , Innocent and unarmed die a dozen at the hands of these hypocrites who want a right wing Pakistan government as an aspiration. It looks clear that they have decided to target those secular forces which stand between them and their end goal to make our nuclear armed state a Talibanized state.

Unfortunate that the so called leaders like Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan keep shut on criticizing these terrorists hoping that they win an election in Karachi through a back door. But what I would like to ask them is that even if they do. Do they seriously think that this mandate would hold ? As truth can be shoved in darkness but not killed for good.

On the contrary our Army Jawans who have laid down their lives in this war against terror ask from their graves that if this war had to be left in limbo or negotiations done with these terrorists than why they were led to slaughter in the first place? Why their sacrifice now being left in vain? Their widows and orphans ask the same question as to when these serpents would be culled? How many more are going to die before justice to be done?

Our judiciary is silent on the blood spilled of these sons. I want to ask them a question whether or not they consider these as the sons of the soil? Or they have to belong to certain parties when it comes to justice. I would like to ask them this question without fearing the contempt as to how many terrorists they have punished officially or hanged in the last many years since the rebirth of a free judiciary. The answer is None. Why would they keep quiet on this quintessential issue of Pakistan whilst they focus on non issues or issues of lesser importance when it comes to the sovereignty of the nation.

Our media do report but sometimes stay short of condemning the terrorists within Taliban. What should I make out of it as Pakistani? Is it because of their endorsement? Is it because of some Game Masters of Pakistan? Or is it because of some other pressures. Isn’t media supposed to be unbiased?

So what do the people do? Who do they go to for justice? Since none of their killers are being taken to task? Our Armed forces are quiet when it comes to the spilling of the blood of the secular forces though a hint came recently at Youm e Shahuda where Mr. Bilour was honored but may be it has come too late as Mr. Kiyani’s tenure ends and we don’t know the next one in line would agree with the policy.

We live in a nation where Gen Hameed Gul is glorified for pampering Taliban and it’s like minded , where parties like Jamaat e Islami which take their inspiration and strength from the same factors are heroes? But a General like Musharraf is demonized for taking action against a den of terrorists like Laal Masjid.

We live in a nation where talking about change is in the in-thing but talking about hypocrisy is seen out of style. We live in a nation which lives by rhetoric, which hide behind assumptions but stop short of accepting the truth. The truth that the nation is at a war and has been at war for the last few years against the rising head of Talibanization which I hate primarily for two reasons. One for bringing disrepute to our religion and two for targeting unarmed and innocent. Just as I write there has been three explosions in the country and many children have become victims of the atrocity.
Now the question is what do we do as a nation who is under attack. What do we as people for being cleansed in a systematic genocide without any major denouncement nationwide either due to fear or consent? What do we do to survive? What do we do to fight back? What do we do to wipe out these anti state and anti humanity champions ? What do we do with leaders who support this hegemony? Should we vote such dual faced leaders back into power? Or Should we stand up and fight either with pen or sword or gun? This would need to decided . Now!

Before fall of Dhaka there was a group called Al Badar who massacred Bengalis in the name of religion and accused them of colluding with the enemies . Don’t we see the same happening in Karachi now. Shouldn’t we take a lesson from our history and do not make the same mistakes again. Because we as a nation cannot survive another blow with ongoing insurgency in almost half the country. Can we afford another war within a war in the country? Do we seriously think that the world would sit on the side lines to see a Nuclear Pakistan venturing into it? Do we seriously think as Pakistanis that this would just go away as we awake from our slumber of despair?

Let me tell you one thing my dear Pakistanis. Let the situation not go to extremes. Let me tell you those aspiring Prime Ministers that if they think that this war against terror or with Taliban is not our war. They not only spit on the soldiers who got martyred and laid down their lives but they dig their own grave as the agenda of these would not stop at Karachi only. I feel Karachi is the last frontier and if its lost than unfortunately conquering Pakistan for these tyrants might be a walk in the park and trust me a lot of the same who hide behind from denouncing these hideous acts would be victim of the same fate.

As for Karachi my beloved city . I know that it would wake up again tomorrow . It would be another day. It would again see eye to eye with these demons. It would fight. Its sons wont surrender. Just won’t surrender . Let the whole world leave them at its own. They would fight with their strength with both pen and sword. I am sure the world would not remain oblivious and before the city of Karachi becomes a global battle field due to its strategic location. Lets accept it as Pakistan’s war and fight it out before all hope is lost. As Quaid’s Pakistan had no room for this tyranny . Lets fight it not because one or two parties are victims but today its them and tomorrow it would be you. Fight for those martyred soldiers whose widows and orphans look for vengeance . Fight for those innocent and unarmed who have lost their lives. Fight for Pakistan . Pakistan Zindabad!



2 comments on “Hello! Trust me it’s our War!”
  1. Khan Mohammad says:

    Well IK is trying at hiss best to dent the wadera/zamindar political setup in Pakistan, but I doubt very much, he would be able to do that. As he said, not going to make any alliance, will have to sit in the opposition benches. My guess, he cant take more than 40 seats in NA.

  2. NIKHIL SINGH says:

    Read your blog . . Got here through twitter. . . . Nothing new here . . . As an Indian all I can say is you guys are looking at the abyss . . . I say this with sadness , that normal young paki wants Shariat means all political parties will eventually have to accept it . . . Believers in pluralistic forwards looking has only the option to migrant to US UK and other commonwealth countries . . . . As for India we should be mentally prepared for an extremist nuclear state in our neighbourhood

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