Open Letter to Muhajir Youth in Pakistan

Lately I am getting many messages where our youth especially of Karachi , Sindh Urban and specifically of Muhajir origin look worried, dejected and confused. This is all because of the manifestation of those who wanted this to inculcate which in my view to enslave the minds so that these are ruled without resistance like anywhere else in Pakistan at the whelm of those in establishment as slaves on morsels. 

I have been very upset and thought that perhaps its time to address this youth . My personal political struggle started when I was made to realize of my Muhajir origin at a recruitment center which was unacceptable for me and I promised to strive to change that. My journey continues but it cant be complete if everyone suffering realise and unite. There were platforms created but are under fire. No one is willing to own the community on ground in Pakistan. In fact some want this community identity to perish . How can we living in a tribal country ? How can we where a quota system has been formed to identify us? How can we as we are under represented in government institutions? Losing this identity now after much sacrifice would be suicidal. So I thought I write to the youth of our community today and let them feel that they are equally proud citizens of Pakistan and they would need to struggle for their rights continually as their forefathers did to win this independence.

“Our youth should not feel disappointed. I am sure the effort to divide & rule on #Karachi & Sindh Urban mandate would fail. We would prevail.The youth of #Karachi & Sindh Urban must realize tht why identifying us became important. Our unity cld not yet get our rights. Our division would definitely not. Stay united behind blue blood leaders not confused lot.

Every failure identifies an opportunity to improve. Its the fault of the thought leaders of #Karachi & Sindh Urban tht they remained out of active politics as thugs hijack their mandate today (most of em) . U must step forward and stop feeling disappointed as united.
Think why every now & then leadership from outside #Karachi or Sindh Urban is attempted to be imposed on us and our leaders ridiculed, our confidence tarnished. Is this attitude healthy for us to prosper or we would decay thinking and dividing… time to realise. 

Today as CPEC flourishes . No one is left to speak for #Karachi , Sindh Urban or Muhajirs share as we are left to struggle for survival, our leaders branded as traitors or criminals or forced to show allegiance whilst the rulers divide amongst em the rewards of the deal based on port city of Karachi . We r being short changed again and no one to lead us . Is this good for our future? Think! 

We r the most literate & talented community even today in #Pakistan after all the hooliganism against us. We must stand tall. We have done nothing wrong. We dont need to prove our loyalty to any Tom , Choi or Sharif . Our forefathers built this nation. We must study hard, work harder, strive much harder and stop doubting us. Inshallah we will regain our glory. Keep ur head high.

Every day our media , leaders and anchors from the Big province tell you that all the crooks, traitors and cowards are in your community as they loot & plunder Pakistan, enjoy our enemy’s hospitality and surrender at convenience historically. We must not believe in it . Our forefathers built this country with their blood & sweat , gave all they owned to built this country and stood each time with the nation to sacrifice without lust for a plot in DHA. You must not think that you are lesser. You are all assets for this country . This country needs you. Don’t let that chin down, don’t let your shoulders fall. Stand tall, feel proud . You are posterity of the real heroes of Pakistan. Don’t let this propaganda dissuade you. You are the future for both this city, for Sindh Urban & Pakistan. Stand tall.

Each struggle you face today. Don’t forget it. Each time you are forced to pay to take your legal documents. Don’t forget. Each time you are humiliated because of being Muhajir. Never forget . Each time you are refused an opportunity. Don’t give up. But don’t forget this as this was not the reason where your ancestors built Pakistan to rid of slavery from British to enslave themselves of feudal and their representatives in establishment . Your time would come as your city chose to reject the rot and chose to elect from amongst themselves. So what some of them have ditched you. You have yourselves. You still have leadership left. You shall rise again if remain united, steadfast and oriented.. this way no nation fails. Success would be yours Inshallah!

If Pakistan has to grow . It would only grow of the talented youth of #Karachi & Sindh Urban. But you must be ready to grab that opportunity by hard work, learning and unity. We had the glory but we lost it perhaps due to our over confidence. Its still not too late for Muhajir youth . You can win back that glory by hard work & only hard work. Don’t feel ashamed in representing your cause . Don’t feel ashamed of struggles of your martyrs. Don’t feel ashamed of those who rot in jail or are missing to get your rights. Feel proud and win this battle of minds to distract you from your rights to chase only survival. Inshallah we will all rise together”. 

Pakistan Zindabad!


3 comments on “Open Letter to Muhajir Youth in Pakistan”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome Danish Kazi bhai it is a tight time to aware about ground reality who we are facing long time.

  2. Anonymous says:


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