Heal your sons (like Altaf Hussein); don’t brand them as Traitors

Perseverance” is the key ; it means simply persistence in doing something despite of difficulty or delay in achieving success. Winston Churchill once said “ If you are going through hell. Keep going!” . Simply right . Nothing in life can be achieved without continuing to strive for your dreams. Your ambitions. When challenging status quo it’s never easy. It’s always difficult. Braves do fall. They do. But they do fighting for what they believe in . They do whilst trying to achieve their ambition. But only then they are remembered as Legends. What Churchill meant in my view is keep trying as challenging status quo in this world today is nothing short of going through hell. Keep going till you find the way out or die trying. This is life ladies & gentlemen. 

I feel that good nations could only be built if they evolve or let be evolved. Take example of American Civil War which took place between 1861 to 1865 . Nearly a Million died . The war between believers of the American federation and the Confederates who wanted to live their life as they envisaged it . The main reason to avoid abolition of slavery. The result that the form of orthodox slavery did get abolished but the modern day slavery took face. 11 states within United States declared secession. But today the mighty America co exist with its flaws. But no one distributed today certificates of Treason to anyone till date. Many films were made on these themes like Gettysburg and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. But nevertheless Americans stand strong as a Nation. America is also going through its wars today in the whole world. Their favorite pass time I guess. But as there are riots in Charlotte North Carolina . No one reminded the revolting colored Americans that they are traitors. America today also face a challenge in wake of growing Islamic extremism and every now and then an incident occurs when many innocent Americans lose their lives. But they are yet to declare the millions of Muslims as Traitors . Americans may face more of these challenges They would as humanity becomes more perilous but I am yet to foresee that they would play the Traitor card for any community.

Martin Luther King Jr. challenged the American establishment in the mid 50’s to try to get rights for the colored Americans. He launched Civil disobedience. Was he called a Traitor ? No. Though in my view his murder got the colored Americans to the next level. But did they get their full rights. I guess not as he was taken out specifically to keep the leadership of Colored Americans under wraps. He was assassinated in 1968 The rioting colored Americans are still awaiting a true Leader of his magnitude . They the Colored of United Stateshave a Colored President but they do not have a Leader. 

After trying vide unsuccessful protests to prevent relocation of Black people of South Africa in 1955. Nelson Mandela concluded that violent action may be necessary to end the white minority rule. He sought help from People’s Republic of China who did not acknowledge . After various Bans on appearances and speeches . Finally Mandela was arrested in 1956 along with top executives of his ANC party and accused of Treason. Arrested finally in 1962 to be released in the 90’s by former South African President out of fear impeding civil war. Mandela turned from a villain to a Hero. A hero till date . A symbol of freedom. A symbol of rights till date. He said it “ It always seems impossible until it’s done” . He proved it as he held the first true democratic elections in South Africa. 

The question we need to ask is ; Were Mahatma Lal Gandhi and Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah traitors for standing up for the rights of their respective community? They maybe in the eyes of the British Empire but they both stood up and won rights for the subcontinent . These two champions showed the world that how big the enemy may be perseverance is key. Gandhi further said and I quote “ freedom is not worth, having if it does not include the freedom to make mistake” . Do you think Quaid e Azam would have achieved all he did without the following belief of his “ Think 100 times before you take a decision. But once that decision is taken , stand by it as one man”. 

I can give many examples . Don’t want to give domestic examples as I have done it many times in the past. The question is that it’s true that One man’s hero is another man’s Traitor. History has seen this happening many times. The question arises time and again that why these traitors and heroes rise now and then. Simple it’s all about rights. One who have everything is right and those who struggle are always wrong whilst the former as Innocent the later is as Villain. 

Time and again we have seen these Heroes , Terrorists and Villains rise. They would continue doing so till we all exist as humanity or until we ensure equal rights for everyone. I guess Allah sent our religion to give the same solution to everyone but some denounced the message unfortunately and some who did divided themselves in many sects and instead of searching their soul they started to just follow the rituals. The spirit of Islam and Holy Prophet (PBUH) got lost . So means that the struggle between right and wrong would continue. Do you all agree ? I so wanted to highlight history today to draw your attention to what I am about to say next . Something which will either drive me as one man’s Patriot and other man’s Traitor. 

I believe in action not just emotion. I love my country. I love it more than those who live abroad. I love it more than those who loot and plunder it. I love it more than those who decimate it. I love it more than who get free plots and services at the cost of this nation’s taxes. I love it more than those who have dual nationalities or are awaiting it. I love it more than the anchors who rip the nation every day in the media. I love it more than those who choose of not to pay taxes. I love it more than who divide the nation in the name of religion. I love it more than those who play football with the heads of our soldiers and I definitely love it more than many politicians who wear the cloak of patriotism. Yes I love my nation. I don’t need certification from any one. 

But what I don’t love the hypocritical behavior of establishment who want to force their desired will on the people. I don’t love those are not giving me my rights. I don’t love those who keep duality of standards with me due to my ethnicity . I don’t love those who hide behind selective patriotism. Of course I don’t love those who simply are enemies of Pakistan. Whilst I have always chanted Pakistan Zindabad at conclusion of my blogs but I would denounce those who have ripped the guts out of this nation again and again and again and haven’t learned. I will always call out Murdabad for them.

Those who chanted Murdabad during August 22nd speech and post which in my view were calling Murdabad to the same status quo where equal justice , equal right to live and work is missing. Where sons , fathers and husbands are still missing. Where rich become richer and poor becomes poorer. They called it out of frustration. They called it out of despair as it has been done multiple times in the history like it was done by Martin Luther King Jr. , by Nelson Mandela, by Mahatma Gandhi and by Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. If those are called traitors so be those too. As history remembers those who stood up for their rights and became legends. 

When Imam Hussein R.A. went into Karbala against Yazeed . He knew that he is going into a fight of vast disproportion. The people of Najaf ditched him. He still went it . Stood tall in front of the Armies of Yazeed. Gave up his life. Today he is a Legend for people like me who believe in true freedom. Those who didn’t side with him today are known for their treachery. 

For me Altaf Hussein is that person who in true sense has challenged the status quo of the few hijacking this country in recent times in true sense. He is a victim of same treachery. He has lost his patience as a son of a nation which he loved so much and still do. This whole episode in my opinion is nothing more than the evolution that he foretold in 2013. The weak points of the movement have been exposed sadly. More sadly those who boasted and profited from this journey by the same Altaf Hussein. We have examples of Martin Luther King Jr or Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi or Quaid e Azam and mostly Imam Hussein. All of them left alone at one point in their struggle. But they rose. 

I still think Altaf Hussein’s struggle still today is to get rights for the 98% Pakistanis . When he chants or challenges status quo . He is doing it for my rights and yours. We have lost great leaders in our politics like Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Mujeeb, Wali Khan, GM Syed, Bugti and let’s not lose another one. When your sons raise their pain. Heal them . Don’t rip them apart. 

Pakistan is my country. It’s yours. We all love Pakistan as I defined above as per our choice and convenience . Those chanting more have gained a lot financially. What has Altaf Hussein gained apart from accusations, abuse and labeling. He still stands for his belief. Do you all really think? The man of his spirit and his message would stop short of achieving the goal of Quaid e Azam’s Pakistan for which his ancestors and mine migrated leaving everything behind. He won’t . I won’t. I am sure there are millions out there irrespective of caste , creed and religion who won’t . 

Altaf Hussein is just another son like Naraaz Brothers. Reach out to him. Talk to him. Heal him. Listen to him. Utilize him. Walk with him. To build a better , a stronger and a Great Pakistan. 

The clouds of War hover. Our weakness only strengthen our enemies. Those who would die fighting are our sons. Their lives are precious too for them and their loved ones. Let it be for the rightful cause to make this nation great for every Pakistani not a few. Ask yourselves a question that Nawaz Sharif’s family sitting at UNGA or prior Bhutto’s . Is this the right picture ? It’s at what cost the lives of our sons.

The nation would only heal if we all heal together . Again I would say don’t force solutions or choices. Start anew. Heal the nation. I have stopped expecting much of political leadership. I would appeal to our Military leadership to step up and heal us . Heal us all without prejudice. Learn from your history both local and international. 

After reading this piece . You may call me a Traitor. But speaking truth is my essence. I will speak the real truth not what you like. The truth is that we as a nation are facing fissures. It’s time to heal. That’s the only solution and yes Altaf Hussein is part of this solution. Trust me. Move on! Pakistan Zindabad!


2 comments on “Heal your sons (like Altaf Hussein); don’t brand them as Traitors”
  1. Sami says:

    its good to advise others what they should do but what AH should have done? what people in karachi should do?

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