Why Elitist Pakistanis don’t believe in #MQM?

Had a chat with a professor of a famous university where that person told me that he/she doesn’t like QET Altaf Hussein Bhai #MQM because of physical appearance etc . On my asking on political vision of Bhai I was given a dumb response. Than I asked what suggestion are there to develop #Karachi. Answer was Zero. Now I wonder with such mindset are teaching at our universities what grooming can we expect of the coming breed who like to choose leadership on physiques . Think if universities screening students start screening their professors things will be different. Than they expect me to respect this crap . No way!

I must admit that I am not an Elitist Pakistani. My parents taught me to respect people for their character not their position or size of wallet. This is why some Elitist Pakistanis can’t digest parties like #MQM who represent masses as they can’t tolerate common #Karachi people like me chosing their leadership. As they want special treatment etc etc. The problem is that 2% Pakistanis can’t tolerate 98% Pakistanis leading them . I believe and feel proud of #MQM as it represents these 98% from top to bottom of the leadership being the same. Now I have made my choice . These Elites haven’t as their work gets done by a phone call.  If they see the way 98% Pakistanis think than they will too believe in QET Altaf Hussein Bhai & #MQM.  If they don’t than I think it’s a choice rued in a while. Anyways I am sure this mindset is no more acceptable as Pakistan become more aware.


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