Je suis à Paris avec des prières en provenance du Pakistan

Recently I travelled to two European countries . Whatever said and done . One thing is for sure that they have immense regard for humanity . Their social system where they have created facilities accessible to all irrespective of the caste , creed and religion is really commendable. So much so even Animals have rights and respect. There may be few with prejudice towards others but those are minuscule in the many that they get lost in the whole sphere of things. The society ; their governments and their politicians have shown themselves as bastion of the nucleus of this belief.
The beauty of both nature and its execution is still fresh in my mind and with all the chaos around. You like to keep such pleasant memories . But recently the crises in the Middle East which has seen the influx of refugees in Europe has seen some nerves unsettled over there as well. A few weeks ago over a coffee ; one of my friends did highlight that there is a probability of some collateral incident with so much chaos spreading indirectly in Europe.

Just yesterday ; someone asked me that it’s been a while that I did not pen down something . I replied that I have no inspiration but it changed when I saw the hell break loose in Paris last night. What started with 18 dead and one attack on the Paris football stadium ended with over 128 dead (and still counting) with half a dozen other locations across the city.Till the writing of this blog ISIS has accepted the responsibility of this brazen attack vide social media .

The tenacity with which ISIS executed this (if it was ISIS) and the coordination and the logistics does raise fingers in a couple of directions . One is the lacking of the French security agencies as rightly mentioned by some in the media that after barely a year down after the attack on Charlie Hebdo ; how come the French agencies could not see this coming. Second ; this exposes the vulnerability in the current Visa regime existing in Europe as it expands beyond scope and with the financial pressure which the European economy is seeing may have become recruitment ground for terrorists . All the more reason for the EU to come out with a long term solution to come out of its current turmoil. Both in Charlie Hebdo as well as last night attack’s at least one Frenchman was involved. I am sure there are who are making use of the financial crises and ensuring logistics as the amount of arsenal used could not be one shipment operation.

 There is another key reason behind these crises and I would blame the vision of some in the west to install their vision of democracy in the region. Thankfully Egypt came out of the crises otherwise being proximate to Israel could have seen a bigger issue . I am sure that the West realized it and bailed out Egypt and accepted a new Military ruler after removing the last one . But it’s far from over in my view as the recent Russian Airline Crash in Egypt which some are blaming to a bomb attack from within the fuselage raises more questions.

But it cannot save as it looks like other states. I have been hearing that how it is critical for the West to step in and end the crises in Syria and Iraq. Whilst I have no doubt that it is critical to do the same but again in my view it looks like a knee jerk reaction as Russia has come out till now as a clean leader with the right intent to end the Middle East crises with targeted strikes on the menace of ISIS in both Syria and even Iraq. The West’s reaction to it after the unfortunate incident in Paris towards Syria and Iraq with talks of boots on the ground is looking now an afterthought after growing Russian influence in the region and also bloody at the same time as it comes approx. 125 dead Frenchmen late. But again ; ironically the West is ignoring one key country which is closest to their shoreline and that is Libya; is it because Libya is one country which the West want to forget as its mistake as they ousted Moammar Qaddhafi. How come there is no mention of Libya in the quagmire of the issues faced today in terms of peace and stability in the region. Historically as Aleppo in Syria was door way to Middle east . So was Benghazi to Africa . Currently Libya is the hub of the refugees being sent to the West. Whilst ; thousands are dying trying to reach the shores of Europe . West must not forget that at the same time as they attempt to correct Syria and Iraq . Libya must not be over looked.

If you look into the facts ; can a wide scale operation with both ground and air assault can resolve the issue for good. We have seen that in Afghanistan where both are available in considerable numbers. The radicalization has not stopped and has seen growth once dollars stop flowing in. There has to be a concurrent strategy where not only force should be used but at the same time rehabilitation and then continuity must be ensured with a long term strategy so that what we faced in Paris today may become the last one. How? Today; I will leave to touch upon it as there are many out there paid billions to find it as a solution. But those who have created the problem must resolve it.

 One big proponent of the problem in my view though I like his stance on Health Care and Socialist outreach and stand on Israel for not cooperating in Palestinian peace. But I would blame current US President Obama for unintentionally in the name of change making a speech at Cairo University when he visited the region after taking oath. The slogan of Change should have first been implemented in the US to facilitate the poor . But I think he was one step too fast or may be more when he started unleashing his vision towards rest of the world. The Nobel peace prize committee must be also thinking that what they thought of as a good decision may have not delivered the goods and they went in too early. Result is thousands if not millions have been killed and millions made refugees . When Obama took over; there was one country called Iraq and Afghanistan in turmoil. Now there are more like Syria, Libya , Yemen , Egypt survived for now and my country Pakistan. I am sure it is still not too late for him (President Obama) to correct his mistakes and leave a positive legacy that we continue feel proud of him.

As for the crises ; it’s not only West’s problem to solve. The Muslim nations must get together and instead of being afraid of becoming future victims of the wrath of ISIS must step in and find a solution from within . Western nations must augment their decision after consultation and with commitment.
Lastly, for the Parisians . I would just say that I come from Karachi which was once a Paris of the South Asia but is the biggest victim of the Islamic Radicalization as when the Afghan Jihad got over ; the tribal militias never went back and has repeatedly been behind the many incidents up to the severity which you saw yesterday where thousands of my fellow Karachiites have been killed by these radicals. Thousands more have died in my country facing the same. I share your grief and understand your pain. But it’s time that we all sit together and promise that no more the civilized nations will accept a New York attack (Sep 11), A London Attack (7/7), A Madrid train bombing, a Karachi (so many dates to document) and a Mumbai (26/11). Someone rightly said that isn’t it ironic that the victims who are minutes ago cherishing the moments are to become statistics minutes later due to sick minds. We must unite and rise to stop all this together. Je suis a’ Paris & Pakistan …….   

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