Defining Propaganda Techniques against MQM (Response to the ongoing Media Trial)

First of all let me reiterate that I belief that the only institution left in the country which can or have the capacity or credibility to give the nation a balance on the various issues faced is Pakistan Army. Being a patriot its my solemn duty that I support our dear army. But at the same time being a democratic critic in nature who believes that to call Wrong is Right is simply Wrong. The moment we don’t identify our shortcomings and persist with our mistakes without corrective steps. We are bound for doom. The mechanism of check and balance or correction is the fundamental of any success inclusive of any great Army of the world. Reason why Military exercises are conducted in peace time to ensure that the thought of strategy is effective or if not than how can it be corrected. Imagine! If everyone start accepting the faulty decisions or actions what may be the result. Only Chaos!


As I write this piece I write not to criticize some . I have been a keen supporter of our Army in the past as per many blogs written to support them. But I take it upon myself that if they do wrong than it must be highlighted and given a chance to correct. See basically, I am a man of such wisdom that all people are good until they make a mistake. Still they are good if they choose to correct it. If they choose otherwise than either shut them up or correct them or the easier way is to shut up yourself. Simple right! For those who know me I belief that its better to say it and bite the dust if biting the dust is inevitable. 


I am very confused now a days. Generally in case of Pakistan its always the case . But now a days it’s a bit a more. Especially in case of Karachi. Coming up from Karachi. The two major kind of radicalization in my view effecting the city is : 


1)      Religious Radicalization 

2)      Political Radicalization. 


Whilst Religious Radicalization is a gift of our past National Policy driven by either ego or high testosterones to become the Supreme Islamic republic where former Army officers like Gen Ayub Khan or Gen Hamid Gul thought that fighting proxy wars is the best offence and using out sourced solutions with an opportunity of deniability is the best offence has given us the gift of religious radicalization which has been biting us on and off at their convenience or based on the effective government policy of the time. Ironically some still think that they are our first line of defence. Thinking that in the world of today this kind of strategy is effective with so much intelligence availability and out reach of media is in my opinion with all due respect is a little naïve. Anyways, the city of Karachi has been burdening the onslaught of Religious Radicals in the early to mid 80’s which still remain in force. Unfortunately the disease has become malignant and has spread in certain community pockets of the city. 


The Political Radicalization has a more ironic history . “ Sense of Deprivation” . Yes! I have said this before and would say this again that let it be an Army Government or be a Civilian government when it comes to conquering Karachi all look at the same page . No one is willing to take ownership of the city but chest beating follows turmoil and only carnage. Of the last few decades as it grows close to three decades . I have seen one after another forces operation in the city like its an occupied territory without success. Campaign after campaign of mud slinging against MQM, its workers and its supporters but unfortunately none has stepped forward to develop the city . Looks like the city is nothing short of a punching bag where anyone can come and try it out at the cost of the lives of the people of the city . 


What confuses me more is the way the operation against MQM has commenced since March 11th 2015. Right after Senate elections and just before the election of the Chairman Senate. The same parties who wanted MQM to vote for them are now heard having a go at them. Interestingly and infact unfortunately . The time of propaganda campaign which ensues now a days during Prime Time looks like is hell bent to prove MQM a bigger monster than Talibans or their allies in Pakistan. The question remains why?


Let me define for the benefit of the readers that what is Propaganda ? “ the use of a variety of communication techniques that create an emotional appeal to accept a particular belief or opinion to adopt a certain behavior or to perform a particular action. There is some disagreement about whether all persuasive communications is propagandistic or whether the propaganda label can only be applied to dishonest message”. 


Now there are various techniques of this applicable in recent tryst against MQM but the main ones are as follows :


–          Name Calling :  for e.g. Telling people every day that the leadership of MQM are terrorists , money launderers and Bhatta Khors 

–          Testimonials : for e.g. Arresting people under PPO . Keeping them in 90 days custody and in return of less pain; making them record video statements under duress against MQM.

–          Bandwagon: for e.g. coming every day and unilaterally telling people in a coordinated manner across some talk shows (in a planned manner) that how their point of view is right and nothing less against MQM and its leadership. 

–          Cause & effect Mismatch : for e.g. Misleading statements based on hearsay and manipulating in their own desire that if someone has a licensed weapon under the law of the country . Calling it illegal irrespective forgetting that there are 10 times more weapons in the North of the country. 

–          Fear  : Telling every day that people are Zombies or are brought in millions to rallies of MQM at gun point. 

–          Weak Inference : for e.g. daily media trials based on hearsay , assumptions, opinions etc etc . Creating weak judgments ruling that how criminal and trouble is MQM in like we saw that 90 was supposed to be sealed for good and Gov Ishrat ul Ibad was resigning. 


The above examples using various Propaganda techniques would prove that the current media trial or I must say offensive is just beyond figment of imagination of one anchor or two but there is a bigger plan behind the same.  


What has confused me more is that whilst the arrested could be tried under PPC in the courts and adjudged than why our dear members of establishment are using the above techniques against MQM by using some members of media. Don’t they have trust in their skills to prove their case in the honorable courts? Or do they not have trust in the judiciary? Or do they just want to take a short cut for their type of justice? Or they are planning something bigger. Reason why the Propaganda machine has been unleashed. It sometimes remind me of PTV how they chant all the time about Kashmir since we have been growing up whilst unfortunately we are seeing that the Struggle of independence in Kashmir has practically died down. Looks like the war ensues only on our national media whilst the rest of the world is oblivious. 


I feel that the current onslaught in the media would help MQM in multi fold ways :


1)      They are getting Free Air Time (how negative it might be) which was hijacked by PTI a few months ago.

2)      At some point in time people would think that is really MQM such a formidable force that they have been challenging for the last 3 decades and that now Rangers (Paramilitary Arm of the Army) , Media , Establishment, Talibans (Religious Extremists), Right wing Political Parties like PTI, PMLN and JI and now after though Rangers raided the Head Quarter of MQM is still depended on some members of media to build the case. I am sure some may change their opinion for good about MQM or may just become de-sensitized. 

3)      Some I am sure would think that what the resilience of MQM can achieve for this nation if they could lock horns by the above mentioned at one time. Cant they do the same when it comes to the status quo which hijacks the nation. 

4)      A point will become there would be more disbelievers of the media and would belief that every few months a media trial happens, people arrested and cases lodged but why do our forces have been coming back to square one . Is it either due to incompetency or is MQM just a victim of oppression?


Anyways , I feel that though I am sure the intention of our respected Armed forces are not to become a part of a political ploy as MQM may have chosen not to vote the incumbent government in the Senate. But are sincere. Instead their advisors are making them do certain actions which are contrary to what is expected of a National Institution. Let us not forget our Armed forces joined hands with MQM during President Gen Musharraf’s government coming right out of 90’s operation and after Nawaz Sharif got kicked out. Hope they are not playing into the hands of politicians to the likes of Nawaz Sharif or the forces who would want to conquer Karachi from the back door and install PTI over there. They must think what is really the reason behind the existence and survival of MQM all these years. I can tell them the same but maybe its time that the same think tanks who are advising them to take out MQM. Maybe can advise them of what keep people’s love for MQM going in Karachi and Hyderabad and its growing in other parts of the country and Sindh being a Liberal and a Moderate party. 


Similarly , they must think the same about the interior strife which has been gagged in the media happening as we speak in the interior of Sindh and Baluchistan. There must be a reason that people have lost the faith in the government’s ability to give them justice and are instead seeing it as their foe and are resorting to non peaceful struggle to win over their rights. I am sure the spirit of Conquering and thinking with a Warrior’s baton can give you a dictatorship but unfortunately not a republic. 


I fear and I must repeat its my fear that people of Karachi and Sind also give up hope after seeing unilateral operation against MQM in Karachi a city which has at least a couple of thousand Talibans living in peace and harmony with some of the  security forces as they fight up in the north. If they are such friendly why fight them up in the North (KPK) and if they are not than why not wipe them out in Karachi? Is it an Intention? Is it lack of Will? Or is it beyond patriotism ? The whispers have begun and may not be quashed . 


Even non Pakistanis have started to see the same and it would be that God forbidden someone may decide to take advantage of this and unleash a new demon of regression of the state of Pakistan like it happened in 1970-71 in East Pakistan. I am sure our Armed forces and their leadership are beyond executioners of the political will of parties like PMLN and PTI. I am sure they are beyond the stigma that more than 75% of our Army comes from Punjab where both these parties are based out of (Lahore Head offices). I am sure our Armed forces would be able to realize that the real threat which faces the sanctity of Quaid e Azam’s Pakistan is Daesh or Talibanization not frustrated & deprived leadership, workers or supporters of MQM who are there where they are as they have not been able to get their rights as Pakistanis in the last seven decades since the formation of Pakistan? I am sure our Armed forces would prove that they are a National Institution and protectors of my rights under the constitution of Pakistan not the Conquerors of Karachi. Pakistan Zindabad!


7 comments on “Defining Propaganda Techniques against MQM (Response to the ongoing Media Trial)”
  1. DANISH, I am +60, applied in 51-PMA long course in 1972 era and did happen with me I can’t writ it here so many friends of mine PUNJABIS find places even though they born in KARACHI, anway, these stories will come in hundreds of thousands.

    During 1970 era we had studied so many articles you wrote now, somany news, somany suggestions directly or in directly to the armed forces but they don’t care for and finally country divided and BANGLADESH created at that time punjabis were in maniority and Bungalis are majority even though they don’t care, what do you think they will care now when we MOHAJIRS ar in maniority, they piss it off and don’t learn from the past.

    President, Ayunkhan, PHATAN, 22-Families occupied PAKISTAN wealth and he concurred KARACHI and took the capital to ISLAMABD from KARACHI against they wishes of created, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who’s buried here ???

    President, ZIAULHAQ, PUNJABI, felt there is punjabi leadership in PAKISTAN so he adopted NAWAZ shareef alongwith Mullah Military Ittahad and see the result that STUPIT become 3rd time PM of this poor country, see the policies for money making, 25-Millions of Port City running chunkirikshaws and 05-Millions city of TANGAS, have ring roads, metro bus services etc., whit is that because elder brother is a PM at ISLAMABAD ???

    President, Pervaiz MUSHARRAF, MOHAJIR, realized the importance of the port city, have taken searing steps for its development and felt that MQM have the ability to do it so he used his teleplay, fortunately he have it and see the results of peace and harmony during his tenure ???

    PAKISTAN army must have to study the strategies of ther past three generals to learn more to developed this port city and to downsize the religious forces of PMLN PTI JI, if they ar really sincere to this country or they can becomes the part of this alliance which seems to be, it’s harmful for the intigreaty of this country, I don’t think they can maintain the peace here ???

    It’s know internationally, please !!!!!!!!!

  2. My dear blogger
    Your article is of utmost importance, however it can not serve the masses because it is in english. Is it possible that you write an Urdu version of it. Or ask some one to translate it in Urdu?

    1. dkazi013 says:

      I would try . Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Saboor khan says:

    Great Article

  4. Mohammad Syed says:

    Very well written and I shred it on my Facebook Page as well.

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