The soul of Haq Nawaz (Martyred) calls upon you Mr Imran Khan

Karl Marx said “History repeats it self” . Now before you start speculating that I am a Marxist . I must clarify that I am neither a Capitalist. Some one asked me today what makes me hate or love  my business school i.e. Institute of Business Administration Karachi. Well I must say what makes me love it that it has made me result oriented key for success anywhere in the world. But at the same time it makes me ruthless as delivery is key at any cost or collateral damage. I must say without offence to anyone that how many people can I boast of being a good friend at IBA. I said almost “None” since I felt that whilst IBA like any business school taught us to be Capitalists . I have been a Socialist all my life hence never connected with many during my tenure over there. What makes me write on this today knowingly that this may be politically correct but socially incorrect (I am sure that many IBA grads like me may have been Socialists but not many I guess) is because I feel that currently in Pakistan there is a dangerous new trend unleashed. The trend of Capitalists showing that they are Socialists or as I say Capito-Socialists.  This is the trend which is why we see that no upheaval occurs of the masses. 


I wrote this at least two and a half years ago (August 2012)  in a famous news paper of Pakistan “PTI- Seriously overrated”.  The main contention of that piece after which I got my two pound of glory as well as tones of abuse was that unfortunately the group of individuals I see in the rank and file of Imran Khan are the top echelons of people who have been part of or some of these are the youth as many say in some form their parents may have been a reason for the misfortunes of this nation. Like it is said that as Charity begins at home they must clean their house before demanding Pakistan of the same. Many of them I know. Well some say that Imran Khan’s own dad was fired at the time by Bhutto government on charges of corruption. I feel that like Charity – Justice also begins at home. I seriously laugh to see that many of the so called Inquilabis talking about change with me when I know how there fathers got to where they are today. Out of respect I stop short of asking the question. Perhaps at the right time one day. 


After almost four months of consecutive prime time show where Imran Khan reminded the nation of accountability , transparency , dignity and astuteness (during famous anti government Dharnas) is now seen marred by the same ; where his own party men are asking him of coming out clean on the usage of party funds, where at a critical juncture he took some personal decisions (which was his right) but may be at the wrong time. Also, today is seen sitting shoulder to shoulder designing rules for Senate elections when the nation burns; side by side with the sitting government. Where is the Accountability, Transparency and Astuteness in all of this ?


As former President Gen Pervez Musharraf rightly said in the recent times that “Imran is a loner or likes to go for solo flight”. Some say that had he cooperated with Dr. Tahir ul Qadri . Things may been different. In the same blog which I wrote in August 2012 . I reiterated that he is pro Taliban and in Feb 2015 ; I feel like vilified as he is yet to give a statement against Taliban though hell have been left loose even since his party took power in the province of KPK. I wonder where is his astuteness in this ?


Today ; a prominent social media pro PTI activist asked me to write a blog that whether the martyrdom of Haq Nawaz the worker who was killed in Faisalabad was in vain since we all remember that how Imran Khan dropped big crocodile tears at that time only later to sit with the government today discussing Senate elections. He looks more worried about PAT worker’s killing in Model town and Baldia Town incident (which I still believe is an act of People’s Amn Committee who support PTI in Karachi recently after falling out with PPP). He is no more concerned about the death of his worker. Have we all studied about “Parasite” in biology when we were in high school . I have now before me the term “Political Parasite” in form of Imran Khan who wailed for May 12th 2007 where he lost Zero workers. He wailed about ModelTown where he lost Zero workers. He wailed about deaths due during Dharna where he has lost Zero workers. He has always used short cuts and misfortunes of others to capitalize and encash on as a political parasite . This is clear that he has no strategy or vision. Whilst he forgets to ask for accountability for Haq Nawaz of Faisalabad. Now people may I say that I am being too bitter about Imran. Why not should I be as  for confusing/hijacking the nation for a Dharna when he was to surrender on short terms or some say rewards? 


A few days ago Imran landed to represent KPK in Dubai . Without the presence of the CM of KPK . Some say lavish spending was done on his stay here at Armani hotel at the cost of KPK government. I wonder on what account since he is a resigned MNA and last I checked was not part of KPK government. So if Bilawal or Zardari does it than what’s wrong with it . He flies around the world & within Pakistan in private jets and yet talks about simplicity. He himself drives in convoys and yet points out at others for doing the same. His right and left are occupied by people who have tainted back ground. His chief whip Asad Omar another of our IBA Alumni whose brother (Muhammad Zubair) being in PML N is seen ridiculing him are sons of Gen Omar who was named in the Hamood ur Rehman Commission report which was never released in spirit as it tried to highlight the real reasons for the fall of Dhaka. Others who stand with him are not lesser tainted themselves. 


Anyways , coming back to my initial point that those who stay in homes worth billions, flies around in jets , travel around in convoys , get financing from industrialists, stay in the best hotels of the world, spend their vacations abroad than talk about Social injustice. This fails me to understand that how come Capitalists be Socialists at the same time? This is the mutated Capito-Socialism prevalent in Pakistan which has confused the masses when they attend mass rallies for change or Naya Pakistan to see that their representatives are enjoying the best of the best. Now Imran is not the only one to be accused of the same. Since he is the one who is talking about day and night. Needed to be shown the mirror. At the same time the Bhuttos, the Sharifs , the Chaudharys , the Khattak’s and the Makhdoom’s etc etc . All are from the same chain of Capitalists who may never taste a second of poverty and yet speak about the rights of the poor. I wonder how these pseudo socialists or mutated Capito-Socialists can bring revolution in Pakistan?


I wonder why the real poor/middle class or Prolitarians do not stand up to get their rights against the Bourgeois who are also leading them in Politics. Why don’t they think of that how come these Bourgeois would tolerate their power to diminish? Again I would repeat I am not a Marxist. But I feel that like Socialist Health Care bill of USA is the need of the hour similarly the nations of the world including Pakistan need today Socialist injections to bring the masses up to speed and to avoid conflicts and terrorism. The process of elections and democracy has become so expensive that poor cannot rise and has become right of the rich or as Marx would say Bourgeois. It makes me sad and laugh at the same time that how in the world the oppressor would allow its own prosecution. 


In Pakistan ; the same is the issue. 98% Pakistanis have to rise peacefully through the system . They must identify those Capitalists like Imran wearing masks of Socialism and reject them . They must stand on their own how so ever difficult that path may be . I am not saying impose Socialism in Pakistan. But our nation was supposed to be a welfare state to give equal access to masses with quality education, health care and jobs. The Feudal Class or the Bourgeois of the nation have disoriented them to safe guard their own interests. Why not the middle/poor class ask this question of the political parties they support inclusive of PTI that how many of them got elected after so much noise by PTI or how many tickets were awarded? Would the relatives of Haq Nawaz ever get elected from the platform of PTI? I guess never. Are the poor political workers are only for sacrifice not for reward. 


Again , there is only one party who does give representation to these poor/middle class masses in Pakistan and that is MQM. You may hate them but they are the only party which has practically challenged the status quo and has given representation and may be paying the price for the same reason. 


Anyways; as Theodore Roosevelt said “ Speak softly and Carry a big Stick”. Looks like the new Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif is following the same philosophy to get the will of the state implemented. But I wish that as he plans to root out terrorists. He must equal it with giving the rights to the masses and equal development at the same time using the same smile and the same stick to ensure a stabilize Pakistan in these times. As for PTI Fans who may read this blog; don’t take offense and infact try to understand the message and not become blind followers of the Pide Piper of Bani Gala. Pakistan Zindabad!  


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