Why MQM is key for the 3rd Option in Pakistan & is paying the price for which?

The time has come in my view where the lifeline given by fate , by coercion or by simple economics for the PMLN government has finished. Same may be said about PPP which in my view as a party fights for its survival. Someone well said that PMLN & Co are the type of group of people who for their own ego can go to any lengths . Their objective is single fold . Absolute Control and only Absolute Control. This may come at any cost as long as they remain in power. PPP on the other hand believes in covertly exerting their control and especially with Asif Ali Zardari at its helm . They also fight to keep their foot in with their limping government in Sind. Do they both care for Pakistan? Well one’s (i.e. PMLN’s actions) and the other (PPP) in-action to resolve for the good for the nation is a testament in itself.

The failure of the fiscal policy of the government where they have not been able to pass on the benefit of the reducing oil prices to the masses and infact their increasing the GST on petroleum products is ironic and it shows that there has been no concrete steps till date to increase the tax net in the country as it would be effecting their own industrialist vote bank. On top of it the supplies has dwindled and power failures are becoming a norm. I remember the fiery speeches by the little Sharif during election campaign where he was shouting his lungs out that how they would rid the nation of the power failures. Today the Gang of Raiwand are being seen as nothing short of tricksters by the people of Pakistan.

The failure of foreign policy where President Obama did not even bother stopping for a few minutes in Pakistan and was seen hand in hand . Kissing & hugging Indian Prime Minister on his recent visit to India. Gives only one message to our Pakistani leadership. “Fall in line”. The only face saving was when the Army Chief went to visit China at the same time. Political Leadership of the country has become puppet as one after another their failures are prompting the vacuum to be filled by the next option to keep Pakistan afloat and i.e. Pakistan Army.

Now lets talk about the failure of the domestic security which is a known fact that until the Army conducted an operation against the Talibans . The country which is by the way is also a Nuclear Power was nothing short of a punching bag in front of Talibans and their allies. Needless to remind that people of Pakistan lose their life to other kinds of crime from Karachi till Khyber.

From the Police which has not been able to do justice to their uniform from not catching and prosecuting criminals. From the Judiciary which looks more interested into populist decisions only at full speed . From the establishment who is trying to consolidate their control on the governance of Pakistan. It’s a rout all across. Though the people in the echelons of power may win but the losers are Pakistanis.

I wrote a few months ago that Pakistan need a 3rd Option in terms of a Political force. People are sick and tired to be living as slaves to the two political dynasties which I call as Zar(dari)-(Shar)rif who made the fool out of Pakistan at the time of signing the “Meesaq e jamhuriat” whose only objective was to keep them in power as long as possible and unfortunately that is being the case for the last few years.

The parties coming apart from these legacies need to take control. The word is in the air that Pakistan Muslim League in its true form is being reinvigorated. Sources say that it would be comprised of various factions outside the government of Muslim League , forward bloc from some parties consisting of loyal patriotic group of people whose voice have been drowned by the hooligans which exist today in their current parties. This group of people may join hands with former President Gen Pervez Musharraf allowing him the political space which he has been looking for serving Pakistan for the last many years and to pick up from where he left. I always say that with so much passage of time. Not a single case of corruption has been reported or proved against the former General. A great testimonial of his patriotism towards the nation. The cases inclusive of Red Mosque , Bugti , Chaudhary etc etc are being seen as weakening as the stance of the former President becomes vilified today and even the biggest supporters of these at the time when he was in power look aligned to what he said more than 7 years ago before he respectfully relinquished power.

MQM in my view is going to be one key ally in this composition. Especially if Gen Pervez Musharraf who had quiet a decent relationship during his tenure with them is at the helm of the newly expected party. Its very sad to see what is happening in Karachi. Where at one point the workers of the party are being killed extra judicially ; where their supporters are being taken down one by one and now a new series of allegations of past incidents (belated) are being leveled against them. The timing is key . Just when the talks of the possibility of a forward bloc appearing in PPP emerges with MQM and other opposition parties at the center . The possibility of losing Sind’s CM ship looks beyond comprehension for the PPP leadership. They are upto their games of abusing the system and using their hundreds of supporters enlisted in the law enforcement agencies to level a new persecution campaign against MQM . Sadly speaking just a JIT is seen as Justice and without even a chance to clear their stance in the courts . The game of Judge and Justice is being played in some quarters of media and by some anti MQM bloc of people. This is clearly a game of putting MQM on the back foot so that they do not go on the path of bringing the change in Sind. The fear of MQM maybe joining the alliance rumored about is maybe too much. One other possibility is that there is a covert effort to bring Constitutional Amendment 22 where MQM’s vote is required and certain elements are coercing with these actions to push them support the amendment. I also see a conspiracy to change focus from operations against Islamist parties who have been on the back foot for the last many weeks an put it all on MQM as I feel that the favorite pass time of Pakistanis is MQM bashing and sometimes I feel unites them .

They say that there are three possibilities now of change. First , a change from within the parliament by changing equations. Two, re-elections which I personally see as a challenge and should not be done unless the local bodies elections take place and thirdly a simple Interim government. I am happy to see President Pervez Musharraf showing his political brinkmanship and trying his best to forge a formula of change for the 3rd option.

As for MQM and its leadership . They must realize that it’s the time to be known at the right side of the history when read many decades or years later. They are in the fight of their survival and they must take positions in the interest of Pakistan. Ironically, if there are black sheep amongst them. They must be denounced and cleansed. Why don’t they publish the list of all those workers who they feel are involved in nefarious activities using their brand and throw them out of the party? This way their good political and ideological workers would be saved from being seen in tandem with the bad lot. At the same time their enchantment with PPP (due to the PPP blackmailing) should stop as it may buy them respite for a few weeks or months . Only to be seen bitten again by the same lot. Third they must come out with a People’s Welfare agenda with an action plan and time lines instead of getting bogged down by accusations. Let their good work and efforts speak for it self . The negativity would die down it self. The positive actions would take over.

If the government changes hands in Sind or a Martial Law is implemented or a Governor rule is imposed. Either way I do not think that the government at the center would be able to survive for much longer post which . Lets not forget the effected Law and order situation whilst could be due to natural factors could be due to our enemies from across the border. Could be because of those who want to keep Karachi in turmoil so that Pakistan is weakened financially and their agenda remains rife or could be possibly because someone wants to force a change on the political sphere of Karachi of their own choice . I must say first its impossible. As President Musharraf correctly said recently that QET Altaf Hussain and MQM still holds a considerable power in Karachi and Sind. I add to it that they are the only one seen standing for the issues of Karachi whilst the rest loot and plunder and mainly against Talibanization of the city. Any unnatural change would be nothing but short lived and infact mutate the situation further.

I personally would have been happy if those responsible for the operation in Karachi would have rolled out a reform package for the city inclusive of development, jobs and security in parallel . Just one sided operation is not enough and it gives an impression of Karachi being a colony for rulers of Larkana / Nawabshah. Now I am not saying that the law enforcement agencies are not doing anything against Talibans in Karachi. They have done some good action against them recently. But what is the point of doing all the good work , earning respect and than blowing it away by treating political workers the same way. If at all it is in the interest of Pakistan to wipe out MQM than clean it from the face of the earth. Please do it by all means if it makes a few happy and if at all it would be in the interest of Pakistan. I personally doubt so as they still are the largest representation of Middle Class and Poor Politicians in the country. A key needed ally in the war against terrorism and against tyranny. So time is needed for a Fair operation otherwise with lost credibility please remember; you may win a battle but not the War. The war is to reclaim Pakistan not Karachi. Pakistan Zindabad!


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