Conspiracy against Pakistan Army

What an interesting day today? The whole day has been a glimpse of what has been around our Pakistan Army and the Politicians. To summarize it started with the Prime Minister attending the passing out parade at PMA Kakul. Then right after which news of Gen Pervez Musharraf shifting to Karachi and then the attack on Hamid Mir a GEO news anchor in the city of Karachi. The main drama has been a brazen verbal attack on ISI for being behind it due to concerns raised by Hamid Mir earlier to his family and his organization. What a day?

Now what may transpire to be many conspiracy theories. But this is what my take is. A few days ago after our Defence Minister and Minister for Railways unleashed against our Army on the issue of Gen Pervez Musharraf there was clear friction between the Army and the civilian government. Though I doubt that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was oblivious of the statements brazenly. The Army’s counter statement and their resilience in my view on the issue of Gen Pervez Musharraf has been the first semblance of a coup brewing up against the government.

Last week’s meeting between Army Chief , DG ISI and CAOS and the Prime Minister and his team was meant to calm down things followed by a meeting between Ishaq Dar and the Army Chief on the budget. All signals towards things calming down followed by the Defense Minister’s statement denying speaking against the Army. All signals towards a positive development for the political government.

But then come April 19th 2014. We see Prime Minister speaking to the passing out cadets at PMA reinforcing the need of sustaining the democracy. In my view the body language of the Army Chief was subtle and that of some one who is being nice to his guest. Than suddenly when the passing out is over. We hear that Gen Pervez Musharraf is leaving Islamabad. Initial reports were clear that he is heading to Karachi but certain sections of society were concerned on his possible departure from Pakistan. Than suddenly when news was brewing up of the departure suddenly you hear that Hamid Mir was attacked whilst coming out of Karachi Airport.

Now my take on that is isn’t it possible that some group of individuals are trying to shoot down two or maybe three birds with one arrow or one attack. Suddenly, the warming relations between the army and the government would be on the back foot as the media outrage against the ISI openly and their quietness on which would pressure the relations as the Pakistan Army would like its government to defend its Army for what is just hypothesis and hollow accusations as many could have benefit from Hamid Mir’s raised concerns against DG ISI and could have made use of it. Second, it looks like some one wants to punish the Army for siding with Gen Pervez Musharraf and especially supporting him all the way till now where he is now been moved to Karachi at the moment. Also, some one want to punish them as the Army has shown its discontent with regards to on going peace talks with terrorists Talibans. Thirdly making Hamid Mir another Hero and this time a media anchor personality who can quickly ascend into politics like we made Chaudhary Iftikhar in the past who have kind of fizzled out towards the end of his term. Surprisingly, without any offence we know that many incidents happen in Karachi and some one intending to attack Hamid Mir with only one shooter and that also after chasing for approximately 20 minutes as stated in the recent reports. Either the driver must have been trained by CIA as getting out of the attack and reaching Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi’s traffic is really really interesting. No news till now if the gunmen of Mr. Mir returned fire . Would like to know really how did he managed to survive the attack. Knowing our terrorists and shooters. There success rates are better. Now I am not justifying the attack but again these gray areas raise question marks as this attack has raised question marks about our most important institution.

Now is Mr. Mir been used intentionally or unintentionally to punish Pakistan Army for the movement of Gen Pervez Musharraf to Karachi and what coincidentally Mr. Mir was doing in Karachi on the same day. The media group i.e. Geo News has unleashed a smear campaign against ISI the backbone of our Pakistan Army and the country. So much so one Ansar Abbasi who have right wing leanings have been heard repeatedly asking for DG ISI’s resignation as he may be heart broken for failing to attain his objectives of taking revenge on Gen Pervez Musharraf for his bold actions especially against Red Mosque which has been vindicated recently by opening of a library in the name of a world known terrorist that is Osama Bin Laden.

Why the ISI is being attacked again and that too openly? How come apart from the written statement given by Hamid Mir before the attack all of these people know especially Geo News and Ansar Abbasi know that it was ISI behind the attack? This impulsive behavior costs this nation a lot. We remember how after Zohra Shahid Hussain’s murder immediately MQM was accused with now recent reports coming out stating that it could have been botched robbery attempt. Ironically, this time behind the behavior is the leading media house and some prominent journalists who are referring to the DG ISI as he is some area SHO. What’s wrong with these people ? What are they trying to achieve? As now all Indian media channels are now after ISI blaming them for all the ills in the region. There case of ISI behind terrorists attacks in India becomes justified as our own Pakistanis and that too prominent ones are blaming its own spy agency. What a shame?

Are they trying to play the world’s agenda for demoralizing our ISI and Pakistan Army to deliver on some global agenda? Why can’t they see that this could have been a job of the disgruntled Talibans who want to deliver psychologically against the Army for standing in their way before they radicalize this country? Recently same stories were concocted when Raza Rumi was attacked and so was Express News in the past and we found out later that they were the banned Islamic Outfits like Talibans who were behind the same. Even there are some unconfirmed reports as I write this piece that some group of Talibans have claimed responsibility for the attack on Mr. Mir. I wonder would Geo and likes of Ansar Abbasi pursue negotiations if Talibans were behind this attack or maybe it doesn’t matter or they are too sure for some reason minutes after the attack that it could not be Talibans.

Meanwhile, our Army who is in the thick of the things right now is going to loose. How would be the first lesson for all those cadets who just graduated today that whilst they prepare to lay down their lives for this nation? Some people in our nation are doing mud slinging against their institution. With what heart they would go knowingly that whilst their chief’s (former and current) are being tried under Article 6 or their image tarnished. Whilst the same force (i.e. Talibans) they gear up to fight is being shown as patriots though they have killed thousands of our soldiers and played football with their heads. With what heart they would go in the war? I am sure they would need a lot of motivation. I wish the same channel or channels doing their best to de-motivate the army for taking positions in the interest of Pakistan so that corrupt political forces could remain in power. Political forces like that of Asif Zardari the most corrupt person in the world.

Anyways, as I wrote a few days ago where I mentioned that PM Nawaz is trying to draw a line of fire through the heart of the nation. This day would be a defining day where unfortunately so called Pakistani patriots and our neighbor India joined forces to malign ISI is a black day. Pakistan Army in my view would have to come out strong. Gen Raheel Shareef has to lead from the front in the interest of the nation and the motivation of our Army and take steps . Aggressive if required for upholding the character of our dear Pakistan Army and the Nation. Pakistan Zindabad!


61 comments on “Conspiracy against Pakistan Army”
  1. ijaz says:

    It is ISI only.

  2. Shamim Qidwai says:

    Love U Pak Army.
    Rest are agents.
    Shame on Geo.

  3. Khan says:

    A good analysis of events of the day and its repercussions on the days to come.

  4. najma hasnain says:

    Good article, an eye opener. All support to Pakistan Army,Pakistan Zindabad.

    1. jimmy says:


      1. dkazi013 says:

        The meeting was to give army the message. Zardari still feels as per his inner circles tht army got BB killed and he wants to use NS to avenge

      2. Nafis Pervez says:

        Very clever comment Jimmy. There is sure something has to do with crooks meeting. These two leaders seems to anti-pakistan. something sure is cooking between them.

  5. Our beloved circus magicians Nawaz & his khwajagan create smoke screens by setting fire to their own clothes, and when Hamid mir was setting the stage maybe he tripped and blew his own fuse….should be more careful in future.Lets all pray for smooth recovery of our talkative little cartoon character….

  6. sama says:

    full support with pak army….

  7. S.Anzar says:

    Good analysis for opening eye,but still thinking why Mr.Mir want to demoralize the Army.
    Attack on him not appreciate even he is spy of foreign agenda ,

  8. Jawad says:

    Pakistan army and isi are the true defender of Pakistan with unqustionable patriotism. Weakining of these institutions is Indian and Israeli agenda. All Pakistanis have to be mindful of these developments and stay united to fail these conspiracies.

  9. Ahmad Khan says:

    Long live Pak Army and G. Musharraf.

  10. khan says:

    Indeed very good analyst.. the terrorist shooter efficiency is questionable, It seems to be a planned attacked and Mr. Mir would know it upfront..

  11. Abdul Kasim Bin Altamash says:

    Truth is, like other countries.. This GEO is trying to get us into fight with out own Force and unstable the securities of our Nation.

    GEO, Hamid Mir Please grow the fuck up already! We have complete faith in our forces and won’t make any difference in our trust and faith.

    Long Live Pakistan
    Long Live Pakistan Army
    And Be Patient the patriot Pakistanis!

  12. Bilal says:

    Hamid Meer & Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf’s flights landed with a little interval. Was attack on Hamid Meer a warning to Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf? Gen (R) Pervez Kyani supported the most corrupt govt of Pakistan 2008-2013. Does N.Sharif also desire the same reaction from COAS Gen Raheel Sharif? Who can answer these questions?

  13. Zeeshan says:

    Welcome General sharif. These statements by Geo is rubbish and foolish and like to invite pak army to take cover the country. I am totally against to Army to take over the reign, but this time, I welcome them. Come on and their only priority must be to ban Geo, making of Kala Bagh Dam and Diamer Basha dam.

  14. Abdulsultan says:

    First and foremost enemies of Pakistan are corrupt politicians. No one talk about wealth stacked in foreign banks by these looters. Democracy for a few families. Media discussions end in saying we will have to do this and that. They black mail politicians to get favors and envelops stacked with money. Pakarmy we love you and rely on you.



    1. Mohammed Dastagir says:

      I agree 100 percentage due to corrupt politicians like Nawaz & zardari they are the traitor of pakistan even india is involved with their dirty politics the way they were played in East pakistan during 1971 I have seen all the events at that time bc so many bengalis my child hood friends are freedom fighters they told me it’s true that Indian inteligence are involved after 65 war why the pakistan state are not lodging complain against india bc our prime minister does want the bad relation bc his business are running smoothly with indian

  16. Ch.Farukh says:

    Indeed a good analysis.
    It’s never late to unite together and stop blaming our own agencies and army. ISI and ARMY are the back-bone of the country.
    Please support them, they need us!

    1. yousaf Jan orak Zai. says:

      Kisi ki mouth per khush ni hona chaei leken muje is beghaiath ke zenda rehne per khushi ni hoi .ye inthehai beghairath insan hy . Ye india or yahoo agent hy. Is ka zenda rena na tho pakistan or na Islam ke lei fida mandated hy. Is ka bap bi pakistan mukhalif tha . Ye Usa ka krtha hy . Is ke bare me sab se ziada fiqar fiqar hy tho Amrica ko. Geo tv one eye Dajal tv jest thra propaganda kr raha hy. Aa Sab Mel ker is station ka bycot kren.ONE eye Dajal TV jest.

  17. Nadim says:

    Unfortunately, it is Musharraf who has let these parasites go free and suck the blood out of Pakistan and its people.

  18. 18th April “An International Mediator Faisal Muhammed” already disclosed conspire theories against Pakistan Army & ISI in IRAN TV SAHAR see that show wheres the one of the senior Journalist of GEO Group was sitting & accept Faisal Muhammad’s Discloses

    1. shmir says:


  19. rASHID says:

    I hope Gen. Raheel Shareef wont get corrupted and he only protect this country and Army from this corruption.
    This iron smith only know his money.

  20. M.Munir Khan says:

    geo network is working for india and CIA aginst ISI and PAK ARMY….but oh the dogs of pakistan enemy listen that we wii continously suuport the ISI and PAK ARMY…….pakistan zindabad.

  21. raheel khan says:

    sirr Akhir hum kab tak chupp bethay rahay gay aesay Anti pakistani k sath 😦 please mashal law laga dain pleasee 😦

  22. raheel khan says:

    koi GEo k sab anchor ko kill kar day , Geo pay Ban laga dain mazaa ajaye yarrrr 😦 akhir Armyy kab tak chupp rahay gi ?? 😦 pehlay zardari 5 year mulk ko taba kara , ab yeh Nawaz shareef , 😦 pakistan ko bacha lain pleaseee 😦 Pakistan Zindabad

  23. Ali khan says:

    its better for Pakistan close geo network

  24. Hassan says:

    It’s all just a lie and publicity stunt by the geo network ,they basically got more famous by humid mir’s incident. And they wana get sympathy for that scene,

    Hamid Mir k sath Jo hua Kia Pata wo waise kissi or ne firing ki oh waise hi tu Karachi k halaat thikh nahi hain ,!
    I agree hamis Mir is a great man and I respect him , and I’m praying for his health , but I can’t cannot go against my army our protectors who die for us, who gave their lives for the sovereigntiy of our nation pakistan !

    ISI is not guilty and it can’t bi behind it yaar it’s a serious department and people are very respected and responsible we can’t Blaim them,

    I think aisa fazool illzamaat laga k hamain apni army or apni agencies ko de motivate nahi karna chaiye !

    I’ll just say one more line and that is

    If we sleep at night without any worries so it’s our army our agencies who are on duty on borders and protecting our country every time ,.

  25. zia ur rehman says:

    I am happy to see that at least there are some good people who think like that.

    Pak army zinda bad. Pakistan paindabad

    Long live Pakistan

  26. Yasmin Habib says:

    “Gen Raheel Shareef has to lead from the front in the interest of the nation and the motivation of our Army and take steps . Aggressive if required for upholding the character of our dear Pakistan Army and the Nation. Pakistan Zindabad!”………….. Brilliant article. I reiterate “Pakistan Zindabad”. Kind regards.

  27. asad says:

    from the first day of lounching of geo it works for the interest of india. it always promote india in anyway

  28. Shahbaz says:

    Someone tell Hamid Mir that if it had been ISI, he would not have been alive. ISI would not leave any unfinished job.

  29. Naeem Akhtar says:

    afsos hua ke ye kutta bach gaya. Kisi insan ki mout ki khwahish nahi karni chahiye lekin ye insan nahi he , ye kutta hai jewish lobby ka or india ka or har Pakistan or Pak Army ke dushmano ka. is ke aur sathi bhi hein jese Ansar Abbasi, aur geo ki sari team. kesa mulk banadiya hai in manhooson ne mera piyara mulk is mulk mei ab ghaddaron ki izzat hai or mulk ke wafadar ghaddar bana diye gaye hein. pura mulk in ke aur politicians ke hathon yerghmal ban chuka hai. jamhooriat sirf 200 khandano ki meeras hai ye khandan apne faidey ke liye apne bhanjon bhateejon aur family members ki welfare aur iqtidar ke maz
    e lootne ke liye jamhooriat ke naam pe awam ko bewaqoof bana rahe hein in ko mulk se koi hamdardi nahi. Hamid mir aur Ansar Abbassi aur in jese aur bhi beghairat anchors jese Asma Shirazi jawed choudhry in ki madad karte hein.

  30. S. Omar says:

    Commando’s shooters just shoot centre of forehead , or neck. , beacuse they are1001 % best shooter of of the world . They don’t shoot at shoulder or any other part of body. Long live ISI ,and Pak army.

  31. MUGHAL says:

    Full support with PAK ARMY

  32. Manzoor Gondal says:

    Love for Pakistan Army
    of course shame on GEO

  33. MrSMAK says:

    This Article truly represents the feelings of Pakistani People. Period

  34. JEHAN MOHAMMAD says:

    Your statement is based on fact and reality,
    but we’re pleased to see the Pakistanies love, for our loving pak army,
    and we give a message to everyone who is against Pakistan army, the brave nation will crush all their dirty thoughts. Baseless allegations on isi is condemned by every Pakistani,

  35. rehan says:

    Pak Army Zindabad
    Jew channel murdabad
    Ban Jew channel

  36. omair says:

    Hamid mir should die. He has already done enough damage to the country.

  37. Muhammad Saeed Butt says:

    I like deep analysis. Pakistani army zinda bad ever for ever .

  38. M Shah says:

    It strengthen the point the media group GEO is working on foreign agenda as majority believes also bullets were fired with the intention to hurt instead of kill as it can be check from the holes in the car.

  39. Yusaf Awan says:

    Pakistan Army is the best and i dont think any anchor should have the right to talk about anyone like this and specially talking about an organization which works day and night to make things better.
    Hamid Mir and geo tv Murdabad … Pakistan Zindabad

  40. Rubina says:

    V good analysis of the present scenario,we trust pak army and won’t let anyone cause disgrace to it whatever the situation is.

  41. shmir says:

    One question. How long the Pakistan Army and people of Pakistan would be humiliated and suffer by the greediest, shameful, ruthless, dishonest and disloyal rulars. Enough is Enough.
    I humbly do request to Pakistan Army to do the same, what Imam Khumaeni did with the same kind of above mentioned rulars in Iran.
    In view of the current geographical situation around the Pakistan, there’s the best possible way to protect Pakistan is “NOW OR NEVER”.
    Simply, all loyal to Pakistan would standby with you as they demonstrated in 1965 and 1971 wars.

  42. saqib says:

    Why there are analysis only against or in favor of one thing, Army is not separate from the rest of the nation. They are the same people. On one hand if Hamid Mir has done a terrible mistake (or intentional) blaming ISI and Army then army has also done mistakes and sometimes to enforce that they are always right. Backing of Musharaf is one of them. If Musharaf is innocent let him face courts and vindicate himself. Similar backing in Dr. Shazia’s case resulted in murder of Bugti. Now we see whole Baloshistan on fire. They have to accept that they are humans and they can do mistakes. Otherwise they will just delude themselves and the nation. Result would be same as East Pakistan and Kargil.

  43. Yasir Ayub says:

    I salute Pak Army and Invincible Soldiers of Islam (I.S.I). Strongly condemn the attack on hamid mir 4 the sake of humanity although his ‘aman ki asha’ reveals geo’s internal agenda.

  44. niaz says:

    it amounts to demoralizing the defender of Pakistan

  45. M Shah says:

    I have no doubt it was done by enemies of Pakistan. If ISI behind it then I support must be some genuine reason as some of his actions were against the solidarity of state for the last few weeks.

  46. awais amjed says:

    i just want to say that Pak Army Zindabad.ISI is what All Pakistanies believe.

  47. mushtaq Qureshi says:

    Pak Army &ISI are being defamed by the traitors &Indian agents.Pr oper investigation and culprits be dealt under law of land

  48. khalidmurad1 says:

    This is sure a drama with the coordination and sposoring of Indians, like Bombay attack. Every thing is fishy in the whole episode. It has been rightly brought out that in the name of freedom of speech, these agents should be allowed to abuse Pakistan Army and ISI. They should have been shot dead much earlier. Mir Hamid and Mir Shakeel are known Indian touts.

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