Stand up to Survive or face demise

Recently I was refreshed with the grief of loosing something. Sensitive as I am the last few days were the toughest mentally. Everyday when I tried to get out of my bed. The only feeling which hit me was. Don’t! But then life has to go on . What one can do when God has his will? True! Nothing works . You can stand up again after a fall only to run or maybe fall again. What struck me many times is that everyone would pay his debts whether here or after life? Sorrow is a short term feeling. But agony is ever lasting. You may choose to show it or you many choose to conceal. Your mind would find a way to take it out. Now the question is whether in a constructive or destructive manner. That is defined in terms which direction your mental power has been trained for.

Philosophical isn’t it! I may look like a Socrates or Plato in the above few lines. But the reason that I explain the above that God punctuates your life with reality checks time and again. Same happened to me. Time to move on and to use this new panacea to think again about my Pakistan in this perspective. What do I do? Some say why do I care? Think about my kids? Think about what I have and don’t worry what my people don’t have! But what can I do? Cannot resist.

Whilst the politicians play their games in the country in the most legal manner. I choose to write today on the ever continuing brutality in my city. Whilst I would live with the remorse for the rest of my life of something I didn’t physically touched and lost before it became a reality. I can well understand the pain of the many who are loosing their loved ones day in and day out . Today , when I sat to pin down my thoughts . I could not loose the thoughts of the emotional protest done by MQM and the families of their workers and supporters mourning the ones that they have lost or are about to loose. What pained me the most the mother who was crying hysterically in front of the whole world begging for it to return her son? What brought a tear to my eyes was the sister whose brother was killed without a trial? What anguished me was the image that many who cried at the rally today were leglislators who felt helpless for what they face today?

I hope that I could connect and wish that I could have shared their grief closely. But like the thousands and more in my city where its mud has been reddened by the blood of its sons and daughters . I could share their grief but can I do more? I would in my capacity until they are avenged for what they have lost.

Speaking to one such family of the victim to console. The only phrase which got stuck in my head was whether would we ever get justice in this country? Isn’t our blood not red because we are thousands of miles from our origins? Why the media only mourns the Talibans and terrorists and not us ? Why the judiciary who have been taking suo motto notices for petty issues have not taken a suo motto asking the state to stop the killings of the children of those who decided to forsake everything they had for the dream which Iqbal foresaw and Quaid e Azam executed? The hysterical victim cried more because she knew that she is never going to get justice as not being son/daughter of the soil.

Sometimes I feel that Karachi is being run by a colony by feudalistic hypocrites and their slave minded henchmen. Its policed by people who come from a background where their own homes or dens are nothing short of cess pool but they claim to be the best suited for this city. Whilst my poor die of bullets or hunger. The corrupt or hypocrites become richer and bigger. Those who lived in one house has many . Those who had one bike have many petrol pumps and god knows what else. I am personally aware of people who are about to go below the poverty line.

No day pass by when I don’t get an SOS for help. But I can do that much. I wonder when it would stop. But knowing that nothing concurrent is happening I fear that the end of this is not near as nothing concrete happens to address it.

Many thousand are arrested and many thousands have died. But not a single individual has been punished for these crimes. I fear that the people of Karachi are about to turn the last corner from where there is no turning back for them. The frustration rises by the day. There is no healing of the wounds they incur daily. There is no empathy. Ironically! Some hypocrites feel happy and say that its good that they suffer for supporting MQM. I wonder MQM is as Pakistani as any other party than why them only?

Sometimes I fear that the Urdu Speaking community suffer for supporting MQM as they raised their heads against the feudals and establishment. Again ironic to see that those who play football with the heads of our soldiers are heroes or patriots whilst the posterity of those who sacrificed everything are traitors or terrorists.

The sense of isolation grows by the day as the community suffers at the hands of Police, at the hands of Talibans. Isn’t it funny that the two prominent political leaders of the community are being accused of treason though one of them that is Gen Pervez Musharraf fought three wars for this country and the other that is Altaf Hussein has never preached anything but patriotism to his followers. I think if Altaf Hussein or Pervez Musharraf were born a little up north they would have been heroes . But I am sure they can’t do much about their roots now.

They say nature has this tendancy to correct it self and claim of what is rightfully theirs. The path of oppression is short lived. The oppressed would reach the threshold and would rise. For those who don’t understand the pain of loosing. I would like to assure that it is intense. If Talibans can avenge their loss so may others if not given their rights.

As I write this piece . Baluchistan , KPK and Karachi burns . Variable standards or rules are being applied to all these areas for various reasons. Do we really think that in the 21st century where economics and strategic locations are key ? They can oppress without check or retaliation. If some do than I just pity. The question is not restricted to these areas where there is strife . The poor are being raped, killed, abducted and enslaved in even peaceful areas of Punjab. We are a proud nation as they say but I wonder where is our pride when it comes to standing up for your rights.

Anyways, don’t know about others depending on their capability, aptitude or self respect of the rest of the nation. At least people of Karachi should rise in strong numbers. Giving up is not an option. If the fire has engulfed some one else. It may soon knock your door. The bullet and the bomb doesn’t differentiate between neutrals and not so neutrals. Its time to stand up on one pretext and that is SURVIVAL and only SURVIVAL . If we don’t stand up than we not only become 10th grade citizens but we leave a Karachi and a Pakistan for our posterity in contravention of what we all believed , our ancestors believed , our founders believed and our religion teaches. There is a life beyond cars, mobiles, home or clothes because if there is no life. This all is good for nothing. So stand up for your survival , for your posterity’s survival and your nation’s survival or otherwise get wiped off forever.

History remember those who fight back. The same history also remembers those who stood up at least but never those who didn’t do anything about it. Some say that we stand in front of thousands of Taliban kind terrorists. So what Imam Hussein R.A. stood with 72 in front of thousands at Karbala . Our Holy Prophet PBUM stood with 313 at Badar in front of thousands. They won because they believed and they were righteous and they were prepared for their martyrdom because it reached a point of survival. So don’t be afraid and stand up for your Survival. Be united before its too late. Pakistan Zindabad!


4 comments on “Stand up to Survive or face demise”
  1. Abid says:

    We all are with you
    if MQM take Stand at that when Musharaf coming to karachi the position of pakistan change.

  2. No One says:

    MQM doesn’t stand or have forgotten to stand; lost its energy, that’s why we are suffering; it wasn’t good at all during 90’s as well; but our leaders were resisting then; they were dying struggling for the rights, but now they are dying for nothing. They are not resisting at all. No one can say that this is the same MQM which while suppressed under Army operation was the major reason of 4 overthrows of govts during 90’s.

    Whether it is TTP or PPP or PMLN or Sindh Police or PAC; MQM has surrendered the city to them….

  3. Jamil says:

    We reside abroad. This is our suggestion for Karachi people to directly contact UNO, because Pakistan is also a member of United Nation and karachi people appeal UNO to send US Army or NATO army at Karachi city because the crises of Karachi is looking beyond the capacity of Pakistani Police, Rangers and even though Pak Army. NATO or US Army may control these all vulnerable situation of Karachi in limited time.

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