We have many Atzaz’s and Aslam’s. Hear out loud Talibans!

I am tired of mourning . How many people should I mourn for? How many times should I mourn? For as a nation, as an individual or a human being. Sometimes I wish I would not know what happens to my country everyday. How it bleeds its mud with the blood of its sons, its daughters, its old and its young? Sometimes I wish I do not know that my nation cries every night before it goes to sleep. Sometimes I wish I do not know that we as Pakistanis fight each other day in and day out . Sometimes in the name of caste, creed or religion. But if wishes could come true.

People say that its not my problem. Why do I worry about something which I cant do something about. Like Stephan Covey said that in every one’s life there is a circle of influence and a circle of concern. The former having a bearing on your life without you having direct control on it. The later effecting you directly and you may choose or not choose to control it. For some reason . I have made the problems of Pakistan and accepted them as my circle of concern. And I wish that with my efforts and the millions of Pakistanis out there can also influence this circle as well.

In one day Pakistan as a nation got a good news and a bad one both equally related to each other. Whilst in the northern part of a the country a teenager named Aitzaz Hasan decided to sacrifice his life to save many others by tackling a suicide bomber. Meanwhile, in the south of the country in the same day ; a dynamic police officer fought to his last moment with the terrorists and Talibans and though attacked upon many times. Succumbed to a cowardly bomb attack to knock him out. For me my heart cried out when I heard the demise of these two heroes. Whilst at the same time I felt this small tinge in my heart that maybe Pakistan and Pakistanis are finally getting tired of the hegemony of this menace of Taliban and are rising their heads against it. This in a way is good news for me.

Whilst the writ of the state is vanishing and where the only time you see our dear politicians doing a political circus on media on petty issues. The common Pakistani is raising their head. First Malala and now Atzaz. We must acknowledge that Talibanization is not exactly a Pashtunization issue. As I see and know many Pashtuns who have gotten sick and tired of this. A few days ago I spoke to one of our IBA graduates who I would not name for obvious reasons coming from Dera Ismail Khan who though after repeated threats by Talibans took a stand for promoting education in his area. It made me further proud to know that whilst he could have adopted a life of comfort earning thousands in the urban cities . He decided to return to serve his own. Only to be pushed back and threatened to leave and adopt something for to survive. Every now and then such Pakistanis rise but then when they do. They don’t see their leadership backing them. This is where they loose more.

I would ask of the PTI supporters who are now just a gang of Dharnamongers. Did they do any Dharna to protest the attempt on the school of Aitzaz where about 2,000 students were to be targeted? Has any one of their leaders went to condole with the family of this young boy. When I write this piece. It would be more than 24 hours and I am yet to hear any news or their sentiments only rise when the enemies of the states are taken out by drones.

A few days ago after being attacked our Pak Army retaliated by starting an operation in the effected area. Maulana Fazlur Rehman called the Prime Minister to get the operation stopped. Has this Maulana Diesel ever called Talibans to tell them not to attack the poor Pakistanis. I wonder if Maulana Diesel, Maulana Sami ul Haq , Imran Khan , Hamid Gul, Munawar Hasan, Liaqat Baluch would have picked up the phone and called Talibans after the botched attempt of suicide attack on the school in Hangu and asked the questions of the Talibans “Are you all out of your mind? Why would you want to attack unarmed students?”. I wonder if Jamaat e Islami thinks that in that incident who was the martyr was it Atzaz or was it the hypnotized suicide bomber?

A night ago Mr. Abid Sher Ali of PMLN was shouting his lungs out in his unique style trying to make a point to Shah Farman of PTI on electricity theft in KPK whilst both of them in my view are corrupt and thieves. But again had they been fighting to discuss on the non-complacency of the KPK government to address the peace issues in KPK. It would have been great. Whilst the PTI leader Imran Khan cry out loud and now think he is Sher Shah Suri instead of the Tsunami Khan pseudo he was carrying. He lunged out the need of an operation in Karachi why he doesn’t ask for the same in his own KPK. Because he knows that whilst he shows political hypocrisy in KPK . Any operation would be futile. Same is applicable in Karachi . Where apart from Ch Aslam Shaheed the whole state machinery was only after small time crooks whilst ignoring TTP and Lyari Gang War criminals to a great extent.

The nation has been thrown into a debate to declare or not to declare President Gen Pervez Musharraf as a traitor. What an irony and I must say again what an irony? Instead of debating whether to declare or not the Talibans as traitors. We are wasting time on trying to make an example out of an ex Army Chief who stood against the same mind set and infact was attacked many a times. I wonder when I see some ex Army Generals sitting on television denouncing attacks on Laal Masjid and debating War against Talibans. I wonder if they were the real traitors because of whom we may never win this war.

But again when I see the resolve of Malala , when I see the resolve of Atzaz, when I see the resolve of Ch. Aslam, when I see the resolve of our young army boys, when I see the resolve of our other service men who have stood up against tyranny and when I see the resolve of parties like MQM and ANP who are standing tall against the menace of Talibans and their likes. It gives me hope that we would Inshallah win this war.

Some say that by asking for an operation against Talibans across the country is like pushing Pakistan into a war . I would tell these people who are may be high on overdose of sedatives to keep them off reality . Wake up we are already at a War. But the only problem is that by not doing any thing about it our enemy is getting stronger and we are being pushed to loose. Its because of the confusion created by parties like PTI that out of fear of loosing common vote bank PMLN knowing that this is the bane of all the issues are non committal to this operation. Due to the non clear political commitment our Army is in a disarray . I pity them that their former General Kayani did not do much to address that and just kept on pushing them off to die for a cause which some say would be and should be settled at the enemy’s terms. I wonder if the survivors , their relatives would feel enough proud of what is said to be one of the ten strongest armies of the world. If peace is obtained at their cost of sacrifice. Anyways, I end this piece with this glimmer of hope that we would soon unite as a nation and stand firm for what is right for Pakistan and then think about leading everyone else from the front. Pakistan Zindabad!

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