Are we really Liberal Fascists?

Generally, I like spending my week ends with my family especially I like to play with my two lovely daughters. For some reason when ever I look at them being a father I try to pray that they have a good future. Currently, I live abroad but trust me that no day goes by when my heart tells me to back to my beloved Pakistan. Why I don’t go ? Mainly with what I see I do not want my daughters to grow or expose to the current Pakistan. Which in my view is a confused Pakistan.

My younger one asks me today as she prepares for her summer break that is there a war going in Pakistan. On my answer to her that its kind of one happening. She says that is it going to come in our home god forbidden when she goes to visit her grand parents this year. This left me speechless. What should I tell her? Frankly, this year I don’t want them to go.

Till a while ago I felt that what ever is happening is targeted and at least women and children are not the target. But after incidents when fathers are killed with their daughters and sons. When Abbas town happens targeting people sitting in their homes. When people are being attempted to be kidnapped upon in the malls. My view changes that now this war is not just one confrontation but has become a savagery. What do I tell my daughter and many other daughters of the nations that you are not safe any where? Not in your homes, not in your schools remembering the Quetta bus attack on women’s college, not in the hospitals where terrorists attacked and killed innocent nurses. What do I tell my daughter? My love you are not safe any where in my country. But still I want love my Pakistan and I wish that it becomes back on track that I can look into the eyes of my daughters and tell them Pakistan is the best country to live in.

No day goes by when I don’t hear that women have been raped, or paraded naked, when women are molested and unfortunately even after they die. Recently I saw a famous human rights activists branded as mad by one of our religious forbearers defending their decision against the DNA as a witness for decisions on rape. Where women are being kept at bay for being just women. The ongoing war and especially the likes of TTP who have virtually culled women rights by not even allowing them vote proven by the deal signed by various parties to bar them from voting. Let alone their efforts to stop them from educating but setting unfortunate examples like Malala. Where women are harassed and are infact ridiculed for raising their voice. The question which repeats in my mind again and again that do I want my daughters to grow up in a congested environment in Pakistan.

I was thinking years on after the martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto that whether her murder was because of political animosity or because of her liberal views or her religion being from Shia sect or a possibility which came up to my mind that many on our religious extremist side possibly did not want to see a woman Prime Minister of Pakistan. We all know the opposition to which existed in her first terms. But than again what a country where in our religion Islam which is the foundation of my dear Pakistan and which clearly states that women, children, disabled , unarmed men and even those who surrendered are not be touched in the state of war. These religious fanatics though after going against each of these rules of engagement go ahead and attack with their chest high not once but twice a woman and infact a great one called Benazir Bhutto.

Now all of this I must say confuses me that whether my Pakistan which was formed by Quaid e Azam whose sister Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah was always on her side. A Pakistan which was opposed at its time of creation by the religious fundamentalists who even called Quaid e Azam Kafir e Azam . A Pakistan where the murderer of Governor Taseer who was a ray of hope and a spokes person for minorities and women rights is expecting to be pardoned and that too backed by a so called religious party called Jamaat e Islami. A Pakistan where savagery & tyranny is rife where there is no respect of Mosques and even Hospitals and terrorists attack and kill at their will. A Pakistan where those in power are forced to think that whether they negotiate with or surrender to savages. A Pakistan where its army is reclaiming its territory by hoisting flags. A Pakistan which has become a real example of the survival of the fittest. Do I want my children and especially my daughters to grow? Now I have two choices either I bid farewell to my country or go back and live in the same turmoil. But then again country men there is a third choice to stand up and correct the status quo. I chose the last one . Because I strongly believe and I am sure there are many out there like you out there who are fathers to their daughters and even sons. They would not want their posterity to grow in this turmoil. Now if that makes me an Anarchist or it makes me a Liberal Fascist so am I. A recent tweet by a famous journalist scarstically asking liberal fascists like us that what would happen to us if the talks between US and Taliban are successful. My answer is plain. Its our war. Its our Pakistan. These are our children. We wont surrender and just wont surrender. If the passion for Jinnah’s Pakistan makes me a Liberal Facist so be with it. Pakistan Zindabad!



7 comments on “Are we really Liberal Fascists?”
  1. dkazi013 says:

    Are u from Oxford University?

    1. dkazi013 says:

      Can use your services in the future? The idea was not to mock you. You can be my Editor. What u say?

    2. dkazi013 says:

      As far as my English is concerned. I am a marketing head regional for one of the largest companies. It works well in front of em including Brits . I am happy with my style. No one talks in Shakespearian prose any more. Also focus on the message. That is more important. From the demographics . U might have an A grade in English. How many of em do in the real world?

      1. dkazi013 says:

        Have not deleted. But not accepted. Can do it from home? Dont worry. Your input is important.

      2. dkazi013 says:

        By the way what is ur opinion on the topic? Thats what i meant by debate.

  2. Maham Naqvi says:

    Oh, I agree with what you say. Pakistan is not a safe place for any child to grow up.

    But I don’t think it is only because of the religious extremists and terrorists in this country. Yes, they have killed forty thousand innocent Pakistanis, but I believe there are many regressive forces in this country, and focusing on only one of them is not wise.

    Feudalism, U.S. imperialism, nationalism, corruption, illiteracy, poverty, and the repression in Balochistan are other issues which also contribute to our country’s dismal state of affairs.

  3. dkazi013 says:

    No problem. I would reach home and log in to approve.

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