O’ sons of Karachi

My small piece for our martyrs with tears.

O’ sons of our Karachi
You may lie today in your grave;
Or maybe in a room stone cold;
Being punished for being bold.
For you stood against tyranny,
For you stood against deceit;

O’ sons of our Karachi,
We didn’t forget you,
Your blood , your pain, your wows;
Your orphans, your widows,
The tears of your mothers,
The tears of those you loved.

O’ sons of our Karachi,
I can atleast make a wow,
It may rain or shine ,
The world may keep on to whine;
Till the last blood I may have .
Its yours for only died for me.

O’ sons of our Karachi,
You lay there in peace;
As you have done your part,
You gave more than just lust;
But as you lay in the dust.
We would fight and fight as a must.


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