A business graduate who is strongly opinionated and active both socially and politically. Belief that Pakistan is going through an evolutionary process and only its leaders, its politicians and its technocrats can ensure that this evolution is positive. Pakistan has a lot to offer to the international community and should learn to live in cohesion with which. This page tries to discuss those evolutionary issues.

Danish experienced a near death moment a few years ago and once he came back he decided that he would look towards building his community and his country in the best of his capacity .

Its important how you are known or what legacy you leave once you are gone . When you live ; you live with a purpose and ensure that you achieve goals not only for yourself but for the weak ones around you.

Danish lost his job in 2016 for his political opinions and it didn’t deterred him in-fact reinforced his belief that when your opposition increases you must be doing something right. Since then he has made a long way and embarked on a journey where he intends to serve his community and his country . Danish belief that all faults lie with people not with the nation . Muhajirs in the country the community to which Danish’s ancestors belonged to still striving for its rights. Danish hope that this could be achieved within the constitution of Pakistan.

Danish support Matruka Sindh movement and belief that Muhajirs have a right under Liaquat-Nehru pact on the land of Pakistan and hope that with a united Muhajir leadership loyal to Pakistan these rights could be achieved.

The journey continues . The challenges continues. There are failures . There are successes. There are tears . There are smiles. There are new enemies and there are new friends. There is loneliness and there are good times. But the journey continues for #StraightfromDK . Till it lasts …… Live each moment as the last moment and a life without objective makes one an animal …..


5 comments on “About”
  1. syeda Nasima Anjum says:

    Thought provoking , Will keep on reading if it’s based on neutrality . A nationalist & proud Pakistani

    1. syeda Nasima Anjum says:

      Everything benefitting Pakistan can be practice . It’s good debate

  2. Anonymous says:

    feeling relax to read your pages 🙂

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