Is Imran Khan’s Long March a Wrong March for the right purpose?

Is Pakistan turning a corner? Are we a nation heading into a revolution? Or are we currently in one as I write this? We all have seen many long marches towards Islamabad in the last decade or more. Some led by heroes, some led by villains and some futile. The nation’s history is driven by “Long Marches” to achieve political goals and objectives. 

The concept of “Long March” comes from Chinese revolution led by Chairman Mao who then created People’s republic of China and gave world a “Communist” government for many it was a sin especially for those who belief in “Democracy” in the west. The Long March of China was part of a revolution which saw many sacrifices, miseries, losses as well as perseverance which after many losses revolted against the uneven system of China where power resided by a few. Are we seeing these Long Marches by the same analogy. Ironic, isn’t it that the privileged class have used this concept for their own personal gains over the last many decades to keep them in power let it be Nawaz Sharif or let it be late Benazir Bhutto. The same lot of people against whom the Chinese Long March commenced against such tyranny, hegemony and nepotism. These two over the last few decades have used this purposeful action into salvation of their own power. They both benefited both financially and politically and Pakistan saw its decline over the last many decades as a nation whereas China today is one of the worlds superpowers as it annulled the concept of power in the hands of few individuals. Now, you may lecture me on the way government is run in China but let that be a debate for another day as we carry on the concept of Long March further. 

Now in Pakistan politics thankfully “Long Marches” are seen as non-violent and is punctuated by “Dharnas” or sit in. Before this generally as these rallies approached Islamabad; the solution would have been achieved but as the system got immune to this Dharna was one step up and we all remember how Dr Tahir ul Qadri stood his ground one cold night in his container rousing up his people. Wonder where he is now a days? Perhaps given up on Pakistan, I guess. Imran Khan followed up and stood his ground for 100 days or more in 2014 which dwindled with every day only to conclude when more than 100 children were massacred in a Peshawar school called APS. The blood of these innocent children made PTI, or Imran withdraw and reintroduced as some say an increase of military’s intervention in the state affairs which were culled after removal of President General Pervaiz Musharraf. 

Since than many big or small half boiled Long Marches have occurred but to no major consequence. Perhaps, it didn’t garner much support on the GT road or otherwise. 

As I write this; Imran Khan Chairman of PTI is again on a container trying to garner support to build a momentum to reach Islamabad with a brute political force to push establishment for certain decisions as he feel would be right for Pakistan. In a way, many are listening to him ignoring lack of his government which led to see many failures as his opponents are the bane of all the issues we see today in Pakistan. On one hand there are Sharif’s which held power many times in the past and each time were removed for having confrontation with the establishment and are now a days are best buddies with them since coming into power as just a few months ago were dragging the same dear establishment negatively in their political rallies and on the other hand is Asif Zardari who is one of the most corrupt people in the world and throw the monies he looted from Pakistanis on dirty politicians to buy them each time and think that this is politics. Some in the mainstream media call him “Master of Politics” not realizing that people bought off money is not politics it’s called “Trading”.

The push which Imran Khan has generated may be coming on a wrong premise that there was a conspiracy to remove him however, this could not be entirely ignored. Some say that it’s a Wrong March as it is nothing but a selfish agenda to get him back into power. Already, there has been casualties like that of Arshad Shareef a known journalist who has been assassinated in Kenya as he was on the run for supporting Imran’s narrative. But the question remains why with all the constraints, threats and pressures people are turning up each day to support Imran and voting for him. The question must be asked that why people and especially middle class and that too of Punjab; the most privilege province in Pakistan is on the roads roaring for him? This must be understood and respected.

Can we say this that establishment first backed Imran to come in the government and now are backing crooks like Ishaq Dar and son of Zardari (read Intern at Foreign Ministry of Pakistan) are nothing short of a mistake? I still belief Zardari’s agenda is that of SindhuDesh and Bilawal is just leveling ground for it by building contacts globally to make him more acceptable to finish what his grandfather started. The remaining of Nawaz Sharif in UK and now along with Mariam sounds nothing that either there is no confidence on the nation they lead or there is a new conspiracy being hatched. 

Either way, one may differ with Imran Khan. I have been his biggest critic many years ago and neither a PTI voter or supporter but as a political worker or activist must say that Imran has peacefully forced his hand on the alliance of the damned in Pakistan. People are coming on the streets not just because they support Imran, but the nation must understand that they are coming out as they are sick and tired of these looters and are upset seeing establishment supporting them over Imran. 

For many it could be a “Wrong March” at a “Wrong time” as nation struggles to stand up on its feet after financial chaos and floods but the purpose in my view is right. It has to begin somewhere; where interference in politics by engineers must stop as the script as I see has entirely gone wrong many times in the last few decades. All assets gone rogue or disavowed as they would say in the world of “Intelligence”. Nevertheless, it’s about time that the nation sees some fresh start. One thing is for sure Imran has mobilized the masses, educated them politically as well as with youth attracted towards him seeing him as a leader is creating more leaders as he stands every day on that container taking shots at his enemies. This would see hopefully positive political change in Pakistan instead of anarchy. 

For whatever said and done. Our soldiers lay down their lives every day; even today as I write this fighting our enemies. They should not be, or our army ridiculed for the political differences of a few. One must not forget that the only casualty as I see is the respect of the only institution which is the only reason why this nation is united and there is no anarchy in Pakistan and must be respected by all sides. I hope sanity would prevail and reason would take the lead. 

I just hope that this March whether Right or Wrong or Long gives this nation a fresh start which we all deserve. Until the next Long one. Take Care! Pakistan Zindabad!

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