The Muhajir Manifesto (for today)

It is upon the next generation of those who migrated from India in 1947 to decide how their future should look like. Whilst the majority of our Muhajir community got peacefully settled in other parts of Pakistan. The community continues to face persecution and dis-enfranchisement in the province of Sindh. The Sindhi intelligentsia through a cunning plan took over what was rightfully ours but further imposed such bigoted implications on us that slowly and gradually we have been marginalized and cornered.

Today, it’s a matter of our survival. Rather, let me reiterate that it’s a matter of our future generations survival. I would not blame the whole country for this sad state of affairs but a few within who in my opinion are afraid of their own lack of capability but also fear that by giving Muhajirs their due rights, their agenda to undermine not only this community which make Pakistan but also the nation at the same time.

What needs to be done its very critical to be identified today and followed with acceptance. This in my opinion should be the basis which should form the premised or the fundamentals for all those who belong to the community irrespective of their age, religious believe, status in society, cast or creed. Following should be the key steps.

  1. We must stop calling ourselves as only Urdu speaking because without choice the world Muhajir was imposed on us. Hence, we must proudly call ourselves as such that is only “Muhajir”. We must not forget we live in country where there are tribes and local languages which people identify with proudly. How hard you may try but the acceptance would never be there e.g. the Muhajir living in interior of Sindh who speak local languages fluently and follow local customs are still considered as Muhajirs. The whole nation speaks Urdu which is a proof that the language our fore father brought and was endorsed by Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the chain which unites the nation. Irrespective in such a polarized society your identity has to be supreme. You may choose to be from the sub clans or identities within those who migrated from India but the identity of Muhajir should remain supreme.
  2. Our traditions are what our ancestors or fore father gave us whilst there is no harm in adopting the local customs but your identity and culture inclusive of language (which is Urdu), clothing and traditions must not be forgotten and continued. Remember, those who ditch their identities remain vulnerable and our forgotten. Continue following what is ours not what has been imposed on us or fostered on us. Don’t forget our traditions.
  3. We must struggle to achieve the land lost under “Matruka Amlak”. The land which was committed as a part of Liaquat-Nehru pact to the migrating community composed of the properties or land of those Hindus who migrated to India. This land which should be at least 70% of the current province of Sindh is just not a piece of land but it is our anchor in the motherland of Pakistan for us which our forefather fought for and achieved. Those nations who do not have their piece of land would continue to be persecuted and reminded of not being sons of the soils. We are “Sons of the Soils” because we sacrificed for this nation both in terms of life and limb. Muhajir must unite and seek within the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan thier right on this land promised under international conventions by the founder of this nation. This is key so that we don’t remain and cold landless and further strengthen our claim on Pakistan in order to push back the detractors who for their selfish interest have not let Muhajir community to be recognized in this nation. The result has been alienation of the community which serves the purpose of those who want to threaten the unity and sanctity of motherland.
  4. Muhajirs must strive to ensure that within the constitution of Pakistan such amendment should be made like abolishing of any clause which deprives the country from operation constructively but at the same time our designed to steel of what is rightfully ours guaranteed by the constitution. The cunning misadventures in the past with the constitution like the 18th amendments and its failure its true implementation has weakened the communities control of the resources of Pakistan for civil and social well-being guaranteed by the constitution of Pakistan. Muhajirs must strive for a separate administrative province within the Pakistan in order to strengthen the nation but at the same time using the resources efficiently for the betterment of the country.
  5. Quota system which was designed to weaken Muhajir community by a racist Prime Minister on advice of his people has costed us tremendously resulting that today our community’s presence in establishment has almost been wiped out. Today, we see that on the same Sindh urban Quota which should form 40% of total Sindh quota is not extended to our people where we see every day our number dwindling link. The community must strive through their representation today to ensure rightful implementation of this quota system now so that we get our 40% due share.
  6. We must educate and learn and acquire knowledge as the doors of state and the jobs within are being closed on us We must strive to learn more. Education and only education should be our prime weapon. Having said that Muhajir must organized themselves again and overcome their state of deprivation and start studying for ISSB, CSS and PCS. We must ensure that if every year If not thousands but at least hundred are applying and appearing on these fronts. We must create a deluge of applicants so that rejecting us anymore is next to impossible.
  7. All efforts and resources should be spent to get our self-counted correctly in the census. The conspiracy by tribal mindset to under report our actual population is meant to deprive us from our political representation but as well as our rightful claim on our resources. Whichever party a Muhajir may support should influence their political representation to get our community counted correctly for reason explained above.
  8. Unity and only unity with loyalty to Islamic Republic Pakistan should be the fundamental on which our Muhajir community should reside upon and stand for. We must reject any forces within who give the sense of harming this nation sanctity. All such forces must be rejected and stopped from further breaking our unity as well as the nation’s sanctity.

The above eight points in my opinion should be the key for at least next five to ten years. The community must ensure that these are not only adhere to but systematically pursued and achieved. Muhajirs should adopt these as their ways of lives to ensure a better future for themselves today and for their prosperity in coming years to come.

Pakistan Zindabad!

The End.


One comment on “The Muhajir Manifesto (for today)”
  1. G M ALVI says:

    Only province can solve Mohajir community solutions because here in sindh only son of soil can service even tanent person has no value in mohallah.

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