One bread, One tablet, One life for every Pakistani

I am writing after a long gap as I am mostly relying on the vlogs finding it more suitable. But today for some reason I wanted to write this down to document of what I feel would happen in the coming times. I was perhaps one of the first ones of my cadre who wrote a blog against PTI government back in 2012 and then kept on reminding our dear establishment of the impeding quagmire they are heading towards as a nation which perhaps would have no recluse for us and we would be sucked down in the same ditch which we think of digging for others. My profession gives me a unique opportunity to review everything from the risk angle as well as my nucleus also helps me in creating the farsightedness.


Lately, I have been trying to find out why most of the renowned philosophers died in their own singularity. Perhaps, the world failed to understand them or perhaps they failed to make them understand the truth. Many years later today we discover that most of what was foretold was true and falls in place let it be Pluto, Aristotle, Marx, Trotsky and even Mandela took years of solitary life to make the world understood the truth beseeched on us. I am perhaps going through the same journey when for the same truth I was forced to leave my job in Pakistan and leave the beloved motherland for speaking the truth. The same truth which haunts us today. I so wish people had listened instead of persecuting but that is what humanity is. When Prophets (PBUH) told them the truth the humanity banished them, stoned them, crucified them, killed them and mocked them. But the truth stood out and the humanity got replaced. Sadly, one after another the truth was always challenged.


We have become so emboldened to hear lies and deceit as truth that the real truth has become a sin. In Pakistan or any dictatorship this is generally classified as being a “Traitor”. Today, we celebrate some of those who are no more there and perhaps we would celebrate those who would not be there anymore. But the fact is that truth is the only casualty in this life and perhaps in the future. Not surprising as this life is testament of a fight between Good and Evil. The art of wrapping your lies and deceit as Truth sometimes is also classified as “Musbat Khabar” (Positive News) in Pakistan.


Few of the articles which were referred to when I was being forced to resign were based on my commentary on Pakistan’s encouragement of Islamic radicalization. Unfortunately, a nation of talented people today is not known for its talent but for radical elements. All our hard work, education, steadfastness goes down the drain in a self-defeating crusade of defending our first line of defense which are these radicals forgetting about our last line of defense which is our people “The Pakistanis”. Today, we face being blacklisted by FATF if not black than we may remain in “Grey” for some time. Of course, our enemies would ensure that we remain in the same or worst so that we don’t have enough resources to support these radicals and as a result of frustration our people revolt against the republic when the republic fail them financially with all the character and rigor due to our strategy of international mischief mongering in the name of religion or freedom. This is what was tried to be explained. But no sir, I was being asked to apologize. Today, as a nation we are on thin ice so much so many say with all the might of our armed we can’t intervene in Kashmir due to the threat of being blacklisted entirely. Like for e.g. if we use our traditional tools we would be certified terror sponsors a definite inclusion in the black list and if we wage a war we would be hit by sanctions. We planned all these years that we would play “Kashmir” Card as a barter for US to exit from Afghanistan with our cooperation but whilst our Prime Minister chanted slogans against his opponents in the corridors of Washington and pushed for Afghanistan solution. India pre-empted us and left us with no choice but face saving a post Friday prayers protests as a last resort. I don’t think we can do any more. Inhabitants of Azad Kashmir gather on the borders on the 67th day of the shutdown of Kashmir by India after invocation of Article 370. A strategy in its own with no head or tail as I wonder how long can India sustain this lockdown. Humanly its in justified. But coming back to my point all these assets are of no use today. If so was the case we would not be threatening of Nuclear War on the floor of United Nation’s General Assembly. I must say due to our wrong policy run by non-politicians our last weapon of offence has become the first. Such a weapon which would wreath havoc and should never be an option.


The second reason for which I was chastised was my criticism on CPEC. I was clearly stating that the outflow from this current deal is more than what the expected inflow is. Yes, I was again right if audited properly you would know that for every One Dollar we got from China we gave back almost 2 dollars back and that too spent on projects which had no direct impetus on our industry and job market only creating a route for China to ensure its cheap goods can hit Middle East. So many celebrated and mocked. Called anyone criticizing it a “Traitor”. Today, no one has the audacity to say the truth. We celebrate that China after the persecution of 15 million Muslims in Uighur area signed with us US $ 8 bn deals whilst at the same time without a CPEC China has invested in industry in India over US$ 250 Bn and is expected to spend US$ 500 Bn in Iran. I think again we have been shortchanged. The only shining glory is the JF 17 jet we have gotten from China and even there is confusion on that who actually shot down the Indian fighter jets. JF 17’s or F 16’s?? Why can’t China invest in building good hospitals, schools, factories etc. in our country why our relationship is restricted to development of war weapons? A Masoomana question (an innocent question). As we say that Islam is under threat in Kashmir. Why my nation is quiet on the plight of Muslims of Uighur? Relationship is two ways not unilateral. With the US pressure on Chinese economy which has lost almost 15% of its value CPEC is already looking like a distant dream with us already being negative by 100% and expected to spend more. But I am not worried. China displayed a lot of new weapons in its 70th anniversary parade. We may have a few new ones to parade soon as well. At the same time a common Pakistani strives for one bread, one tablet, one life as its right under the constitution of Pakistan but who cares about it. We can choose as we may after all country’s war strategy is supreme over its financial strategy.


Last but not the least. The last accusation was that I support Altaf Hussein the founder of MQM and Muhajir Cause. Also, since we both had concurrence at least on point one of mine. He was by default a “Traitor”. Also, there were a few missing or dead Muhajirs whose families wanted solace or closure. When Altaf Hussein left the Scotland Yard after being charged of hate speech. He may be right to say that if I don’t speak for my missing, dead or jailed workers who would do so. On the record, this is the extent I agree with him. Still believe that he should have continued working with establishment in building the burnt bridges due to his extra ordinary speeches and weed out the conspirators at the same time. His folly was that he lost it too early and ended up becoming the enemy of the state and signed it with the blood of martyred 20,000 Muhajirs when he chanted “Pakistan Murdabad” without realizing that Muhajirs built this nation and would be loyal to their death but perhaps he underestimated both the response of the republic as well as his own people inclusive of myself who distanced themselves due to this consistent attitude of not withdrawing and repeating it after various apologies making it remorseful . But the question remains though sons of the soils like Zardari, Bilawal, Achakzai and a few in Punjab lately didn’t the same “Pakistan Murdabad” slogan but almost said the same. They all remain scot-free without any persecution on their workers and closure of their parties or their offices. Altaf Hussein’s only mistake that he said the words whilst other say and threaten it directly or indirectly often and remain with the realm of law. Perhaps, a lesson in politics or refresher was needed and sometimes overconfidence gets on to you. Today, Muhajirs are in disarray for one word. Ironic, that whilst Altaf Hussein made an error the establishment found an opportunity of culling the rightful demands of rights of almost 50 Million Muhajirs living in the country. With all the distractions, still nothing on the radar as each one in the community looks worried even if they belong to the parties which our most respected establishment supports.


A few days ago, after 2 years of being abroad enjoying my life (self-exile on advice) when I returned. I also saw many in pain and despair. How can I be happy when my community or nation suffers? They called me “Traitor” then and I am sure they would call me “Traitor” today. Speaking for the betterment of my nation and my people makes me “Traitor” I guess than be it. As I was right then and would be in the future for sticking to truth.


It would be better for the republic if the establishment sit down its critics and listen to them and unite the nation instead of dividing them. Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Saddam’s Iraq, Qaddhafi’s Libya and many more examples are there were controlled states and none exist. Only those who take feedback positively and implement in the interest of the nation. Whilst I do respect that the establishment has a bigger stake in the republic and I respect that but then the 200 Million Pakistanis also have. Branding everyone apart from those voting or routing for you as immoral, corrupt and traitors won’t help. It hasn’t ever.


As I finish writing this I feel so light that I said what was to be said. Now, consequences are awaited but I take inspiration from Imam Hussein (R.A.) who knew the consequences before he walked into Karbala. He is revered till today by all Muslims and non-Muslims as well. But I have realized after waking up from my 2-month coma years ago that the voice is the God’s gift and should not be suppressed from speaking the truth. Well I love my nation Pakistan and would always do so. No need any certificates I guess. Trust me when I chant Pakistan Zindabad. I do it by choice not by coercion or under pressure as I really believe in it. Pakistan Zindabad!

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