Pakistan continues to be at Cross Roads 70 years on and may continue to do so

Pakistan in my view is again at Cross Roads . But hasn’t that been the case since our generation is born and perhaps the one before us . “Pakistan is going through difficult times” is what we have been hearing since we were kids strolling around in what baby’s wear. Now most of our generation are parents and yet we face the same situation and who knows God forbidden their posterity may face the same. 

We recently celebrated Independence Day where some say billions were spent on the national fervor and we are now celebrating Defence Day where again acknowledge our martyrs and infact celebrate a conflict which is never ending . We celebrate a day where we almost lost our second largest city back in 1965 as our soldiers pushed back Indian Army. There are various notions available in the history. The national narrative and then the real narrative. 

The news which is concerning for me is that whilst there were many who were hoisting Pakistan’s flags there were a few of various ethnicities burning it as well. Out of frustration of the State’s lack of Empathy and dictatorial approach towards the resolution of the conflict where it exist . How sad it might sound and unpatriotic ? As many in media questioned the action. The real question was that what caused these incidents to happen in the first place. Baloch Liberation , Sindhi Liberation and now we are hearing about Muhajir Liberation Movements . The province of KPK is already in chaos . How long we will continue with this and ignore this state of affairs. The painful part is that those sitting in GHQ do respond to those who kill and maim Pakistanis in thousands and yet feel restrained when it comes to reaching out to ethnic conflicts . Maybe it’s the more powerful force which get their attention. 

If you tell me that all is good . I will not agree . Come what may. As an analyst and someone with an iota of Political sense knows that this is not heading in the right direction for the nation. Such movements start small the first two that is Baloch and Sindhi have been there for a while and may have not created the impact . But with Muhajir factor coming in . The three together can deliver serious threat to the united Pakistan . 

The State’s policy is confusing and now it seems that in its all entirety is depended on Islamic Radicals. I have questioned this time and again with a strong numbers of non conventional weapons. Why do e still need a large conventional and guerilla force to back our strategy domestically as well as internationally? But if this question is answered . The bulk of the problem will be solved . 

Currently, Pakistan’s foreign policy is strongly hinged on China and Turkey. My opinion on China has been voiced many times earlier and as a Karachiite . I view that the current operation in Karachi is to ensure that a safe delivery of an enslaved Karachi to China is ensured as it has an operational port and infrastructure. People say that Gawadar is the real deal. I think that it’s a “Mirage”. The last I checked China’s plans on Gawadar is limited apart from giving Kashgar access to a warm water port and I feel that this port is more viable for Afghanistan than Pakistan. China has become a modern time East India Company and nothing more. Those who doubt this can check their handling in African states where they took their money . 

Pakistan’s policy is heavily dependent on China and why not that it’s the only country which gives Pakistan and its Army any number of weapons both Land and Air. It’s the only state which use Veto in the UN Security Council as India flexes its muscles against Pakistan. As recent as when China vetoed India’s effort to Black list LeT in Security Council at UN a few months ago. But China is no more the communist country as that of Mao but it fast is becoming a Capitalist country as it uses its garnered money to buy off partnerships and allies. They say that if China intend to spend 1 $ in Pakistan during the next 10 years or so they intend to spend more than thrice the amount in India. I wonder why we still think that China would intervene if India and Pakistan go to war. That has always been my point of argument in the few blogs which I wrote earlier . 

With recent BRICS resolution where three GHQ’s favorite organizations including of Haqqani network and LeT have been issued resolutions against . I am sure that many in Islamabad and Pindi must be in a shock that instead of their close to heart topic of Kashmir . India is winning the momentum in the international community to associate the State of Pakistan with Islamic radicalization which is not the fact in reality as there are many Pakistanis who are against the radicalization and the support it gets from certain quarters of the state . Now is it out of complacency or is it out of compulsion . In either form its becoming a concern for Pakistanis. 

A few days ago President Trump started the onslaught and he was later backed by NATO which threatened to withdraw Pakistan’s NATO ally status. Our national narrative was that we are not dependent on US anymore and that we have China and Russia backing us in case US and the West start showing its teeth. But then the BRICS resolution comes where both the states also highlights its concerns. Perhaps Pakistan has forgotten that people like Hameed Gul and their favorite national party Jamaat e Islami boasted of Russian collapse as the pinnacle of their military might. They perhaps forgot that Russia has a much more deeper relationship with India than Pakistan. But they want to live in the fool’s paradise and our pro establishment bloggers and media personnel and analysts were heard feeling comfort due to China and Russia. I am sure they would now have a lot to ponder. Let’s not forget and infact let me ask when was the last time that China interfered in an international conflict . It was a 100% communist motivated China with no corruption which backed Vietcong and North Korea. The new China is nothing but a Capitalist and this China would never want a conflict with India ; Pakistan’s arch enemy as per the State policy where most of its population wants a peaceful correlation with India and Afghanistan . 

Why not people like us want to coexist peacefully whilst my father’s ancestors originate from present day India and my mother’s side originates from Afghanistan ? There are millions like me who may have same pedigree in some form or another and they would like to have peace. Lately, some pro establishment bloggers are seen propagating peace with India realizing that diplomatically they have been cornered by India from both sides. Also, looks so if they want to become part of BRICS that is not possible without India allowing it. I am sure they have begun to see the writing on the wall. Like sanctions on individuals and institutions. The threat of the same exists and as per my knowledge work has commenced on the same . 

The Dawn leaks tried to highlight the same and pro establishment mouth pieces are heard saying that Nawaz Sharif has paid the price for being closer to India. His crime was perhaps to bridge the gap with India and paid price second time in his political career for the same. I may not be his supporter but I strongly support close proximity with India . Similarly now the narrative being built that we should be proximate with India due to similar cultures. But this is exactly what Altaf Hussein said in 2002 for which he is being branded as Traitor for speaking the truth. I am sure even Punjabis who are loyal to real Pakistan would realize this soon and follow what Altaf Hussein said about the need to be close to India as well as growing Talibanization in Pakistan and especially Karachi. Both time he was ridiculed and chastised. This perhaps will not be the case if a Punjabi politician like Imran Khan says it as he is son of the soil.

Pakistani establishment is hell bent to somehow find a reason to keep Pakistanis distracted from the core issues and kept on harping against MQM. They started Operations after Zarb e Azb and persecuted Muhajirs. Every now and then I speak to one of those who were kept in custody and were imparted inhumane torture . Some were even killed. Their only crime being Muhajirs. Whilst the Mullah Aziz’s and Ehsan’s were being celebrated by the state led by former Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar . 

Truth has always been the first casualty in Pakistan and those who dared to speak it have always been in the list of casualties. Pakistan is and will always be at cross roads if similar policies continue. We Pakistanis do not deserve this. 

I see limited strikes and sanctions coming soon against individuals and institutions. I am sure we are not the only state with Nuclear Arsenal in our depots. The policy has to change at state level if this needs to be avoided where thousands more lose lives . The international forces in my opinion will not tolerate this anymore that they have started to reach out to the exiled Pakistani leadership to find a solution within as the first step only. I am sure the readers are intelligent enough what may come next. 

Lastly about my beloved Karachi and my community as I speak they are being tormented and have been made to keep shut but can this hold for long . It’s to be seen . I am sure it would erupt as they are being pushed to wall. I am sure there are those who internationally are now realizing the persecuted communities in Pakistan ; their list grows. I am sure Muhajir youth will rise under the right leadership and will not let their nation go under the sword of radicalization. Muhajirs will always be the last line of defence against radicalization in Pakistan. 

The problem is not the state but those who have highlighted the state’s policy where under the guise of misguided national narrative ; the wrong type of so called patriots slowly imbibe the nation. The true patriots maybe in exile or banished today but they will go back some day and win the battle for the real Pakistan. For Jinnah’s Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad!

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