Dear Chief of the Army Staff Pakistan Army … : Straight from DK

As I drove alone after offering Eid prayers to fulfill my annual ritual having breakfast on Eid morning at my favorite coffee shop . My heart remained in Pakistan or let me say with Pakistan. Sometimes your knowledge becomes your curse . It makes you lonely as you don’t find many who comprehend the way as you do. Off lately I don’t feel like writing . But incidents time and again happen . Stories you get to hear that makes you feel like speaking out. I have been doing my little bit of effort to read Holy Quran now a days with Translation and Tafseer . They say that Holy Quran is the channel through which Allah speaks to his Ummah or mankind. Perhaps lately I realized that the only person I can talk to honestly or connect is the Almighty . Listen to what he has to say for the millions of questions which hover in my mind. The questions which I feel is no more available in the times of insanity and impunity. Perhaps it’s my final resort before I let my mind loose. 
As Pakistanis hugged each other wishing Eid to each other. They had these smiles . But as I woke up I read a message on one of the many Social Media tools that perhaps the death toll of the Parachinar Blast which happened on the last Friday of Ramadan or as we Muslims call it Juma tul Widah saw almost 100 people blown up in a maddening suicide attack . Some reports say that these numbers may rise. 100 or more Pakistanis including children sent to oblivion . I saw a picture of a boy who looked like around the age of my daughter laid in the white shroud . Do I still feel happy ? Yes sunnah tells me to do so. On the same day few more Pakistanis died in Karachi and Quetta. The perpetrators I guess known to our respectable agencies. I walked from the prayer area with my head down . For some reason I could not forget the face of the dead child. Have we become so insulated that we have stopped feeling pain for the humanity or is it a Pakistani problem ? 

Some unfortunate incidents have happened in one of my favorite city i.e. London and many more where innocent people have lost their lives to mindless atrocious incidents of insanity. Whilst there is no replacement of life and limb but the way the community rose to mourn the dead was a sight to see. Perhaps the way life is mourned in the West is sometimes an envy as I see around myself the empathy towards life vanish gradually. Pakistan will celebrate Eid tomorrow . Some will be happy because of being with their family , some will be happy this Eid more because Pakistan is ICC Champions Trophy winner , some will just put their masks on to look happy hiding their various sorrows . Life goes on and has to go on. But life for 100 or more Pakistanis will never be the same again. 

They say I am critical . Some say I am very critical of Pakistan and its agencies. I read a blog lately narrating the ordeal of a political worker tortured in custody . 

Of the many reasons was his social media presence. Lately , many bloggers has invited the ire of some of our agencies each of whom survived tell their own stories of what they faced for speaking their mind. Yes, I am critical too of my countrymen especially those who run it. Why not ? You point out as I have learned mistakes off those people you expect something in return. We criticize politicians , we criticize police and mostly each other than why not who we know actually run the nation. We expect them to respond positively and seek advice to improve instead of shutting down. In this day and age it’s not a probability. People like us will always find our ways to spread our messages. Truth will never go down easily. 

Some of you will be thinking that why is he sitting alone sipping coffee and that too on the day of Eid. He is a loner or maybe people have given up on him. Let me accept for the first time that whilst being in Pakistan speaking truth was looking like a sin bigger than looting and plundering the nation. I was shocked to see that wherever I went people reminded me to stay quiet and let it be . “ This is Pakistan Sir jee what do you expect . Remain quiet and enjoy life with your family. You have gotten a second chance in life . Don’t waste it . A single bullet can end it all” time and again I was told to this in form or another by those I know and sometimes as whispers by those I didn’t. 

When I went back to Pakistan after waking up from the long coma last year. I had a lot of hope and motivation that I would contribute in my own way to build my nation . But then I realized that hypocrisy is critical in Pakistan. Support the lies. Support the narrative. Ignore the truth. Ignore the facts. I knew that if I stay long enough in Pakistan the probability of mine becoming a statistic was immense in way and another. In a dark cell in an unknown location near Karachi or six feet under . I am sure as I publish this many will read inclusive of those who want to keep a track on what I am saying to use against me when they get their chance. 

Today, I will speak to them. Yes, someday you will get your chance to take me to that dark cell with blind folds on my eyes. But before you do that ask of yourself that if I am lying. This blast which has happened at Parachinar , the massacre in APS, the explosions in Lahore or Karachi or Quetta especially in public places without any regard of who is being targeted or where. This god forbidden may hurt someone whom you love . It will too late to mourn that grief. Allah has exalted powers in you. Work honestly and chose the right side and inhibit the true anti state elements of Pakistan. Have you seen the video where gunmen shoot the policemen and comeback to check without any fear. That is the kind of enemy we need to fight against. 

I will ask of our current Chief of the Army Staff unlike the last one who I feel had more hatred against politicians inclusive mainly of MQM and especially Mr. Altaf Hussein without realizing that his predecessor who he calls his big brother (as claimed by Gen Musharraf) shared power with the same Altaf Hussein , MQM and Muhajirs for many years. What the former chief forgot too was that May 12th incident in Karachi was not MQM’s personal agenda against Chaudhary Iftikhar but was to support Gen Musharraf who not only the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan but was also the Army chief at that time. Wonder why their allegiance was not an issue at that time. Anyways either it was Gen Raheel Sharif or some under his command with encouragement by the Interior Minister who have successfully disenchanted Muhajir community for good as I see. They have managed to create the thought process in Muhajir community feeling their deprivation at that high notch which Mr. Altaf Hussein could not have done. Anyways coming back to the current COAS who seems to be a reasonable man to ask of himself that whether unity of Pakistan lies with the support of radicalization or reinforcement of its political structure of the country as per Constitution of the country unless its defunct . After reading the blog on the returning MQM worker and stories of other bloggers doesn’t look like that Constitution is effective currently. 

Sir, I speak to you as I conveyed in my last Vlog that a difficult time is ahead for Pakistan . Our enemies are uniting. Our friends are fast becoming our enemies. Our remaining friends are taking leverage of the situation. Patriots in the country whose ancestors built Pakistan are fast becoming Traitors and traitors are fast being qualified as Patriots. Ask of yourself when in War as a Warrior who do you want to be standing next to you in the battlefield to fight with and for you. The recent Traitors or recent Patriots. I am sure Sir, you are a man of wisdom. Unite the nation. Bullets, torture and undisclosed Guantanamo Bay kind of prisons will not unite but divide the nation. Identify the right enemy. Approach the disenchanted communities of Muhajirs, Balochs , Sindhis and Pathans. You or your predecessor will not like to go into a War with so much domestic strife . Might can buy only that much loyalty. USSR crumbled with all its might , many ancient civilizations suffered the same fate . Only dialogue will make you stronger. This will make you look stronger instead of weak. With the pace things are moving along soon you will run out of time or whoever replaces you in a few years. Unite the nation. Please ask some under your command to stop looking at each or branding Patriots as Traitors ; the moment they challenge the national narrative . Pakistan is not so weak that it will be affected by those pointing its lacking. 

The intelligentsia of the state should be friends in arms instead of being distanced as enemies. Militarily you have enemies or future enemies almost surrounding Pakistan. The national policy is distancing many international friends too. The recent speech by Her Majesty the Queen of Britain after involvement of a Pakistani origin whose native town is perhaps only a few hundred miles from your birthplace should make us sit up and ask questions. Is it more important that we persecute people or leaders for our own egos or that of people like Chaudhary Nisar or the nation is bigger ? 

Form a truth and reconciliation council and hold open meetings with all disenchanted leadership of Pakistan including Altaf Hussein. Sir, whatever your agents on ground may tell you but he is still seen as the leader of Muhajirs. Sit with him , talk to him . Find a solution. Our religions tells us so as well instances exist where our Holy Prophet (PBUH) also tried to seek peace with his enemies . Treaty of Hudaibiah is a testament of which. So what stops that the disenchanted get on a table and find a solution where interest of Pakistan must be supreme. But the objective is not to make people fall in line as per the state’s terms but on equal terms. This strategy of making proxy political parties like IJI, MMA, PMLQ and now lately PTI, PSP and MQM-Pak has never helped in the past and never will. 

The thought of Us vs. them should end. I am sure your recent termed Traitors as better than your recent Patriots when you go to that War (which I am hope I am wrong) . Once you have your nation behind you. You will not be seen as a dictator or a General but as a Leader . Only than you can unite Pakistan and have enough respect on the table to get equal respect and leverage when sitting across in front of your friends and foes. Yes, you have the option of shutting up people like us physically or otherwise and demonstrate to the world that you are in control. But is it long term, is it what you would do knowing that you will be asked at the Day of judgment of your actions as someone in power by Allah. I am sure you would like to be on the right side. 

Let me reiterate Muhajir community is the one who left India amidst all the turmoil and casualties and took a stand in front of a stronger majority and came to Pakistan . Their feelings towards India remains as they remember the tough times of migration. Their passion for Pakistan is much bigger and will always be including that of Altaf Hussein who is their leader. I know the SOP amongst your ranks is not to name Altaf Hussein as someone who could not be named . But I feel it’s a futile exercise. I am sure Altaf Hussein & Muhajirs will be a key ally in times to come. I am not supporting any criminal here. They should feel justice . But let the courts decide not interrogations and short to medium term custodies. Sir, I am sure you will take my humble opinion as that of a Patriot hoping to see a solution. 

Sometimes I feel the feud with MQM and Muhajirs is to distract Pakistan from the real enemy which are Islamic radicalization of the country (again I don’t mean those serving Islam peacefully) . I am sure you would find reason and see my point as I try to put across in all honesty. I am sure we don’t need to Chinese to build Pakistan when we have good talent in the nation and Muhajirs have shown that in the past and will in the future Inshallah!

Sir , I am tired of seeing Pakistanis die in suicide bombings, young men of political belief (only) becoming criminals. Muhajir community contrary to what you are being told is feeling disenchanted and is growing pace. I am sure instead of using power . You and your team will find reason to change the policy of handling Muhajirs and their leadership . Again you always have the power to shut down voices like ours. But lately Sir I am reading more of Holy Quran and one lesson I have learned as Allah tells me through his sacred book to stand up for my rights and ensure that truth prevails without fearing hardships. I will refer to Aayah 214 : Surah e Baqrah where Muhajirs from Makkah to Madina facing persecution at the hands of Munafiqeen , Mushriqeen and Jews complained to our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when this particular Aayah was sent by Allah and our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told the Muhajirs of Madina that many have been persecuted before you where many were cut by saw from head to toe and combs made of iron were used to rip of their meat but all this torture did not dissuade them from their journey and Allah will soon give relief. I thought that I share this with you and the readers. 

Anyways I hope by next Eid if I am spared (pun intended) and live by the will of Allah . I will celebrate Eid next year without burden of seeing pictures of dead Pakistanis especially small kids. I am sure true enemies of Pakistan will be taken to task across the country including South Punjab and outskirts of Karachi. I am sure sense will prevail. Pakistan Zindabad!

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