The Last Resort: Pakistan Army

As I write this piece . I write this with a heavy heart that today as a Pakistani. My belief in the current political set up has been reduced to almost Zero. They continue fighting each other on seats, ministries , rigging, money , power and the post of Prime Minister Ship. What they are not seeing is that many of us are laying down our lives and are continue doing it each day for what? The question is For What? To keep them in power. To ensure rule of their posterity. To remove one from power and bring the next one in line in power. Is this the democracy which we have been promised as Pakistanis? Is this the democracy I want for our posterity ? NO!

People may say that its because of the past decisions that what is happening today holds valid. People may say that its because of the operation going on in Wazristan that Taliban are seeking their revenge. Some may say that its because of the operation going on in Afghanistan that we face what we face today. Some may even blame our Pakistan Army for starting the operation unilaterally. What these people who have the soft corner for these radicals twisted minded Muslims may never say is that these people have gone beyond of what you may claim as civilized human beings .

Anyone who would have read history where in the past millions or billions may have been killed due to past conflicts . Never would find an instance where even the Barbarian hordes would have unleashed such terror and act of inhumanity towards unarmed and especially children. As we sat in the office today already feeling convoluted due to the ongoing political crises in the country. I fail to understand why each side of the protest is oblivious of the growing threat of the extremism or are just preferring to ignore. The venom with which they attack and despise each other. Why did not each of them even spelt 1 % towards the real enemy of the state in this situation?

In my opinion as I have said it in the past. The case is simple. Both parties who are arguing for remaining in power or wanting to be in power have their own kind of allegiance towards the Islamic Radicalism . Whilst the incumbent government of PMLN is in bed with them in Punjab ensuring them a smooth election campaign and a reign in power. The opposing PTI is in bed with Talibans in KPK. Please do not tell me that I am assuming as the biggest proponent of terrorism in Pakistan i.e. Jamaat e Islami is the common denominator between PMLN, PTI and Talibans are thriving in these situation and are seen to be in comfort zone with all the three. If what I feel is true than we as a nation are in a deep fix because there is practically no one at the national level to take head on or challenge Talibans . With ANP been wiped out in KPK. With PPP reeling with its own version of survival and panacea. Only parties like MQM are standing tall and infact have given a lot of lives to sustain the opposition to TTP.

President Gen Pervez Musharraf said it right on his last speech to the people that “ Pakistan ka Allah hi Hafiz Hai or God is now the only protector for Pakistan” . He was quiet true when he said that as what we see today is clearly transpiring as our so called democracy for which he made way has not only collapsed but has fallen flat on its face.

PTI or Imran Khan has to put a stop to his protests after today’s incident in Peshawar where he is in power. He would have to come out clean on his stance on Talibans. He would have to denounce them openly . Otherwise I have no reason to believe that he is driving their agenda as his protests only stepped up after the commencement of the Pakistan Army Operation in the North Waziristan. Some spokesperson of PMLN government has recently hinted that one agenda of Imran Khan has to stop the operation in Waziristan. Now don’t tell me that it is not true. As his proximity with JI and his open stance on stopping Drone Strikes gives more credence to the claim that his pro Taliban agenda has gotten the operation delayed as PMLN was afraid to take a solo course as PTI could use the same to harbor extremist elements against their government . If you see closely that may hold true as well. PTI or Imran Khan has to suspend his recent protests till the time a full and final assault has taken place against TTP elements not only in KPK but across the country.

Alternatively PMLN government should resign and allow the President to invoke Emergency in Pakistan under the provision of the constitution of our country to save this nation from further apathy. The Supreme Court can also take a suo motto notice as the country is in strife.

Lastly as per my last blog. Our Pakistan Army can step in to take over if the politicians and judiciary do not have the resolve or the courage to do so . They must take over the government to clean up the mess created . Go each nook and corner of the country to fight out the Taliban elements and whilst they are at it . They can look into cleaning the mess due to which we get an unstable democracy every now and then. Now people may say that they got their chance in the past. But I am sure the learning curve is immense and they could learn from the shortcomings and implement the resolution.

Its sad that to know that all Pakistanis living across the world are not being adjudjed by various achievements but sadly as people who live in the country of Taliban and further sadly as a country where its Army is only fighting Taliban but the public and politicians are keeping quiet about the strife. Its shameful today to be associated with such a lot. It is further shameful to know that we are sitting on the sidelines and do nothing about it.

I wonder how come the anti government protests would resolve the Taliban government. For me its just throwing a Pro Punjabi Taliban government out and replacing it with a Pro KPK Taliban government in Pakistan. I as a Pakistani demand a full and final settlement of the issue like the Srilankans did against Tamil Tigers. Otherwise , we would always be caught in this whirlwind for the next many years.

As for the politicians. Knowing their excellent achievements . They should take a back seat for a year or maybe two and let the Army run the government to resolve what all we want as Pakistanis. I heard that PMLN government may call an All Parties Meeting . Better they request the Army to take over in the interest of the country and step away till Pakistan is put back on track before the people of Pakistan take things in their own hands and a dangerous hand is forced on the nation where I feel the eventual outcome may be the same. Ironically today is the same day where we lost half the country. Lets use this date as the same as the day where we bounced back against tyranny and hypocrisy. Pakistan Zindabad!


7 comments on “The Last Resort: Pakistan Army”
  1. imran abbas says:

    Good article I condemn, what happened today we lost 141 smiles. Yup, it is a time to standup as one nation. Today all media personalities saying that what our political parties are doing is wrong you also said that. I can not understand why all of you ppl are saying that like things. All the parties are on one step against terrorism. We should not wast our energy on that like things and should focus toward reforms. Today only Moeed talked on weaknesses

  2. saeed says:

    until you kill and destroy the sanctuaries in cities and towns, elements hate mongers and get rid of Blasphemy law…. I m afraid we r doomed as a nation.

  3. Lovefor All says:

    !00% agreed. This is a national tragedy that an overwhelming majority of people are lacking vision and ability of inference from actions, statements, present, past of our so-called leaders(Gen. Musharaff not included) and so-called religious political parties mainly the notorious Jamaat-e-Islami. Extremism can never be uprooted without uprooting idealogy behind it. There is a long road to backtrack. Most of all a sincere, visionary, liberal and honest leaership is mandatory. General musharraf is definitely the most fit person with all the traits. It hurts to see the ship sinking and the person who could save it, chained by parties of pirates and worst of all, passengers conviction that the new pirate is actually their saviour. Pakistan ZIndabad.

  4. Fazil Khan says:

    I fully agree with the writer. The civlian government has failed miserably everytime they came in to power. They have the least interest of pak people but their own agenda how to get rich. It is time that people of Pakistan reject the civilian Government. Until such time that we undrstand what democracy means. Let army take over. Terrorism must be eliminated – Pakistan can not and will not recover from this downward economy by bad Governance. Terrorists are spread all over Pakistan and harboured by the Islamic radicals. Only army can smoke them out of their hide outs and punish severely the Islamic radicals. This is atleast three years job.

  5. Shahzeb Ali says:

    i condemn what happened on 16 DEc-14 and truly want to do some thing for Pakistan as whole nation wants, the thing is ADM has to utilize the nation for positive work, the nation is awaiting to be used for Pakistan and for betterment of Pakistan .
    PTI is seeking for power to bring positive change in country as we all know no one can do even positive things with out power in our country so let PTI come and give them chance.
    Also, i disagree to your soft corner & comment regarding MQM, the party which is clearly under world/ Mafia Party and you are giving positive remarks ??

  6. Noroz says:

    We did not learn any lesson from our past history….. Why did we lose East Pakistan? Repeating the same mistakes will only make us lose the remaining of Pakistan… May the Almighty Allah give wisdom to eveybody . Amen

  7. Waqar says:

    Such a true picture of situation in Pakistan in this article. Pro punjabi taliban government of PMLN and Pro KPT taliban government of PTI what will happen to the people of Pakistan. Terrorism and extremism have to be taken out from roots, terrorist should be rooted out from every home which is harboring them for this all people of Pakistan have to come together. Interim government needed and major reforms and then elections and this only army can do. I don’t see any other way if someone says there are other ways then is fooling others. Very rarely truth are written in articles but this article is the truth.

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