Why today Change is the best revenge in Pakistan ?

A few years ago an offspring of one of the prominent politicians of Pakistan said that Democracy is the best revenge. He made that statement shortly after his mother Shaheed Benazir Bhutto was martyred during an attack by Talibans. They were returning to power with a promise that they would serve Pakistan and ensure that Democracy would be strengthened in Pakistan. Sometimes I feel that irrespective of the mode of a society democratic or otherwise. It should be the one which should be in the best interest of the people. But that day when I heard the slogan . I looked at my TV screen with an iota of doubt. Means I was sure that coming on the heels of a successful government of President General Pervez Musharraf. We as Pakistanis are in for a ride .

Today , when I heard the speech of President Gen Pervez Musharraf . I practically relived his days when he led my country and I was a proud citizen of which. I remember telling people that I am all in for a democracy but not one where you are installing either PML N or PPP. But the international community and the judicial activists or anarchists were so enthusiastic about the so called change that they ignored the ground realities and forced someone who was sincere out of not only the government but outside Pakistan.

I am happy to see that people have stood up against PMLN and I am hoping equally against more dangerous PPP more vigorously . But they must not forget that this is exactly what Gen Pervez Musharraf stood against for so many years and proved that without the corrupt and self centric parties at helm . Pakistan can grow.

Pakistan is now at the highest level of debt per citizen . Some say that today each Pakistani is over PKR 100,000 indebted . Whilst the rulers of PMLN and PPP have become multi billion rich. The poor people of Pakistan are today deprived of basic amenities. Their lives have gone from bad to worse. Their honor, their dignity and their lives are no more safe. We have lost face in the international community and have already lost much domestically.

The only way we the Pakistanis can gain that self respect back is bringing change in the country which is within the constitutional domains . We must force our rulers to do what is right for Pakistan and not for them . We need self less leaders like President Gen Pervez Musharraf who could have lived abroad and yet have returned to serve his people. Against whom after so many years and persecution. None has found any evidence of corruption. Whose family is away from politics. Who took Pakistan to new heights of global self respect and recognition. Who ensured financial stability of the nation in the permissible time given to him to rule. Who guaranteed a system on merit. Only to be over thrown by elements in the judicial system at that time who have been proven to be corrupt and vilified the actions which President Musharraf took back in 2007 against them . Who in my personal opinion should be tried for treason for putting Pakistan in a spiral of demise by conniving against President Musharraf and not restricted to them but all who supported for their quest of power.

There are many protests against the government as we speak. Though I agree with the points raised by the leaders of the protests. But its key that the outcome of these protests should be the kind of leadership which can unite and take this nation further not polarize and divide them. The statement made by President Gen Pervez Musharraf today that he would support truth and honesty even if it comes from PMLN shows the mindset and maturity of Mr. Musharraf. We need leadership who can take this nation further and unite them instead of antagonizing those are being replaced.

Proud to see that whilst our men fight against Talibans. It was yet again Gen Musharraf cheering and praying for them. Something missing on the political scene now a days unfortunately. The Sindhi Ajraak he wore today is significant that his heart is closest to Pakistan and its culture more than ever and he chose it over wearing the flag of his party shows yet again his neutrality as a human being. Whatever any one might say. I think and infact I strongly feel that he still has a long way to go to rebuild Pakistan. Though a daunting task at his age but we Pakistanis would keep on appealing to him to keep serving Pakistan till his last breath and help us get rid of hypocrites and help us rebuild Pakistan which Quaid e Azam envisaged and he himself started to pursue.

The best way that we Pakistanis is to shut these corrupt of Politicians who rule Pakistan today from the corridors of power at any cost whilst such politicians has taken a revenge on us for electing in the name of democracy . We should take revenge of them from kicking them out of power and ensuring that none such come in power again. Pakistan Zindabad!

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