Meeting President General Pervez Musharraf

“Sometimes one need to go an extra mile to achieve of what may not be your personal goals but goals for your nation. Every now and then people rise from the ashes of such and create their own destiny. This is exactly what is required for the future of our Pakistan. We would need to rise from the ashes to rebuild our nation” said former President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf during my recent meeting with him in Karachi; a dream come true. Trust me I have adored this man for many years without meeting him. But today when I got the opportunity to meet him. It was nothing short of an emotional ride. I felt strongly that I made the right choice to follow him.

Since morning I was a little nervous of creating the right impression on the Boss. I walked back and forth in my room to collect my thoughts for what would I say when I meet him. But when I sat in the meeting room awaiting. I could feel my heart beating faster as he is the man who I believed would deliver for Pakistan when I voted for him on the day my mother died on April 30th , 2002. He was the man who gave me and millions of Pakistanis pride by putting us on the map of the world which was generally conceived as just India. He was the man who led Pakistan to an almost success story till we bumped into Pakistan’s worst nightmare in the form Chaudhary Iftikhar who now a days basks in the glory of having a corrupt son and awaits his two years to finish post retirement to reap the reward for his loyalty to his masters in PMLN & to become the President of Pakistan . Gen Pervez Musharraf was the man who made me belief that Pakistan can make it to the top. Awaiting to meet him there in the few minutes spent were like years .

Finally when he walked in . It was a dream come true to meet him. I would just try to recapture the memorable moments in a few lines. The discussion began from Pakistan and trust me it ended with Pakistan. He looked positive, charged and composed as he talked about the same country he has fought and bled for. He was overwhelmed by the support he has been shown by all the corners of the nation . Let it be KPK and let it even be Baluchistan where the misconception exists about him as portrayed in the media. He has been shown affection and love from all the nooks and the corners of the country.

Not a man of few words but a friendly and a down to earth personality. Gen Pervez Musharraf was very clear about the future of the country and believed that people of Pakistan and those parties who are actual patriots would pull out this nation out of the grasp of the feudals and hypocrites. He strongly believes that Pakistan is a strong nation and its people are much stronger and with right personality , character and mobilization. People of Pakistan would ensure that they get their rights . His views of Pakistan’s strategic importance in the region are being reinforced that with certain political development in our neighboring countries . We need strong leadership which can show brinkmanship to lead the nation.

He believes that we can only rise as a nation and there is no other way. He is the man who owns his decisions which in my view stand reinforced today when we see that the same media channels who were the front runners in the campaign against him to malign his reputation to bring in a corrupt lot of people are being seen in their true colors by the Pakistanis today. If I have my way would charge them for Treason and Murder as their financial gains have become Pakistan’s enigma. Again in my own personal opinion as I stated to Gen Pervez Musharraf that he was right to take the Talibans head on and especially in the case of Laal Masjid when we see today that a library has been dedicated to Osama Bin Laden instead of some one like Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. I further assured him that his principal stand on Chaudhary Iftikhar was rightful in its entirety as written in one of my earlier blogs. And I further assured him that true patriots and Pakistanis are with him and are ready to be on his side when the time comes for serving our motherland.

I am really proud of Pakistan Army ; our true asset for standing by a true patriot as General Pervez Musharraf rightly said by him in our conversation that our Army is the Center of Gravity for our nation and its enemies are trying to dislodge this knowing its significance. Its unfortunate knowing the sacrifice our men give to protect our motherland. Day in and day out. With their blood , with their sweat , with their limbs and with their soul. Its unfortunate that in a nation where our soldiers who have sacrificed significantly with their lives are being ridiculed by some selfish elements in our country.

I was further astonished to notice his spirit and his charisma after some unpatriotic Pakistanis made him go through where he takes positions for our country. I personally feel that had he been a normal political corrupt leader; he would have taken a deal and would have left Pakistan by now in these situations. But he believes in Pakistan. He believes in the sanctity of its institutions and have chosen to face the courts in the time of a biased Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary ; he has still belief in the system of his country that he faces the same man face to face who once tried to dislodge him by hijacking his plan in the mid air almost to the point of running it out of fuel. Still, he believes that of all what goes around Pakistan would come out of turmoil but for that its sons and its daughters would have to come out of the confines of their lives . On the streets to protect the future of our nation and recover it from the grasp of the tyranny which has been unleashed on the nation for the last six decades or more.

He is a man who has come out of experience ; he has learned from his mistakes and though ridiculed wants Pakistan to pick up in its glory from where it started declining once he left in 2008.

I feel with the non competence of the two major political parties where people have become disenchanted with them significantly. There is a big vacuum to fill. I personally feel strongly that this vacuum has to be filled by some one who has experience, non corrupt, sincere, patriot and resilient. I feel Gen Pervez Musharraf has still a lot to offer to this nation at this critical juncture where we need a strong leadership at the center. I am sure Pakistan would rise to follow him when it comes after all he is the one who helped us turn a significant turn in our history after 9/11 and would do so again as I feel we head into a storm and we need a strong captain on the wheel. Ahmm when I say Captain I don’t mean a frustrated Kaptaan. I mean a real man of character.

He said it right when we closed the discussion that the idea is to reach the goal and not wait but to score it as well. Meaning net the ball. A few leaders reach the D but forget to net the ball. I exactly knew what he meant. We both smiled and trust me the half an hour or so flew away like a jiffy in seconds. Trust me this meeting has given me great confidence as an individual and also great confidence in the future of our country. When I walked out awaiting our next one already. I believed that unless there are leaders like him out there. Nothing can happen to our motherland. Inshallah! Pakistan Zindabad!


22 comments on “Meeting President General Pervez Musharraf”
  1. Furqan Ali Khan says:

    Awesome man

    1. abbas says:

      fur——————————–qan you are awe

  2. Mohammad Qaisar Saleem says:

    Mr danish congratulations to you .you are one lucky man who got too meet this graceful man (sir Musharraf) . Mr danish you did a great job . Pakistan zindabad .

  3. durdanasaeed says:

    Musharraf is not a traitor. Brave soldier

  4. S Zakir Hussain says:

    Mr. Musharraf is a ray of light in this Dark era of Pakistani Politics.

  5. A true visionary and leader!

    Long live sir Pervez Musharraf.

  6. Mushtaq Awan says:

    A great man, great General and a Great President. Mr. Danish today you are of the views that he is the right person tomorrow Inshallah every Pakistani will be of the same view. Time never remains he same. I have served with him in 1968 when he was Capt . So I thoroughly know him

  7. Parvez says:

    Gen parvez musharraf is my heart agr usy kuch hogya to ma hudkashi kar lunga

  8. nishat says:

    Man of honour…Mr PM.we are looking forward our bright future with your leadership.

  9. shah nasir says:

    yes definitely a BRAVE MAN now i could understand better after seeing these ns type more ons

  10. Adil Awais Sheikh says:

    so far even no one KNOW the mission of Gen MUSHARAF include Dr.Danish. Gen Musharaf as a captain of this ship who’s name is PAKISTAN swinging into the horrible waves, paying his duties to fetch out this land stucked 65 years after it exist. I AM WITH HIM TO SAVE THE FUTURE OF PAKISTAN

  11. zaheer hussain says:

    i always call him The Great General. The General who was betrayed by his Prime Minister Ghaddar e Kargil, by the media king Ghaddar ibne Ghaddar Mit Shakil ur Rehman and Ghaddar ibne Ghaddar Hamid Mir. Still he stands TALL. He is man of all seasons for all good reason. W nation needs him.

  12. Muhammad Nisar Memon says:

    Mr.Danish I really appreciate you you did a great job for showing a true picture about our great hero Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf

  13. 19191931 says:

    By detaining the ex President, the current government seems to be politically motivated as there isn’t enough ground to nab the ex chief.
    Some people rightly are of the view that “Article 6” has been made impotent as it remained out of action against a majority of actual culprits who had committed crimes against Pakistan.

    Simple example: Even rigging during the poles is anti Pakistan crime. But the political (dynastic or otherwise) mafia has been getting away with it.

    I haven’t read the above post yet, nevertheless, the writer seems to be thinking right.
    I will read the article later and would “in sha Allah” come up with my sound LOGICAL opinion soon.

  14. afzal wasim says:

    musharaf sir great leader

  15. Reblogged this on ranarizwanhussain and commented:
    That’s exactly what i think about Pervez Musharraf

  16. Love to read your colum.

  17. 19191931 says:

    a happy ending is getting closer with regard to Musharraf ORDEAL

  18. sandy says:

    perfect! love ur article. I m amazed and so glad that atleast there are still people who can differ between right and wrong.

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