Pakistan Army: A sleeping Giant

Ironic it is that now a days you can see clear representation for Talibans in our Media. “Member of Taliban Committee” is fast becoming a title commonly seen. You may hear a lot of our religious scholars and Taliban apologists coming especially from PTI stressing on negotiations . You may hear that the same bunch giving references of Holy Quran pertaining to peace amongst the Ummah . But sadly they are quiet in the same spirit when talking about the victims of Talibans.

I am sure that our Army who is the reason this nation in my view remains united is quiet for a long time on the topic of the negotiations. Though I feel that these negotiations are being done over the dead bodies of our soldiers. Pervez Rasheed the Federal Information Minister was right to say that even India would not met out the same treatment to our soldiers. The recent pictures of our soldier’s heads arranged post their beheading as a revenge gesture for killing of their partners by Rangers in Karachi in what they claim as extra judicial just make me sick to my guts. It makes me not only hate them but it makes me hate their apologists more because I feel that it is because of these factors that the government is not able to take a clean strategy against Talibans as they worry about the extremist and their like minded vote bank . And we know that PMLN the government party and PTI the TTP apologists both fight for the same vote bank.

Some say that by placating Talibans and getting them quiet . The government wants US to have no reason to stay in Afghanistan and hence they expect that the purported peace would come to the country but they forget the fact that the menace of Taliban has grown much beyond that. I strongly belief that with the US gone (which I doubt in the first place entirely) the Talibans would be signing the songs of victory living in their similar fools paradise that they won a war over the US . Similarly like they chided after USSR left Afghanistan not because of Talibans or Mujahedeen’s fought strongly at the time but due to the US technology which came to their rescue. It would be a joke to agree that USSR became bankrupt because of the war in Afghanistan . So if the US leaves than the Taliban would become in my view stronger. Means more trouble for us as a nation because the herd would swell in their ranks by misguided Pakistanis believing that they are following a group which defeated the US Army. Now though I know that the thought is naive but than again some of us Pakistanis are naïve also; as many are seen supporting them on TV or media maybe out of ignorance, maybe out of allegiance, maybe out of fear or maybe out of for the sake of opposition.

I am sure that the new Army Chief is watching this situation closely. I am sure that our Army would not want to pursue peace with a weaker position especially where their sons continue to die at a one way peace initiative. The government side has requested a ceasefire but again a shame that the government which has the strongest army in the world is requesting for one instead of enforcing it. It was a consolation to hear that Shahid Khaqan Abbasi a government Minister of State in a TV show hosted by Javed Chaudhary was adamant that we should pursue Taliban anywhere in Pakistan in case the talks break down completely and sadly the anchor who was seen pleading a few weeks ago practically for his life from Taliban looked like threatening on the Taliban’s behalf the government of the consequences in case it happens. Sad to know that certain media houses in this hour of need where the nation should be standing behind the army are seen instead placating the Taliban.

More sad is to know that Maulana Aziz who was escaping in women’s clothes from Red Mosque is being pursued to bring peace whilst his commander who was behind the confrontation that is Maulana Khorasani is seen declaring that 23 of our soldiers are beheaded as a revenge. Further, ironic is to see that instead of charging this Maulana Aziz for Treason ; Gen Pervez Musharraf who took a stand against these terrorists is being tried for the same reason. Do you think that people like Khorasani would have desisted of hijacking Pakistan irrespective of the operation? I am sure it would have been quicker incase Red Mosque was not taken to task.

The government of PMLN on the other hand are unsure seemingly to handle this issue and obviously they wont be able to do anything about it in my view as they are in a secret pact with the Talibans of KPK for not attack their areas of sphere and their legislators as well ; as we saw that they are in bed with parties like LeJ and Hafiz Saeed. Sources say that it is because of this reason that the operation is not being authorized in KPK and has no tenacity against such groups especially in Karachi .

The largest Metropolitan of Pakistan is bracing of a major attack by Taliban as even predicted by Sheikh Rasheed . The beginning of which was the orders to the Traffic Police to remove music systems from public transport. Failure to comply with which would see attacks on them. Some say that the instructions have been given to comply. Rightfully so by the poor Traffic Police as what can they do when their government is in bed with Talibans and the so called opposition like PTI is their B team.

Now I am sure that our dear Pakistan Army would have a limited tolerance level to the issue. The last time when they burst out was when Munawar Hassan of Jamaat e Islami called Talibans martyrs but not our soldiers. Its an erring quiet after that. They are seen quiet on these negotiations, they are showing brinkmanship by not reacting to the beheading or killing of the law enforcement agency’s personnel as they don’t want to give an iota of the chance to the Taliban apologetic leadership for blaming them for failure of talks. Even whilst they quietly guard their dear General ( R ) Pervez Musharraf whose only crime was persecuting a corrupt Ch Iftikhar who is building a PKR 220 Million house in Islamabad and taking to task the miscreants like Talibans in KPK and Red Mosque. I am sure their patience is limited though they show professionalism knowing that they are in the middle of a war. Even the Americans have stopped the Drone Strikes to prove leaders like Imran Khan wrong that these strikes are not the reason behind Taliban inhumanity.

Anyways, if you ask me can I hear the boots? I would say not for another few months. But I smell the air which is rife with agony and distrust not only amongst the Army but also amongst the patriotic Pakistanis who are getting disenchanted with their soldiers dying for nothing and Talibans and their cronies made heroes by people like Javed Chaudhary and Hamid Mir. I am sure soon Pakistan would be first whilst the rest of the parameters would be second to save the nation. Ideally, I am sure if we don’t unite behind our Army now than we just do nothing but shoot ourselves in the foot. God save Pakistan and its Army. Pakistan Zindabad!


9 comments on “Pakistan Army: A sleeping Giant”
  1. rachana says:

    most of Pakistanis are stupid and illiterate because they love their home grown talibans and even some of the army’s high ranking elements love their cave men talibans…the country is doomed because their scholars are illiterate who know nothing about islam…thanks to the islamic scholars Pakistan is a now a country of barbarians.

  2. Kenneth Eric says:

    Who hijacked Pervez Musharraf’s plane again which included 197
    passengers and asked the plane to go to India and to not land at any
    airport in Pakistan? It was Nawaz Sharif. The way he was removing Pervez
    Musharraf was unconstitutional,unethical and absolutely wrong. That is
    why the institution reacted,Pervez Musharraf wasn’t even on land when
    the take over took place,the institution reacted due to Nawaz’s actions.
    The plane was low on fuel,sending the Army Chief to India,not
    considering the low fuel of the plane,which could have ended up crashing
    and killing the Army Chief as well as the other civilian passengers was an
    absolutely pathetic act. Read the constitution again,it is in two parts. The
    first part of the oath I will serve to protect pakistan then the second part
    is to respect the constitution,your own constitution says that. Please do
    some research before making such statements sir.
    Secondly what a rhetoric,he sold Pakistan? Buddy have you been living
    under a rock?
    the whole world knows very well that there isn’t a single allegation of
    corruption against PM. You’re beloved Nawaz Sharif has filed so many
    cases against Pervez Musharraf, why is he so afraid to file corruption
    charges. Pervez Musharraf is many things, but corrupt??? NOT AT ALL.
    Laying down in front of the US is a typical extremist mulla’s ideology
    which has no truth in it. Let us refresh our memories shall we, post 9/
    11: Twin towers are attacked and after an investigation US blames Al-
    Qaeda and Taliban for it. The US takes the matter into the UN and the
    United Nations Security Council passes the famous “Resolution 1373”
    which basically allows US and NATO to conduct counter-terrorism
    operations against Al-Qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan. The resolution
    was adopted under Chapter VII of the United Nations charter and is
    therefore binding on all UN member states, including Pakistan, Saudi
    Arabia, UAE, China, Afghanistan, Iran, India and most of the countries
    that are politically significant to Pakistan. All were in favour of the
    operation including your beloved Islamic “Ummah”. In these difficult
    circumstances Musharraf was asked by the then US ambassador to
    Pakistan in a meeting, to provide most of the Army, Naval and Airbases of
    Pakistan to US forces which he and his government totally rejected and
    instead only two geographically irrelevant airbases were given to the US
    for logistical purposes only.
    Musharraf signed no deal regarding the drones nor did he allow them for
    attacks,they were for surveillance only! On top of that those 8 when they
    were used for attacks Musharraf even fought with the US and even ended
    the verbal agreement for their usage for surveillance as well. As for your
    democratic PPP,they actually signed a deal and within their first year 20
    plus drones were used for attacks. Koi Quran ki Ayat thi ki badli nahi ja
    sakti,Musharraf ne toh drones surveillance ke liye ismtemal karney ke liye
    verbal agreement ki thi jisko US ne violate kiya jis par Musharraf sahab
    ne unsey woh deal khatam bhi kardi aur koi paper sign nahi kiya aur aap
    ki PPP ne toh baqiada deal bhi sign ki aur dhara dhar drones girwaye
    Pakistan mein aur koi surveillance ke liye nahi istemal huye PPP ki daur
    Watch this and after this if you still talk about the US Intervention,you’ll
    make yourself look really silly.

    Also please see this as well Watch this
    Pervez Musharraf is a brave and honest man.
    Now for the so called “abrogation” of the constitution, seriously! your
    constitutions is considered a piece of joke that EVERY politician in
    Pakistan has violated it at some point! You do very well know how all the
    politicians sitting in your parliaments have basically ‘gang raped’ Article
    62 & 63 in the last elections or have they not? Do you not know that
    nearly 50% of the current parliamentarians were in Musharraf’s
    government and falls into the category of his aides and abettors in 3rd
    Nov 2007 emergency declaration!? Do you honestly believe that they are
    all “Sadiq and Ameen” as in Article 62 & 63? and if you sincerely
    do……then your soul is in a sleep mode and I am not going to waste my
    time waking it up! Congratulations on the completion of 6 years of your
    fake “democracy”, it seems that Pakistan is doing very well at the
    moment,is it? Nope. Stable Economy,Free Media,Boost In
    Education,Energy Projects,Pakistan coming in the N11,decentralis
    ation,etc etc all took place in Pervez Musharraf’s time. There are so many
    amazing achievements of his era,that you should revisit and get your
    facts straight.

    1. Nasir Aziz says:

      Kenneth, thanks for putting this so eloquently – it shows that you are clear in your head. I am going to use your comment (copy/paste with reference to you if that’s ok?). You basically summarized it very well and showed the goons the mirror. Thanks again!

    2. Ishrat salim says:

      Thank u kenneth…..i will add….these politicians and lawmakers continúe to violate relevant constitutional article on free education and local govt election…..yet v have literate guys who do not see these points and continúe to suppot these so called keleptrocratic govt, politicians and lawmakers who.hv made this country hostage to their own whims…..

  3. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says:

    A well written and elaborative article.
    I agree with Kenneth as well because Pakistan has always been damaged by the so called democratic politicians, i.e Nawaz & Zardari. PM is loyal to Pakistan and the poor Pakistanis, hence is facing this trial by the corrupt politicians and corrupt Ch: Iftikhar.
    Long live Pakistan. Long live PM.

  4. Rahim Khan Ranizai says:

    Excellent writeup by Kenneth, my congratulations to you on this candid picture of Pakistan during Pervez Musharaf’s era and the pre Musharaf’s plane drama. conducted by Nawaz and his cronies I salute you Sir (Pervez Musharaf) for the good work done for our country. May Allah shower his blessings upon you and you come out of this fabricated cases bravely. Wish you good health and long life so that you serve us again. Ameen. RAHIM KHAN RANIZAI DUBAI (UAE)

  5. Danial Tariq says:

    I agree! but one would like to think why is that so. And what my mind suggests is that they don’t recognize their enemies, obviously apart from our conventional enemy. I think army business should be like digital signals, either 1 or 0, enemy or friend, and frankly we are not even sure about some countries who we publicly call “strategic” partners but in reality we share a similar relationship with them as with taliban. The only relationship which looks friendly now is China and that is all!

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