What is Owen Bennett-Jones interest in Pakistan?

Owen Bennett Jones is a free lance journalist who hosts one of the programs in a global media channel. If you check is profile. His main contribution to the literary community is his book “Pakistan : Eye of the Storm” . A book touching on the serge of Talibanization in the country written in 2002-3 followed by new editions over years. Also, if you see he has been showing keen interest all these years in the affairs of the country. Interesting to be in case you are a foreign journalist.

He is seen as pointing fingers against Pakistan Army for the many issues faced in Pakistan. So much so in one of his books . He correlates our Army to Lord Shiva seen as the sustainer as well as a destroyer of Pakistan. He was seen actively accusing ISI post Osama Bin Laden’s episode. But though he has been so much actively keeping an eye on the country. His claim to fame came once he started accusing MQM for the murder of Dr. Imran Farooq who was one of the founding members of the party.

Initially, I just ignored his overtures against MQM knowing that he is a free lance journalist and not necessarily represents the view of the media channel who ran the documentary against MQM last year and that may be some of his friends in the Pakistani media who would like to put pressure on MQM to withdraw from the PPP government would have done so since may be they would like to play behind the scenes . Also, possibly he may be good friends with our Tsunami Bhabi i.e. Jemima Khan and though she is no more married to Imran Khan but bearing his two sons still feels she has a right to interfere in the Pakistani government. It looks like the populist evening newspaper style reporting that he has done in the video doubts me to believe that such a channel would be behind such a low quality produced video; having ardently myself following it for many years but I am sure they had to give in to him for some reasons which maybe contractual or otherwise.

But what made me sit and do more desk research on the gentlemen was the coincidence of his new documentary which he stated as part 2 against MQM and its leadership right at the time when peace negotiations got kicked off with Taliban and MQM is seen as the only party voicing its concerns with the same. The strategy to distract MQM so that instead of charging against such negotiations. They are left with defending their own reputation. Our proud Pakistan Army who has given thousands of lives in sustaining Pakistan’s strata for the people of Pakistan in line with the vision of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had only one party seemingly on their side opposing negotiations and that was MQM as the rest out of reasons known to them only submitted to the same surprisingly PPP who came into power only when Benazir Bhutto was killed by Taliban. As per reports in the media . I am sure the army which was purportedly ready for action and being a major stakeholder seen quiet on the issue till now must have been taken aback. So it looks like that the new offensive against MQM was timed in concurrence to those in tune with the negotiations at the top be done.

Recently , Mr. Jones wrote a piece a few days ago and reportedly stated and confirmed that he was in contacts with people who are close to Taliban and discussed at length the implications of the drone strikes in the province of KPK. A leading local Pakistani newspaper carried the story. Now if you think of it the news piece was published in sync with at the same time when PTI was kick starting their anti drone campaign . I am sure Mr. Jones had nothing to do with the same and it was just an innocent coincidence. I am also very much surprised to see that as per his claims he has links to Taliban which I am sure is only for his professional purposes.

But as we all know that there is nothing like a free lunch in the world. The question is what Mr. Jones had to pay in return for getting important news from the other side. Also, it makes me wonder what has been the reason for Mr. Jones for interfering in Pakistan and his only book as I can find on the web makes me think that unless he was born here which he was not. Unless he had a daughter or son in law from here which isn’t . What other reason he could have in interfering in Pakistan’s domestic political issues instead of hitting on Pakistan’s recent policy stand on Taliban though he had been very vocal about it?

I sometimes wonder. Does he really understand what role Dr. Imran Farooq played during the 90’s operation? Why was he under hiding and where he has been hiding? I am sure he would have researched on that . Further, he wants to make me believe that Altaf Hussein knowingly his situation where he is at the blade of the sword for much trivial issues would be naive enough to take a shot at Dr. Imran Farooq and that too a day before his birthday . He wants me to believe that knowing that Scotland Yard is a tough agency who has cracked much more difficult cases and that too against Al Qaeda and their likes. Any one would be insane enough to deliver such a deadly attack in the heart of Britain though whatever could have been the political rivalry if there was any. Further, Mr. Jones wants me to believe that Scot Land Yard who has solved many grave murder mysteries have not been able to solve this one all these years. The proof is that Mr. Hussein has not been formally charged or even referred to in this case. I wonder who gave the right to Mr. Jones to accuse anyone of a murder when the judicial system is yet to do the same. Many questions like this come to my mind and that of many if you think progressively and without bias.

So all it makes me believe that the recent attack on MQM and Altaf Hussein right at the outset of the negotiations with Taliban and drawing parallel to the above proximity to the anti MQM elements in the country who want to wash their dirty linen abroad. Maybe he had to write it to please his friends who have been giving him intelligence on Pakistan all these years as definitely he is not a friend of Pakistan as well; as he has been accusing ISI on having links to Al Qaeda and Mumbai attacks etc. Maybe it could be that his friends in Taliban camp would have asked him as a strategy to release this video to distract MQM so that they pursue their course of insanity. In that case , I wonder what does he get in return. I am sure it does not come for free.

My view on this is simple. PTI who has strong friends abroad is behind this smear campaign as they try to kill two birds with one stone. One maligning MQM and Two pursuing with the desire of negotiating with Taliban as per their election promises. I am sure what ever the case its not in the interest of Pakistan. As for Mr. Jones who was a lesser known brand name in Pakistan is more known now. I am sure he is biased as he has not done his journalistic home work in detail otherwise he could have understood the motive well behind the Dr. Imran Farooq murder and who benefitted the most from it. Its definitely not MQM and Altaf Hussein from any angles. I am sure had he researched the history and the recent past . He could have ascertained. I am sure he is hanging to his ego as I am sure at this day and age . He cannot go back on his story and loose his credibility and may be his job. What I am confused with is that why is he aligning with the same mindset in Pakistan against MQM who has been an ally in the war against terror? Why is he allying with those like TTP and Co who have killed UK’s sons and daughters during 7/7 and in Afghanistan.

I am sure he has chosen a price which we would all soon know or may be its part of a blanket deal and hitting MQM is an agenda knowing the animosity which TTP has against MQM knowing that it’s the only party standing between them and absolute route in the country and especially Karachi. I hope logic would prevail. I hope the drama of negotiation would end. I hope Mr. Jones gets his price and I hope he fails in his effort to derail Pakistan . Pakistan Zindabad!


13 comments on “What is Owen Bennett-Jones interest in Pakistan?”
  1. Vaquas Alvi says:

    Outstanding analysis. You rightly concluded on whose behest this smear campaign is sponsored, but you didn’t highlight who killed Imran Farooq bhai (Hint: Those who formed the sponsors)


    British and Jews (yahoodi) Lobby want Imran Khan to take over Karachi’s control, but while MQM and Altaf Hussain’s supporters are here Imran Khan or anyone cannot take over the control of Karachi by Hook n Crook, so this is why the conspiracy is made against Altaf Bhai to malign him and to involve him in any offence and put him into the prison to assassinate his character before the people of Pakistan and specially before the people and supporters of MQM in Karachi, and forcibly stop Altaf Hussain and his party to continue his political struggle in Karachi and Pakistan and to make room for Zani Khan to take over the control by filling the space politically.

    But the people of Karachi will show the British Govt., British Media, Jewish Lobby, PTI & Zani Khan that they are living in a fools’ paradise and none of their conspiracy will get success, and in the result of failure Zani Khan will also loose whatever he got so far, so stop playing dirty game and play a fair politics like a brave man and acquire whatever people of Karachi will give you in charity of Altaf Hussain..

  3. siddiqui1180 says:

    an eye opener indeed, researched and well presented

  4. Ejaz hussain says:

    behtareen analysis hay , justified ….

  5. Asad says:

    In last BBC’s Documentary film they claimed MQM loosing control of Karachi, Question arise then who is taking control of Karachi ? TALIBAN(Supported by PTI & JAMMAT E ISLAMI) ? OR LYARI GANG WAR (Supported by PPP), i am surprise BBC SUPPORTED TALIBAN

  6. arfan ali says:

    Excellent article an eye opener for all of us.

  7. Saman Imtiaz says:

    If you cant respond to the allegations lets attack the one making the allegations and cry conspiracy……age old tactic !

  8. guru babu says:

    Mossies esply pakis always think of conspiracies:jew, hindu, america, shia….bc…pura duniya agaimst us….bc….its in ur stupid terrorist minds….reap what u sow!!!! Happy taliban existence!

  9. parihan says:


  10. Afreen says:

    I agree with Shahid Pasha sahib above. MQM, right after elections conceded, that some people in British government asked them to lose few seats to PTI. These allegations on MQM started, when MQM won all their seats. They know they cannot kill Altaf Hussain in London, so the best is to set him up, frame him, so that Karachi spirals out of control. PAK’s financial hub out of control, dividied in smaller political parties would render PAK’s economy useless. One step towards disintegration. MQM is the only party that has stood with Army operations, against Taliban in Karachi and has talked wisely on national issues. Imran is the one leader who has been officially appointed by Taliban as their spokes-person for negotiations. Police has denied that there are no two men caught related to Imran Farooq muder case, as claimed by British media. Now, even if ISI has two such men, there has to be reasons WHY they have kept them in silence and not handing over to frame Altaf? The army understands our national interest more!!

  11. Vais Carnee says:

    I’m completely agree with Afreen & Pasha

  12. Sochta Pakistani says:

    Wonderful effort indeed. Now we’d like to read another eye-opener article with the same analytical details about the money that was confiscated by Scotland Yard from the offices of MQM and from the residence of Altaf Hussain. I really have doubts that the confiscated money was perhaps planted by the Scotland Yard to malign Altaf Hussain and MQM.

    Anxiously awaiting sir . . . . . . stay blessed.

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