Reconcile Now Pakistan

Sitting with a few foreign friends who were having Seesha here in Dubai destroying their health for good whilst I being a reluctant passive smoker sat there watching the speech by the Egyptian Lt General Abdul Fattah al Sisi. I could make out in my weak understanding of Arabic that he has suspended constitution and ousted President Morsi who was part of Muslim Brotherhood the Egyptian variant of Pakistan’s Jamaat-e-Islami. On the announcement there was a burst of joy and sweets were offered on the house. I had a smirk on my face coming from Pakistan since I remembered that how parties like Jamaat e Islami and PTI especially in their rallies drew parallels to Tahrir Square revolution in Pakistan and even now Jamaat e Islami who is yet to protest the innocent killed by TTP in the recent years was seen taking out a protest rally supporting Morsi and Brotherhood. What a joke? I further smiled because I remember predicting to my Egyptian friends after Morsi was coming into power; that a Muslim Brotherhood government on the border of Israel is a disaster for recipe for the region . Now I am sure many might disagree with me but being a global citizen with Al Qaeda inspired Muslim Brotherhood government in force at a sensitive geography infact vice versa it was always imminent that this government would fall. Personally I am worried about Egyptian people as their country becomes more and more polarized but I still remember a comment by one of them last year. We will not sit in our homes and do nothing unlike you Pakistanis and let our nation collapse. Truly so!

At the same time when the aura of joy subsided my foreign friends of which a few were from India turned to me and asked me about how I see the situation developing in my country. Now please do not make me a Raw agent having Indian friends . Some one has to keep the doors of diplomacy open. Right! They all looked concerned on the on going political disorientation in the country especially the violence in Karachi though I must admit that I can’t assure how sincere their concern was? Sipping to my favorite Arabic coffee. My answer was simple. We evolve as a nation . Either we would rise or we would fall. What ever be the case it would be seen in the next few years? Though I tried to show my optimism saying that the new Prime Minister who has gotten a sweeping majority would ensure unity of the federation but then again the recent Chinese visit where only Punjab’s and Baluchistan’s CM’s were there disappointed me; though the later was there most probably due to Gawadar port only. The rest of the show was run by little Sharif I guess.

Lets quickly evaluate the situation. Post elections Pakistan has become more polarized where each party has demarcated territory. Our ISI is under fire due to the leaked OBL commission report where our former chief has hinted at our involvement or ignorance to the presence. The BLA movement has picked up speed. The Taliban has spread its wings with their latest hits in Baluchistan and Karachi especially where they martyred MQM MPA Sajid Qureshi a few weeks ago. Infact a few arrests have been made. In Karachi only political workers are being cut down by dozens. The establishment or our army who is already embroiled in the conflict is still not sure how to handle the 40,000 plus gangsters living in Lyari who have now demonstrated their will to their cause and have even used Rocket Launchers to prove their point against Katchi community . Attacks on Shia community is becoming rampant and let it be in the form of judges, educationists, politicians or otherwise its become more daring without any check and any arrests. The taking out recently of the President Zardari’s chief security officer in the new form of assassination of car bombing as reported ; a second in the few days. I am sure that the new government is up to their neck in this. I remember the slogans that we would be self reliant etc etc but the latest accord with IMF and rightfully so doesn’t decrease but increase it on the international forces. The situation is like a moving goal post in Pakistan and mainly the responsibility lie with our politicians, judiciary and even our army . Politicians because of their lack or policy making and governance , judiciary because of their involvement on need basis only like worrying about Gen Musharraf and not worrying about the thousands dying of terrorism and pending sentences like that of Salman Taseer’s murderer. And army which I am sure is divided into between its own creation that is Taliban. They are confused as to which front they support them and which one they don’t . Its like support them in Afghanistan and Karachi whilst fight them in KPK and wait in Baluchistan. Now in Punjab the Talibanization is still not an issue because either that its already a won territory or the fear of attracting India more into Pakistan this time from the eastern side and Upper Sind sits on the side lines maybe because Talibans cant find foot hold in the land of the Sufis and Saints.

Whilst all this goes on . The quiet operation continue against MQM in Karachi. I personally feel that modus operandi of which has changed. The extra judicial killings have been replaced by target killings of MQM workers. With no clear operation by the selective army against Talibans and People’s Aman Committee in Karachi speaks volumes. I am sure this approach is going to bite them in the face as its happening in the north especially KPK. I pray that they get their wisdom. And then again the most favorite topic i.e. Altaf Hussein bashing continues. Across all media channels . By all and sundry as if there are rivers of milk and honey flowing in the rest of the country. The 24/7 bashing in my opinion has achieved nothing but only polarize this country more. Well not being an optimist here. I feel that this bashing might continue for another couple of years since I don’t think minus Altaf Hussein MQM is natural and I am sure this hocus pocus against MQM would continue and Altaf Hussein has more critical role to play in Pakistani politics not to the liking of many I guess. What is painful to see here is that whilst the media and prominent journalists mourn Imran Farooq of MQM; they don’t shed a single tear on the daily murders of thousands of MQM workers and their supporters in the confines of Pakistan only.

So coming back to the question asked of me . What is happening in Pakistan? Well all I could say is this. No one and I repeat no one in this country is an angel. We need to draw a line now. Stop politics of accusations. Clean it off for every one. We need a universal NRO for every single soul in this country subject they accept it in may be a truth and reconciliation commission kind of sort. Forget and forgive each other and move on to build Pakistan . Other wise I fear that with almost 3 provinces of our country at a defacto civil war might spread to areas not effected. I am sure our Army can play a major role to unite this country by being unbiased. Our politicians and especially Sharif brothers owe it to this nation being in an absolute power in Punjab and even in the center that they grow above their personal egos and unite the nation across. And we as Pakistanis owe it to each other by stop labeling each others as traitors or Kafirs. Otherwise, I fear that the time is just running out and with each second of our inaction takes us further away from a solution. The solution of a United Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad!



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  1. McBundy says:

    What do you think of this article written by Deepak Tripathi, one of the best commentators on history and the Middle East:

    Whether you agree with it or not, you have to agree that it raises some very serious questions about the coup in Egypt.

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