2013 Revolution Pakistan

A year or so ago as I drove in a Cab. The driver who incidentally was Pakistani which infact is becoming slowly a rare commodity here in Dubai as more of Bengalis and Africans come in . The hot topic of what would happen to Pakistan came up. After much discussion which I enjoyed . All what I remember and which stuck to my head was “What are we privileged Pakistanis doing for this country?” Well unfortunate isn’t it less than 2% of the country who call the shots in this country controls maybe more than 80% of it.


Now please don’t take me as a Marxist . But is this fair? Well I am not against people growing with time but isn’t growing as a nation key?


Working with western expats always get you in the center of attention being a Pakistani; especially sometimes if you are the only one is certain cadre. The quintessential question is whether Mr. Zardari or whom I refer to as ElPresidanto back for the next term? I fear the same but it might happen truly.


Sometimes I wonder how can one solve a problem without understanding the same. In my view it all begins at the level where basic amenities are not accessible by all. I have seen poor village children drinking of puddles where their Wadera enjoys the luxury of imported water. I have seen times when people are willing to sell of their flesh and blood for a few days of food. Is this the Quaid’s Pakistan? When is it going to be enough?


Was the feudal Muslim League with all due respect formed in 1906 meant a Pakistan truly for safeguarding the two nation theory or their own interests? If two nation theory was so dear which formed the basis of Pakistan than why Sir Syed Khan’s portrait is seen missing from all national events where Quaid e Azam’s and Allama Iqbal are there? Why did we forget the sacrifices of West Bengal in the formation of this nation infact that is where the Muslim League came in to existence and unleashed the worst kind of genocide on them in 70-71 being a Muslim nation on the whole. Had the results been different if Sheikh Mujeeb was not a cycle riding freedom worker rather than a feudal?


No one is against farmers but feudals I would never trust for this nation. Look at ourneighboring India which brought the land reforms in its true spirit in 60’s with 10 acre limit per family whilst we allow 500 acres per individual. Were we honest to bring forth the same? Have we ever asked this question that if our electoral system was so genuine than why in the 65 years history of the country a tiller or his son not been elected for ourlegislature controlled 70% by feudals.


Why do the poor farmers of Punjab or Sind become victim again and again and shed their blood , their honor etc whilst their rulers that is the feudals live in peace? Why cant the poor be the master of their fate? Why do they elect again and again the same lot of garbage to the national electorate? Why is there not a single reputable school or university in the rural Pakistan though their Feudals and Landlords are in power if not alternating it between themselves? Looks like that we managed to win freedom from the Queen in 47 but only to become slave of the Feudal Empire.


The recent killing and upheaval of people and youth against the killing of Shahzeb at the hands of a feudal son is just a sign that we don’t want the same environment in Urban Pakistan though our challenges are different.


As I write this our nation turns a new corner. There is heat on our western borders where Taliban are executing our soldiers and assassinating our politicians. The heat goes up on the Eastern border side with India where skirmish begins and I fear it might grow. Our financial capital my dear Karachi under siege by enemy which we all see but deny – The Taliban . And now in the next few days tide forming towards our capital in Islamabad. Some say that expats like Tahir ul Qadri and Altaf Hussain has no right to interfere in this country but nicely forget the billions the expats sent as remittances home bailing the country every now and then approx. $ 13 Bn only last year.


I wish that the planned march towards Islamabad makes the poor , the impoverished women and children , the slaves of feudals, the idle workers, the victim of rape and tyranny , the sufferers of the hegemony of the few gather irrespective of caste, creed and religion , irrespective of ethnicity and stand ground in front of our assemblies ,our judiciary , our establishment and shout and ask for what is rightfully theirs . That is the right to live , to learn , to work , honor and liberty. I wish they stand their ground till the feudal Pakistan becomes Quaid’s Pakistan. I wish our jawans who are dying in a war where their lives are worth a few thousand dollars. Join hands with their people. I wish our police stand shoulder to shoulder with the masses demanding their rights. I wish our Ulema stand with these against this tyranny not against it. This tide may die but I strongly feel that once this emotion is let out . The tide would come again and again and crash on the walls of the castles of the feudal Pakistan till they break open and wipe out the hegemony of the few.


Some say that the agenda for the Jan 14th rally is a question mark. I say people look around your self ; the future of your nation is a question mark. I do not want to get another bunch of crooks elected to become rich but I want my true Pakistanis who have made this nation, who have sustained this nation with their blood and sweat rule it as well. I wish that 2013 is a year of revolution in my beloved Pakistan .I wish this year before it ends our nation becomes our Pakistan ; our Quaid’s Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad!Image


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